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  1. Kirbyville 10 Newton 6/FINAL

    After watching Woodville in this Evadale tourney I agree.  They have spurts of good but they dont maintain and tons of errors. 
  2. Evadale Tourney

    Woodville 3 WS 5. Bot 4th
  3. Evadale Tourney

    Anyone know sat schedule
  4. Anahuac Tournament

    Anyone know Sat schedule?
  5. Jasper Tournament/Post updates here!

    Jasper 4 WB 3 final
  6. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    Good post Todd and I dont think that will upset any Kirbyville person because we know its true. You didnt say anything we dont know and think about everyday.   The fall of Kirbyville and all the stuff yall have listed above can be traced back and correlated with one date.  The day they hired Wallis as Superintendent this districts tradition, winning and ethics started its decline. 
  7. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    This was going to happen this year so why not now.  The relationship between Jones and Bennett would not have survived the year.  I would rather this transaction take place now rather than middle of district or playoff.  I respect Bennett and his family and wish him well but it was time to go.  If you can not tell the Kirbyville posters do not want to turn this into a Bennett bashing thread and start throwing out all the reasons for the "this and thats".  Complaints were being brought about the condition of the baseball program before school board and administration staff well before Jones came into the picture.  There is alot of respect for Bennett and his family and I wish them all the best moving forward wherever he lands.   
  8. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    Exactly and will never again get a response, acknowledgement or even take the time to even read your post. 
  9. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    Then make us all happy and stay out of our business.  You obviously have no clue about Kirbyville .  
  10. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    You obviously have no clue what your talking about.  I wouldnt call those 3 allies. If you knew the dynamics of whats going on in Kirbyville youd know how ignorant that statment is.
  11. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    The support comes from not what Coach Jones brings but more displeasure with Coach Bennett.
  12. New AD Jones takes over HC @ Kirbyville

    I dont think you will find anyone in the community upset about this and support the change. 
  13. Coach Jones has taken over HC at Kirbyville.  Bennetts out.