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  1. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    You do realize that a High School Football Coaches job is to win games, right? This is not a College Farm System. His job is to do what he feels is best for the TEAM. His job is to put players in position to use their individual talents to insure the TEAMS success.
  2. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

      Dang, this is getting interesting!!!!!!!
  3. Liberty @ H-F

    I think this one will be closer than many think and much closer than Liberty fans want to believe.
  4. SETXsports Pick 'ems - Week 8

    1.    Beaumont West Brook 2.   New Caney 3.   Port Arthur Memorial 4.   Nederland 5.   Crosby 6.   Port Neches-Groves 7.   Barbers Hill 8.   Huffman Hargrave 9.   Livingston 10. Splendora 11.  Jasper 12.  Silsbee 13.  Liberty 14.  East Chambers 15.  Orangefield 16.  Buna 17.  Anahuac 18. Corrigan-Camden 19.  Newton 20.  Hull-Daisetta 21.  West Sabine 22.  Lovelady 23.  West Hardin 24.  Katy St. John XXIII 25.  Galveston O'Connell

    I get it. i know some dudes from Silsbee, and they blame y'all for all of the stuff that happened last year. But, history tells me that Sisbee will fight at the drop of the hat, regardless of the sport.

    I assume you are referring to the shot taken by the Silsbee Tiger fan.

    Isn't that what Coaching and Leadership are for? Don't the Coaches set the expectations and create the Culture that generates a winning/positive attitude?
  8. Buna vs Woodville

    Aren't we all, I feel like I'm crazy most of the time, then usually around 3:30, i realize it's not a feeling and I really am STARK RAVING MAD. But, you and I are usually on the same page, so if I'm giving you a hard time, I'm probably just messing with you.
  9. Buna vs Woodville

    Just messing with you Brother. I knew what you were saying. Sometimes throwing the ball is only thing that gives a team a chance to win, but it also the one thing that can turn a lopsided win into a complete an total BLOW OUT!!!!

    Tonight will either answer a lot of questions for the Raiders or open up a whole big can of worms.
  11. Lumberton 38 Huffman Hargrave 31/FINAL-OT

    I think Huffman's passing attack gives Lumberton fits, but the home team always seem to have an advantage. I would be surprised if the outcome was anymore than 10 points difference. I'm taking the..... Falcons 31 Raiders 24  
  12. Week 7 Pick'ems

    Baytown Sterling Beaumont West Brook Galena Park North Shore Beaumont United Port Arthur Memorial Nederland Crosby Vidor Huffman Hargrave LCM Splendora Center Hamshire-Fannett West Orange-Stark Diboll/ Anahuac Woodville Hardin East Chambers Shelbyville San Augustine Burkeville Evadale The Woodlands Legacy Prep Corrigan-Camden
  13. Buna vs Woodville

    Nothin wrong with slingin the ole tater round a bit now an again. Don't be such a hater. Woodville better watch out for those phantom holding and pass interference calls, those penalties can be killers.