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  1. Larry Neumann to Retire

    Thank you sir, I try. Just seems like a logical, sequential move to me.
  2. Larry Neumann to Retire

    All coaches know you never want to be the first guy to follow a Legend and in Nederland, Neumann is a Legend. Barrow is the logical choice to continue the tradition. If he is not successful then you truly open it up and bring in a new voice with a new philosophy. It really is a simple concept, you continue what has been good in Nederland until it ceases to be good.
  3. Foreman a finalist for a head coaching job

    So very true, nobody ever bashes a guy for going from Burger King to McDonald's for a pay raise, why do people bash coaches. Ultimately it is a job and financial success is just as important as winning to many.
  4. Foreman a finalist for a head coaching job

    He is in the majority. There are a large number of coaches, both head coaches and assistants, that do the exact same thing every year. The only reason you are hearing about his exploits is because he has been offered or has made it down to the final few candidates for a number of jobs recently. Don't hate the guy for trying to put himself in a better position.
  5. Larry Neumann to Retire

    Looking forward to it, should be very revealing.
  6. Larry Neumann to Retire

    I will believe it when I see the list published.
  7. And why are we expected to believe this? He has toyed with leaving since he got there.
  8. Let the speculation begin. Will he pull out if offered?
  9. Money In, Quality Out

    You are dead on, but most people would rather bi*@# and complain than to make a sacrifice and have a chance to get something changed.
  10. Larry Neumann to Retire

    And sending a resume and a letter of interest to the Superintendent does not constitute applying. When a FOI request is made the district can choose to exclude all interested individuals who have not officially applied.
  11. C E King is Open?

    Where did the superintendent come from, where has he been? These are usually good indicators as to where the next head coach will com from.
  12. Please enlighten us, will it be total surprise or is it somewhat expected?
  13. Larry Neumann to Retire

    It seems to me that in recent years the number of jobs that we actually get to see a list of applicants has gone down. I remember a few years back, we would see a list on here of every coach that applied as well as the local used car salesman, postman, pee wee coach and position coach from some no name school in South Dakota. I was always interesting to discuss. 
  14. West Brook Open

    I like cheese and I like wine, but if you are saying that BISD is not hiding this job posting then on this one you are wrong Soulja. If they truly wanted to ge the best list of candidates they would put it on the THSCA website and then interview the best candidates.
  15. West Brook Open

    Thank you Icon, I appreciate it.  I would say that is located in a place that it shouldn't be and definitely not placed where it should be. This is an administrative position, it should be properly located. It is buried for a reason.