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  1. Could be some fantastic state championships out of HJ.we shall see.
  2. Silsbee backfield

    I remember Lumberton ran the wing T and use to solid! 
  3. You now have Coach Sigler, Coach Boutte, Coach Green, Coach Sutherland, and Coach Jubert coaching in the area. I think basketball will be exciting for years to come. You have potential 6A, 5A, 4A, and 3A state champions. Great time to be a basketball fan. 
  4. Yeah I could see HJ girls make a few trips to state from what I hear. I see Silsbee winning district this year and next. HI always gets a move in or 2. Lol
  5. Silsbee backfield

    Will Lumberton be any good this year? 
  6. Silsbee backfield

    I heard Silsbee could have a pretty good backfield next year. Can they have three 1,000 rushers? Two 1300 yard backs? 
  7. What does HJ have coming back? 2nd or 3rd in district? 
  8. This site has lost a lot of traffic over the last few years it seems. 
  9. He isn't in the same book as Barnes. He was very good at WOW and I think he won state twice in football. Barnes is a 6x state champion and 2x runner up
  10. None have 6 gold and 2 silver medals. 6x state champion wraps it up
  11. Barnes was on the all state tourney team as a sophomore