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  1. Realignment

    The whole problem is you cant do this in a vacuum, you have to take in the entire picture.
  2. Realignment

    I think that is as good a prediction as I have seen. I think Madisonville goes to what you have listed as District 8. But in reality, I think you have the District 8 and 9 numbers wrong. The Center, Jasper, Shepherd, Tarkington, Huntington district will be District 8 and play in Region 2. That is just my opinion.
  3. Realignment

    I agree it is probably about money, but for the first time in a long time in Beaumont ISD they seem to be doing something that is for the greater good for the entire district and community, not just a select few. If they consolidate, it SHOULD increase the quality of leadership in all areas of the school, it SHOULD increase the availabilityof programs to all students, it SHOULD improve the quality of the education and it SHOULD improve the competitiveness of ALL athletic programs.   
  4. Realignment

    With long, different colored rubber bands.
  5. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    The DEFENSE is what is expected at WOS. I'm not sure the coaching staff has the confidence in the OFFENSE to cut it loose. They are worried about the big mistake/turnover coming back to bite them in the butt. IMO, the big play ability is there if needed. 
  6. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Don't we all. WOS has what it takes to win, a great defense and a ball control offense.
  7. Quarterfinals semifinals Predictions scores

    I agree, poking fun at a certain Henderson fan.
  8. Quarterfinals semifinals Predictions scores

    #3 Newton Eagles   (12-0 5-0) 41     Waskom Wildcats (9-4 5-1) 20   #2 West Orange Stark (11-0 4-0)  37        Salado Eagles (12-1 4-1) 15   #3 Cuero Gobblers (12-0 5-0)  30 #6 Wimberley Texans (12-1 5-0) 28         Melissa Cardinals (12-1 5-0) 24      Pleasant Grove Hawks (12-0 5-0) 42   #2  Katy Tigers( 11-0 7-0) 63        North Shore Mustangs( 9-3 6-1) 35   #1 Carthage Bulldogs (13-0 6-0) 70       Henderson Loins (11-2  4-2) 7   #1  Allen Eagles (13-0  7-0) 49        Trinity Trojans (11-2 7-0) 42
  9. 4A DI

    To do that they will have to purchase a couple, maybe 3, homes and tear them down. But yes, that is the perfect solution to the problem. However, they also need new lighting and a new playing surface.
  10. Newton a hotbed for football talent

    An embarrassment of riches for a school so small, i hope they win it all.
  11. 4A DI

    Livingston needs a new Stadium in the worst way, but they need a NEW coach more. Livingston will not make the playoffs anytime soon.
  12. Question for Realignment

    5A is separated into two classifications prior to District alignment as of 2018 alignment, so 16 Districts.
  13. *10-4A All District*

    Coaches use the eye test..... Did that cat dot my eye? nope, but that cat sure did!!!
  14. Cutoff Numbers

    Yep, they got smart a took Huntington OFF the schedule!!!