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  1. Kirbyville 30 Warren 8/FINAL

    I don't know how to respond to this without sounding like I am insulting Warren so...
  2. Kirbyville 30 Warren 8/FINAL

    I still do not understand why one of the better qb' s and #5 both watching from the sideline.      
  3. Kirbyville 30 Warren 8/FINAL

    Kville 23  Warren 8.  2:00. 2nd
  4. Kirbyville

    But they are not.  They are 2 and 4 and should be 2 and 5 if no storm.  You are correct they are not as good as thought but it's not due to lack of athletes.  Time will expose the truth. 
  5. Kirbyville

    It's more than just being upset cause we are used to winning. Yes I know I'll never convince you of that but things are not good!
  6. Kirbyville

    Thank you !!!
  7. Kirbyville

    Not true, there's talent there.  Problem is people do not understand the decisions being made.  There's more to it but in not about start calling kids name out.  Coaches that have played are leaving the stadium scratching their head.  Lol
  8. Kirbyville

    That's ridiculous.  
  9. Kirbyville

    I was looking for an unbiased opinion lol
  10. Kirbyville

    Have heard some concerning news about the new culture at kville.  Heard new coach theory is that they are there to coach the x's and o's.  Weight lifting and conditioning are the players responsibility on their own time.  Weight lifting is for off season and not much running taking place.  Any parents with kids playing coming home with similar reports?
  11. Kirbyville @ Coldspring

    Answers no
  12. Newton looking for 2018 games

    Things can change but both have agreed and penciled it in
  13. Crosby at the Halfway Mark (5-0)

    In good here but thank you for your comments
  14. Crosby at the Halfway Mark (5-0)

     I'll wait for the cliffnotes, too many words