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  1. Jasper vs Bridge City

  2. Bridge City 3 Hardin-Jefferson 2/FINAL

    In the video you see the plate ump turn to look infield as runner crosses and it is clear that the out had already occurred. Wasn’t even close that is what is bad. 
  3. Bridge City 3 Hardin-Jefferson 2/FINAL

    It won’t let me post video even when edit it it says too big so all I could post was photo from it that shows tag way before slide. HJ definitely missed opportunities but just hate that bad call resulted in game winning run... HJ has to fight back Friday and play Saturday 
  4. Bridge City 3 Hardin-Jefferson 2/FINAL

    Out at 2nd prior to run!!! Bad call for a game winning run... 
  5. Jasper Vs Tarkington Predictions

    Jasper lost to HJ
  6. HJ vs BC Game 1 Thursday 7:00 Game 2 Friday 7:00 Game 3 (if nec) Saturday 2:00 All games at Lamar
  7. HJ 12  Houston Washington 0 Final 
  8. Bi-District- Bridge City vs Huntington

    6-1 BC in 4th
  9. Hardin-Jefferson 12 Cleveland 0/FINAL

    HJ 12 Cleveland 0 in 5 innings
  10. Tuesday game Huffman at HJ at 4:30
  11. Hardin-Jefferson 1 Liberty 0/FINAL

    HJ won 1-0
  12. Liberty at HJ Friday at 4:30
  13. Schedule Changes- 4/13

    Tarkington vs HJ is today @ HJ @ 4:30
  14. Tuesday 4/3- Schedule changes

    HJ at Huffman at 4:30... JV cancelled