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  1. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Not surprisingly since both playing in 4 inches of mud lol
  2. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Not anymore, its coming down hard now
  3. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    You can add all the data for past 100 years if you want but it will not get you any points Friday.  You might not recognize any teams or even know where Newton is located but after Friday you will know where they have been. 
  4. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Your right Newton will not win by a couple of TDs.  Maybe 3 or 4.   Newton 38 WOS 14
  5. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    I think I read it wrong.  I thought at first they were saying Mustangs by any score they want.  
  6. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    Now this is funny
  7. Newton 56 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Newton is going to do that to several this year  
  8. Lumberton 42 Kirbyville 14/FINAL

    Kirbyville TD  xetra pt good Lumberton 21 KIRBYVILLE 14. Halftime
  9. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    I would rather be 2-8 and playing relevant teams rather than 3-7 and the school bully of a few private schools.
  10. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    Agree 99.  Wouldn't take much digging.  I imagine the name might ring a "Bell"
  11. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    I don't know who your sister is but she has no clue what's going on obviously.  The only turmoil I hear of are kids, parents and some teachers that have had it their way the past few years.  There is accountability and a hard work ethic being driven now.  The spoilt and lazy kids and parent of these are upset and I'm glad.  These kids need to be driven out.  I was wondering what your intrest and reason was for continuing to bash our program.  You know nothing about what has or is going on here.  Enjoy your preseason wins in Hardin.  
  12. Kirbyville @ Lumberton

    I don't know but they are out there right now practicing in the rain and going to give it all they have.  They do not appear to be discouraged by last week but motivated. 
  13. Newton 71 Kirbyville 0/FINAL

    No one from Kirbyville has complained or implied that at all so the only thing that makes no sense is your comment.    
  14. Kirbyville @ Lumberton

    There's a big surprise.  Who does Hardin play this week?