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  1. TASO All Star Games

     Headed to the SETCA game in Crosby it starts at seven not sure about TASO Game at Lamar
  2. How do you let first base ump overrule home plate on a fair foul ball down third base line is beyond me. The infielder slid to stop it and knocked it foul... then player safe at home with foot on bag but ump wasn’t in position and called out then ran off field before any one could question. Horrible...
  3. Weather updates

    HJ vs Brazosport game cancelled today
  4. Area Round Matchups/Please Post Here

    HJ appears to be only team playing still scheduled for grass field lol
  5. Area Round Matchups/Please Post Here

    HJ vs Brazosport  Friday, May 10 @7pm @ HJ 1 gamer
  6. HJ @ Livingston Game #2 HJ leads series 1-0

    Game tonight is postponed. We will resume play tomorrow at 4:30 at Lufkin Hudson HS in lufkin.
  7. Hardin and Livingston

    Second game is tomorrow night in Livingston at  7pm
  8. WOSGrad needs your prayers

  9. Hardin and Livingston

    It is hardin jefferson
  10. Bridge City ineligible player ???

     If he was ineligible it would start with the first ineligible game  followed by those there after.
  11. Bridge City ineligible player ???

    Game changer just shows he’s on both rosters... 
  12. 4/18 Postponements

    HJ 11 HF 0 final in 6