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  1. Huntington hires new HC

    This is a good hire, he will do as well as you can possibly do in Huntington.
  2. Huntington has been filled And great hire by Consol
  3. Let's just say this, if you coach in Beaumont then you better be a good recruiter.
  4. The OC took the Hardin job last night, and if I had to guess his son will be right there with him in Hardin. So that is two coaches that won't be following him to Tomball.
  5. C E King is Open?

    CE King is definitely open Wonder if CP will hire from within or go outside?
  6. C E King is Open?

    Where did you see College Park was open?
  7. Kelly names AD/head football TBD

    Interesting chain of command issue there, takes a special person to be able to separate the role of Athletic Trainer who usually follows the instruction of the Head Coach and Athletic Director who usually hands down directives to the Head Coach. 
  8. Kelly names AD/head football TBD

    I think this is the first time I have ever heard of the Trainer being the AD.
  9. Larry Neumann to Retire

    I don't think the Superintendent would have posted this message without Retirement paperwork in hand. The detailed reasons were too specific and the definitive nature of the Retirement was obvious. I'm just wondering why we have heard from LN.
  10. Larry Neumann to Retire

    I think it is very strange that we have not heard from the man himself. I'm sure he doesn't want to answer the questions, especially if it is family health related, but I still would have expected a media release from him by now.
  11. No problem, glad to help anyway I can
  12. Gamble was the first interim, Charles Tindol was the second interim and has been named Head Coach/AD.
  13. Shelbyville has been filled
  14. So is Flanigan out regardless? Is that what you are saying Soulja?