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  1. Bi-District Dates, Places and Times

    Bi-District Playoff Matchup in Carthage: Newton vs Omaha-Paul Pewitt Friday, November 16 7:30pm Newton will be visitors 
  2. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    No 28-7 against Buna with 4 turnovers is better than some others they lost too in district did.  Something to build towards next year getting most back.
  3. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    22-0 buna. 4th
  4. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    14-0 Buna at half
  5. Buna 28 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    0 -0. end of 1st
  6. West Orange-Cove CISD Bond Passes!

    This school.deserves it !!   Congrats    
  7. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    ATHLETE: advantage PNG Athletes = even Home field = advantage PNG  Coaching = advantage Ned and difference in the game.  Ned 38 Png 34
  8. Woodville 49 Kirbyville 14/FINAL

    Yep, maybe not
  9. Woodville 49 Kirbyville 14/FINAL

    Woodville scores before half.  Woodville 21-7. Half
  10. Woodville 49 Kirbyville 14/FINAL

    My prediction is Woodville wins but comes away thinking tha team is better than 19
  11. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL

    I was headed to watch this one thinking it might be a game.  I think I'll head back to kville
  12. East Chambers 49 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    We have a very athletic fresh and soph classes. I hope they are starting to buy into the coaching.  These boys have had a few years of drama and excuses.  I think they are finally starting to realize they have to put in the work.  I think there is still some work to do in that area but things are starting to click and will start to improve.  
  13. East Chambers 49 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    4 is a SR and a few others like 5 but for the most part alot return next year.