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  1. Buna 38 Kirbyville 7/FINAL

    16-0 Buna. 3:13 st
  2. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    So quick to jump on the "smh blame the coach" bandwagon.  You have no clue whats going on here unless your here, see it everyday and look in these poor kids faces.  Is talent where it has been, no!  But its not this bad. 
  3. Kirbyville Trivia Time

  4. Kirbyville

    Wish this was a joke but no guys this is true. 
  5. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    Your correct i meant Sup sorry
  6. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    As long as current AD is there im afraid he is safe
  7. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    No HC is Randy Jones, OC is David Ford, and DC is Corky Brister,  they all just recently left Kville to go to Merryville.  All three permanent residence in Kirbyville and took the job in Merrryville cause its close enough to drive and did not have to relocate.  They have established the same programs and standards they brought and established in Kirbyville.  They are now a part of brining a town with 20 to 30 years of losing seasons and failure to state ranked and playoff football.   Kirbyville current board and Admin thought we needed a new direction in Kirbyville and that directions looks like incompetent coaching, disappointed and frustrated players across the board, and a 3 win team that will most likely not even make the 4th place playoff spot.    and that's being nice about it!!!      
  8. Woodville @ Coldspring GOTW

    Woodville 34 CC 20
  9. Kirbyville Trivia Time

    Heres a few hints in case anyone out there is stumped.... *  Its the same program that was learned and molded around the Barbays in Newton every year is a state contender and still successful and is favored to win state this year in Newton. * Its the same system was brought to Now 5A State Champions Ennis TX * its the same system that was brought to Kirbyville and saw decade of playoff runs and two state appearances and my hint on the coaches:  They all 3 would have taken the current position but was either told don't even apply or did apply and was not even considered for the job? 
  10. There is a small school just on the other side of Texas line called Merryville that has not been successful in over 20 years and for the first time since same has made the playoffs.  They not only made the playoffs but have home field advantage and ranked 14th in state.  Who is their HC, DC, and OC?  What style offense do they run and what type of program have they installed in school with historically limited talent?
  11. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    The rules of this board does not allow me to elborate on the issues either lol
  12. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    Nope they are going to finish with only 3 wins like I said from the start and not even make the playoffs.  If you people on here still think its a lack of talent or just not as good as we are used too, your crazy!  If the folks here in kviile think its a rebuilding issue and they will get better?  Your even more crazy than they are.  
  13. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    Jackthehammer!!! Welcome back
  14. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    Kirbyville only has Buna remaining.