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  1. Realignment

    Coastal Carolina won the National Championship in baseball 2 years ago. it only take 8 players and handful of pitchers to make you competitive in baseball. It takes 33 starters and another 11-15 backups to be competitive in football at the college level. Numbers and competitive balance is the reason for the split at the NCAA level and why UIL followed  the formula.  
  2. Livingston vs PAM

    Harris had a shot with the Cowboys and one other, but couldn't (really didn't want to) make it. Collins pissed (literally) his chance away at Texas then went to Navarro and a JUCO in Arizona and couldn't catch on with anybody after that. Had an offer from UMASS but didn't go for whatever reason. 
  3. Livingston vs PAM

    Livingston has a "Leadership" and "Culture" problem. They failed miserably in the choice of replacement for Randy Rowe.
  4. Livingston vs PAM

    Much more recent success story is Devonte "Bull" Mays, class of 2011. Played at Blinn then Utah State and is currently with the Green Bay Packers.
  5. Livingston vs PAM

    His grandson graduated three years ago and Livingston has gotten so bad under terrible leadership, Trocket can't even stomach them anymore.
  6. Realignment

    Hearing Nacogdoches, Livingston, Cleveland, Splendora and Huffman in the same 5A Div II district. 
  7. Realignment

    Impossible to do that in Districts with a multi feeder school system.  Not sure exactly where those Junior High School kids are going to attend. 
  8. Jasper 3&2 vrs Rusk 5&1

    Rusk does not have the defense to even slow Jasper down. Rusk will have to score on almost every possession and hope for a turnover or two to keep this one close.
  9. 11-4A-D2

    Madisonville, Belville and Shepherd may very well beat up on each other and finish in a three way tie for first. Don't sleep on Shepherd, Trevor Moye is a game changer and the defense gambles a lot and is tough to block.
  10. Nederland @ Beaumont Central

    Central definitely has enough talent to win this game, the only question is whether or not they are able to put it all together. Nederland is balanced on Offense and physical on defense. The Jaguars are going to have match the Dogs physicality and be more productive on the Offensive side of the ball.
  11. Silsbee @ LC-M

    I don't think LCM has what it takes to match up with Silsbee, but if the Tigers are beat up, and still licking their wounds from the whipping Shadow Creek gave them then this one could be closer than expected.
  12. Jasper 3&2 vrs Rusk 5&1

    It will be interesting to see how much Jasper wins by, Rusk has come a long way, but they are not good enough to beat Jasper. Will be a good measuring stick game though to see how much better Rusk has gotten.
  13. Dayton vs Barbers Hill

    IMO, it takes three years for a coach to really put his stamp on a program and get things right. I just think after one more off season and another year doing things the right way that Dayton will be back close to what they once were.
  14. West Orange-Stark (3-0) vs Kennedale (4-0)

    Is this a 7 or 7:30 kickoff?
  15. Dayton vs Barbers Hill

    Barbers Hill wins this one, Dayton is at least a year away from doing any real damage.