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  1. Kirbyville prayers

    IF the family knew about it and IF it was public knowledge, then why was he so shaken? It does sound like a classic PowerPlay by the Superintendent to get rid of a popular leader. Or, it could be there was a relapse and the secretary was seeking some sort of revenge by making a "sexual harassment" claim. Either way, I think the Superintendent has put himself in a very bad position.
  2. District 22-4A Shame

    Thank you for making 78Stang's point for him, severe lack of sportsmanship, personal attacks and inability to maintain self-control.   Makes the whole District look bad.
  3. The Livingston campus in question is not a discipline based alternative campus. It is a computer based, credit recovery campus put in place to allow students who are over 19 years of age, more than one year behind in credits earned or are wishing to graduate early.
  4. Kirbyville prayers

    Very odd situation, has too be more to the story.
  5. Nederlands Staff.

    Isn't this the week of the Spring Game?
  6. West Hardin Div II SQT

    Good Bill
  7. West Hardin Div II SQT

    Is there a list of teams yet?
  8. Look for the Superintendents son to be the fullback too.
  9. P. J. Locke

    Overuse and a direct result of not stretching properly and not taking advantage of the recovery options that are available. Kids that give maximum effort and work extremely hard are at the greatest risk for this kind of injury. Can't blame Herman or the training staff. P.J. will probably tell you himself that he could have done a better job stretching and taking advantage of the training staffs post practice recovery choices. 
  10. Gage Carreon a senior?

    Parents will always want/expect their children to play more, that is their job, to support, uplift and protect their children. Nobody, coaches included, should ever hold that against the kids. Coaches are hired to do a job, and the majority of that is to win games. Coaches play the kids that they think give the team the best chance to be successful. Are the coaches always right? Hell no, they are not always right. In fact, some of us have left jobs because we disagree with coaches on who should be playing and why.
  11. The WAY TOO EARLY District Winner Pickem

    What is wrong with Jet Sweep?
  12. West Hardin Div II SQT

    Any idea who has registered?
  13. This is a system hire, Doughty is a Slot-T guy and that is what Kirbyville wanted. Strickland must have too PROGRESSIVE for them.  
  14. The make-up of the town of Gunter, the community as a whole, the attitudes of the kids as well as the fans, are polar opposite of Silsbee. Takes a special personalty to run the TRUE triple option in today's world.
  15. Strickland must have too PROGRESSIVE for them.