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  1. Seeing my son on the Jumbotron at NRG.....
  2. Manvel vs Angleton

    Did they Glaveston Ball?
  3. Manvel vs Angleton

    If anyone can beat Manvel it will be Angleton..
  4. This should be a good one....
  5. Got to be honest, I was '85 footballer and we flat out stunk...I loved Troy, but would have loved Malone. 
  6. Bingo!! Shotgun to bring it back
  7. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    We always feared Dayton more than Crosby Or BH.....has it been that big of a turn around, if so, why do you think?
  8. Thoughts on 2018 season

    Yes indeed, forgot about him. 
  9. Local 5A Div 2. Any guesses????

    BF is gonna have to focus on defense....Maybe if I keep saying it then it will happen.....
  10. Ok, Jag, if not the mighty Ocelots then Black and Silver Oilers would be cool.....but black and silver for sure. I always thought those colors were intimidating. 
  11. Thoughts on 2018 season

    Hranicky is coming back, who was a starter. Petix, 6'5" lefty, pitched last year too, but didn't start. Simmons, LeBeouf, Lane, Stansbury are all really good pitchers. Rockafort, a sophomore, will be back. I think we will have 4 or 5 lefty pitchers. But these kids can hit. They always have been. They work great as a team...
  12. Thoughts on 2018 season

    PNG should be stacked with pitchers. This group of seniors can flat out hit. Looking for another great year
  13. Should Roschon Transfer?

    You really get me, RJ is being recruited by most of the major schools who have watched him against all types of teams. They are recruiting him for QB not WR. Now unless you are a recruiter from a major college you should step off and let the big boys play this game...
  14. Roschons Final Stat line

    Proud of that young man. I've watched since he was little and in high school. He is truly an artist at the sport, despite what petty things some one says. I will be watching him with the Long Horns and believe me that is not something I normally do as an Aggie fan. But I will wear burnt orange with his jersey. No doubt!