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  1. Week 6

    Win a bowl game better yet try to make a bowl as that will show some progress!!
  2. Week 6

    OU won 18 straight against Iowa State, this was Iowa State first when against a ranked team since beating #15 TCU in 2012. Unsure but this could b the first time Iowa State has ever beat a top 3 team...  Iowa State first win in Norman since 1990 and did it with a 3rd string Qb!! Then u going to try to compare OU to Bama that's just as laughable as comparing Iowa State to A&M!!
  3. Week 6

    And OU was the best this little conference had to offer lol!!!   
  4. Week 6

    They dominated Action Jackson University that's for sure but took a L to South Carolina!! Were was the support before kickoff?
  5. Week 6

    King, Mr. Walton a beast doesn't get talked about near enough imo... Your correct on Richt about his play calling but u have to tip your hat to him that sucker can recruit!!
  6. Week 6

    Correct me if I'm wrong King but isn't the SEC 4-1 this year against the ACC? Think the only loss was Auburn against #2 Clemson 14-6 and game was at  Memorial Stadium  Maybe NC State is ranked off of that big win against Florida State... King your canes look pretty good but can't wait to see them actually play somebody to confirm.  
  7. Week 6

    Unsure how NC State is ranked?
  8. Week 3

    It's always about last year isn't it...SMH Ags was ranked #4 your correct and had more wins at that time than the sips had all year!!
  9. Week 3

      Last year is last year...  But did have a winning season though! This is coming from someone that has started topic about "Weekly LSU games" and  "2017 CFB Texas A&M Aggies" just to name a few!!! U will never see me start anything about the Sips how about u worry about having a winning season and becoming bowl eligible as that's became quiet a feat for y'all!! On that note I'll answer my question why USC dropped and that's because they haven't beat anyone worth a flip to date even though the sips was in the top 25 to start the season which was a JOKE!! USC is way overrated IMO and it will not surprise me if Cal don't pull off the upset this wk!! BTW Ole Charlie doing great things in South Florida has the Bulls 3-0 and up to #21 im sure your aware of that can't believe you haven't started a thread yet!!  
  10. Week 3

    How did USC drop down in the AP top 25 poll after a big win at home?
  11. Week 3

    2-1 Gig'em
  12. Week 3

    Vandy over #18 Kstate bottom of the SEC not so bad I see.  Baylor might have a chance against both Kansas teams?
  13. Texas at USC

    Your all over the place. I was born in 1979 so I'm not trying to hit any mark Ive seen them win more than the lost in my life time which is all I care about. As far as 1939 I could absolutely care less as I wasn't alive!  1894 was the first game u should know that as y'all love ancient history!! Now back to the topic GO TROJANS!!
  14. Texas at USC

    Dang Fanatic how old r u? I'm a 79 model and I've witness Ags winning 17 times in my life and running out of time 16 since that time frame. Question name me one player any player off of that 1894 team? Google is your friend if u would like to cheat? I'm sure back in the 1894 football was played at the same level it is today and the atheletes was just as good?
  15. Texas at USC

    Fanatic your correct as the fight song it says "goodbye to OU"! U would only put your hated rival in school fight song....