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  1. Is China Springs good at basketball ?  Lol sory couldnt resist
  2. A public plea to the SETX board

    Thank you Rake1 for the post.  Could not agree more.  
  3. Kirbyville vs Maypearl Regional Semi

    Yes sorry i corrected.  I was typing that and playing on beach so alot of distractions lol
  4. Kirbyville vs Maypearl Regional Semi

    Game 3 if necessary follows game 2 Sat
  5. Game 1 thurs 6pm Game 2 Sat 1pm   All games at Muford HS Bryan Tx
  6. Thank you Todd for commitment and hard work keeping us informed
  7. Yes sorry. As far as BB goes i think Bennett is staying 
  8. Well your gonna have to trust me.  Lol
  9.  Nope everyone leaving but Fred Ford so far.  
  10. Ive been asking about this awesome resume ive been hearing about.  
  11. Thats the word ..yes
  12. Double slot under center, veer with alot of options.  Hmmmm??  
  13. I can promise you Kvile fans are not tauntimg Newton.  That was a Newton fan trying to be funny. KVILLE will be down this year but i dont think they are 5th place down.  
  14. I dont imagine we will keep very many.  I hear Fentress is leaving.