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  1. Kirbyville will not beat Newton next year i dont care if they have Bill Belichick coaching. 
  2. Now he seems like a genius.  Now you understand why he wanted out. lol
  3. Interracial relationships.

    The smart ones around here can find enough to base our disapproval on without involving the chicken!  
  4. Interracial relationships.

    what does it say about chickens?  just curious Im about to partake in the sinful lust of a BOX of Jennys chicken?
  5. Kirbyville prayers

    And it will fall upon deaf ears
  6. Kirbyville prayers

    And thats just what your seeing online.  We are in a bad place right now.  
  7. Kirbyville prayers

    Yes she denied it last year when Hazelwood investigated it.  It came back up the day of the incident and shs then admitted to it
  8. Kirbyville prayers

    It was brought back up because the former secretary involved brought it back up during a seperate issue that had nothing to do with another incident with reeves
  9. Kirbyville prayers

    I have a huge problem with him lying in his statment.  No i do not think he was involved in the shooting.  I do have a problem also with the way it was handled.  I can promise you he did not have Mr Reeves reputation in mind when he lied.  He knew it was handled wrong. 
  10. Kirbyville prayers

    No not the end of the story and not true it was not his secobd time to get caught this issue involed the same lady and same occurrence last year.  His wife knew about the incident so maybe you shouldnt jump to conclisions
  11. Kirbyville prayers

    The affair happened last year and the family knew about it.   I can tell you most locals even knew about it and the anwers people around hete are wanting answered are more along the lines... how did they let a person so upset he was shaking..they knew threatend suicide leave..then he came back asking for help  telling them he was  in a bad way!  And did nothimg!  
  12. Kirbyville prayers

    Im afraid this is just the start.        
  13. Kirbyville prayers

  14. Kirbyville prayers

    One graduated last friday and one is going into his senior year.
  15. Kirbyville prayers

    Agree.  Mike you came up in a conversation i was having with him not long ago.  He spoke highly of you and said he aporeciated you and had alot of respect for you