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    • Fee Dee  »  REBgp

      Ok, I'm on, thanks I will be reading comments and pitching in once in a while.Fee
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    • Fee Dee  »  REBgp

      The guy just doesn't realize what he is doing, playing the role of big shot and doing some bragging. He just doesn't understand how important his words are. 
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    • Kountzer  »  TxHoops

      Hey, I  encountered De Araron Fox's Mom & older brother yesterday at the DPS office I work at.   Those are two of the most arrogant, rude and obnoxious people I have ever run across.  Talk about someone having a stank attitude.  Wow.  Their's were off the charts.
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    • Henry Coe  »  WOSgrad

      Thank you so much for what you do here. I'm sure you're busy with all the other things we all are, so I appreciate it all the more. Givers and leaders that sacrifice what you must, shows a kid something once they understand it enuff. Shows me something, Thank You Sir !
      · 1 reply
    • eagle00011  »  bljnhjs19

      Who are you?   I have had 2 kids under Denny for last 7 years on varsity and have not missed but 3 games in the 3 years my oldest started on varsity 2 with Denny and the 4 years Bryce started, so you can figure out who I am.  So to set it straight Bryce threw a total of 13 innings between Freshman and Jr year, did not throw but 2 innings for summer team until this fall.  So not using a excuse and you are right, he threw a few innings, but point is not much experience not going to debate what I know.  He was 11-0 in  58 innings and over 100ks and had 15 walks in 11 games this year before the last game,  so don't know where you get he has always struggled with the zone.  In playoffs he threw 2 shutouts, 1-0 and 2-0 which not much room for error or not finding the zone,  .   No excuse for last game he pitched, he had a bad night, he was horrible on the mound, which I guess one bad night and he always had control issues.   He had only one other not so good night vs Caney Creek, other than that, I was told by tons of scouts, he was spot on and where he needed to be, He has a long way to go, but everytime I see your post, there seems to be jab at BH and Bryce except for Denny which you seem to have  crush on,, everyone else is just avg.  Your opinion., Bryce is going on to higher level, so good thing you are not a scout, We had a very talented team, a great catcher, another pitcher that was in my book our best pitcher, who was 11-0, and nothing avg about those guys, As pitching goes it would not have mattered if any threw a 7 inning 2 hitter last 2 games, we got shut out, our bats went dead overall, had nothing to do with our pitching, we score 0 runs in last two games ands had 6 or 7 hits combined.n
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