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  1. Spell/ Nederland. Will take administration job next year.
  2. The junior only allowed six hits in three games against stout opponents durning tournament play so understandable why he was chosen. Won one and lost two. Both loses we’re by one point each. We didn’t play error free baseball in either. With that said the freshman can play and has a glove. He was DH’ed for by a hot bat so I have no issue with that move. Can’t say your wrong about the pinch hitter. I also can’t say your wrong about questionable calls the coaching staff has made over the past two years that I’ve witnessed. But again last night at PNG had nothing to do with our game plan. PNG came for revenge after being embarrassed Tuesday and hit the junior. Our hits didn’t fall! PNG won that all there is to it.
  3. I thinks it could be a little bit of everything you mentioned. It’s a problem when smaller schools have more kids try out for the baseball program then Nederland did the past few years as well. In my opinion Nederland needs a overhaul. Been living in the past to long! It’s time for a new era of coaching and kids to step up and make something happen. Not going to happen reliving the past or blaming kids. Starts with leadership/culture of athletics and the kids will follow.
  4. I wouldn’t consider Nederland strong at 6-11.
  5. Since Dad ask…. His only outing this year that was productive was against a weak jasper team. Coaches didn’t lose the game! It was a good game and PNG hits fell. Nederland stung the ball several times right at people just wasn’t their night. Time to grow up and move on from the blame game.
  6. Possibly! I like the idea of coaching and working it out during the scrimmage while the pressure is on. Hard to simulate that in practice. Hopefully they worked it out in practice Wednesday.
  7. When you have a Stone and a Green I agree! But Nederland was out coached all day long yesterday. BC small balled Nederland to embarrassment. The coach for BC didn’t allow his kids to be complacent. He coached the entire game and they were all on the same page. Didn’t here a peep from Nederlands side and as the game went on it got sloppier and sloppier.
  8. Coaches vary well and we’re ready to play ball! Played a lot of small ball, pitched well, and made routine plays in the field. Collectively looked like a solid little team.
  9. Nederland @ Jasper “Jasper/Huntsville” last Saturday was a good day of baseball and Nederland played well when the dudes were on the field. Nederland @ BC yesterday was cold and sloppy. Nederland looked lethargic and were out coached. Nederland @ HJ this sat. Hopefully the dogs show up with a game plan and some energy.
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