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  1. Vidor Turf

    Good for Vidor, glad to see a School Board with a long term vision.
  2. Nederland Bond

    Nope, you said a lot of "may" and "might" because you really have no earthly idea what the real impact this Bond is going to have. 
  3. Coldspring-Oakhurst is open

    What makes you say that? Evidence?
  4. Nederland Bond

    Well said, and don't forget that part about an education being available to ALL members of society; that just happens to be one of the things that sets us apart as a country.
  5. Nederland Bond

    Not judging anyone, just trying to get a handle on why? I said the only two i could think of, I'm sure there are many more reasons like the ones you mentioned. I was not judging, to each their own, I was just giving reasons.  We all have our own crosses to bear and I feel for those individuals you are referring to. Being taken advantage of is a horrible thing, that no one should have to experience. However, I am pretty sure those are not the ones leading the charge for the NO votes. Those are not the one's speaking out publicly, they are not the Klein's and Reagan's of the world. I'm pretty sure those two fit into one or both of the categories i mentioned.
  6. Nederland Bond

    The only answer I can think of is greed and/or selfishness.  I didn't have it, my kids didn't have it, so why should anybody else's kids get to have it. Or, it is my money, I earned it, I shouldn't have to foot the bill for somebody else. If they want it, let them pay for it themselves. The second reason is why Public Education is in the state that it is in right now and we have people and politicians like Dan Patrick trying to completely destroy public education. It is sad to say, but anytime you vote straight Republican ticket at the State level, you are putting another nail the coffin of Public Education. And when it is finally dead and buried, there goes High School sports as we know and love them. 
  7. Nederland Bond

    It would seem logical when you can get just as high quality of an education in a much more desirable facility with up to date security and advanced technology, just a few miles down the road. I wouldn't want to raise my children in a community that doesn't want to invest in their future.
  8. Coldspring-Oakhurst is open

    I'm pretty sure there were some other factors that have slowed the process down. It just closed on Friday.
  9. Coldspring-Oakhurst is open

    I don't think they have started interviews yet.

    Was Jowell Hancock in the mix at any point?
  11. Nederland Bond

    I'd forgo the Homestead exemption if it applied to me, the taxes on my $225,000 modest dwelling will go up approximately $1,000 a year and I am willing to pay that. I'm also willing to incur any cost of living increases within the community that may or may not happen if this bond passes. You are not willing to do either. Doesn't make me right or you wrong, just different opinions.
  12. Nederland Bond

    That says it all right there, in your opinion and the opinion of the NO voters, what Nederland has right not is adequate. The YES voters think the kids and educators of Nederland deserve better than outdated schools and a swamp for a football field.
  13. Vidor Turf

    The problem is, if you fix the schools with your own money then FIMA won't pay, correct?  
  14. Nederland Bond

    No judgement here, I respect everyone's right to their own opinion, choices, views and rights. Some people are simply benevolent and others are not. Some people are charitable and others are not. Some people are giving and others are not. Some people have a vision (long term) and others do not. Not saying either group is right or wrong, just categorizing. I mean some people choose to go the "cheap" route and others choose to go the "quality" route. Some people want the "best" for the kids of Nederland and some people think "adequate" is good enough. Ultimately this bond is an investment in the future, and a long term solution to the facilities problems in Nederland ISD.  But, those that are opposed are choosing to make it out to be an issue of a Superintendent or a School Board "over spending." Of packing the bond with "frivolous"  luxuries that are unnecessary.  However, it is obvious by Nederland's bond history, it does not matter how small or simple the bond package is, some communities are reluctant or down right defiant to investing in the future generations. Those people who say, "if it was good enough for me and mine then it is good enough for everybody else," tend to flock together. It is obvious Nederland is one of those places. 
  15. Nederland Bond

    @CardinalBacker @Reagan Just curious if either of you claim to be Christians?