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  1. SETXsports Pick'ems - State Semifinals

    1.   San Augustine 2.   Cuero 3.   Newton 4.   Galena Park North Shore 5.   Beaumont West Brook 6.   Allen 7.   Longview 8.   Alvin Shadow Creek 9.   Highland Park 10. Fort Bend Marshall 11. Aledo 12. Pleasant Grove 13. Carthage 14. Waco La Vega 15. Grandview 16  Brock 17. Canadian 18. San Saba 19. Mart 20. Gruver
  2. Coaching Carousel

    New turf, new scoreboard, new coach, and a new offense....... And then you woke up. Weather it was a DREAM or a NIGHTMARE is open for interpretation.
  3. Coaching Carousel

    That is the BEST way to do it. And, the RIGHT way to do it. However, SETX schools are seemingly very slow to pull the trigger. Just curious why?
  4. FB Marshall Player Dead

    Horrible news, so tragic. Prayers to all affected and especially to the family.
  5. West Orange Stark Next Year

    Sometimes you win BECAUSE of coaching. Sometimes you have to win IN SPITE of coaching.
  6. Coaching Carousel

    I've always been curious why SETX is so slow to pull the trigger on replacing Head Football Coaches. I'm sure there are at least half a dozen Schools that know they are not bringing back their HFC and yet no action has been taken yet. I think informing a coach as early as possible  is a much more humane way to go about the process. Rather than waiting until jobs start to fill up.
  7. West Orange Stark Next Year

    There needs to be an emphasis placed on developing QB's and improving the passing game.
  8. Coaching Carousel

    What did Robinson do that caused such an uproar? And if he is not good enough to be the Head Coach then how is he a good enough employee to be an Assistant AD?
  9. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Offsetting unsportsmanlike penalties that were post score, so dead ball penalties that had no impact on the play. I think. 
  10. Fort Bend Marshall 47 Huntsville 43/FINAL

    The illegal batting penalty does not carryover to the free kick. The only way the illegal batting penalty would be enforced is if he would have batted the ball back into the field of play to avoid the safety.
  11. Fort Bend Marshall 47 Huntsville 43/FINAL

    He needs to deep snap on punts, because the 2 safeties and the points following the free kicks are what got Huntsville back into the game and keep them in the game.
  12. Center Coach resigns

    No, actually Brock is very talented and also very strong and physical. 
  13. Center Coach resigns

    Actually, aptitude is defined as natural ability to do something.  Strength is not doing something, strength is acquired by doing something.  But thanks for the English lesson. I'm pretty sure my SAT score was higher than yours. But, maybe not. You don't strike me as an Ivy League kinda guy though.
  14. Center Coach resigns

    And strength has what to do with "natural aptitude or skill"? Strength may enhance talent, but it is NOT talent.
  15. Silsbee vs WOS - Regional Finals

    Yes, WOS has played for 4 in a row. But, nobody else has even played for 3. That was what was being discussed. The Senior's at WOS have been a part of a State Championship Game run all 3 years they have been in high school, up to this point (looking for #4).