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  1. Who said neece was gonna be oc?  
  2. Coach Neece has turned in his resignation and has accepted a position in Newton as QB coach next year. 
  3. I was told by a board member that he accepted.  
  4. Hes staying, but i imagine he will be working with his head on a swivel.  Dont turn around!
  5. 2nd q of  state semi,...knees are no required I don't care what the score is
  6. JD is off so far, hope he settles down     not even close to hitting the spot yet
  7. thought the exact same thing earlier,  Hes got a lot better seats than any of us! 
  8. Gilmer vs Sweetwater

    14-0 Sweetwater   2nd
  9. Malakoff-Yoe

    Yoe always find a way in the playoffs
  10. Arp 13 Newton 6/FINAL

    Arp starts the 2nd half with a 74 yard Tdo  Xtra no good 13-0 Arp
  11. Arp 13 Newton 6/FINAL

    Arp 7-0 halftime
  12. Arp 13 Newton 6/FINAL

    TD Arp   1 yard run  xpt good 7-0 Arp   5:??  2nd