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  1. Too many playing football don't have enough kids for basketball. 
  2. River Bowl Deweyville hosting Evadale...thoughts?

    Lmbo! Manhandled not hardly Evadale wasn't clicking at all the first couple scrimmages. They are just getting it together. It was a scrimmage and people were being played in positions that they haven't touched since. I guess you don't remember HD didn't score and Evadale did. That's even with people out of position. I bet Deweyville beats HD by at least two touchdowns. 
  3. Valencia on the mound to finish the 7th lets go rebels
  4. Valencia 2 run shot Evadale up 5-4
  5. Evadale starts the bottom of the 6th with back to back singles from Torres and Moye. Sac bunt  runners 2 and 3rd.  1 out Valencia at the plate. 
  6. correction Bean stays in strikeout going to bottom 6th 4-3 Shiner. 
  7. Bunt run scores 3-3 2 out. 
  8. Error at 2nd runners scores 3-2   1out
  9. Error in right dropped ball 3-1   1 out. 
  10. Fly out to right runner tags 1 out runners on the corners. 
  11. Double and a walk. Shiner with runners on 1st and 2nd no outs. 
  12. Rebels leave one at 2nd going to the top of the 6th. 3-0