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  1. Absolutely they can. Westwood struggled to stop the run against Diboll and Coldspring has a good run game. The Trojan offensive line just needs to do their job and Coldspring will be fine. #20 should have a big night against Westwood.
  2. 85 yard TD pass. Diboll 33 Trinity 0 3rd
  3. There are a few returning starters on defense, so I expected a better performance than they have shown so far.
  4. Hahaha....I don’t think I’ve ever seen Livingston get a running clock. Honestly though Diboll is struggling right now to find there way.
  5. To be honest not good. They have good size on the Oline but zero push so the RB’s are shaking tackles before they even get going. Diboll still sets up in a pass option offense but does not pass the ball with any effectiveness. Madisonville stacked the box and Liberty is stacking the box with no answer from my Lumberjacks. Nobody they play at this point will respect a passing game from Diboll. They are still rusty from a limited off season but right now they are not a threat in 3A D1 in my opinion...unfortunately.
  6. Liberty is very scrappy like always and their defensive has held Diboll scoreless after two trips inside the red zone (missed field goal and fumble). I still think Diboll has all the pieces to be a solid team but they are just not there fundamentally. Hats off to Liberty for a good first half.
  7. Yes I saw the same thing and that will need to change soon. You could tell the heat was a factor for Diboll’s lack of motivation. The trainers on Diboll’s sideline were busy the whole game working on cramps and keeping the kids cooled off. The 2:00 game was a very bad idea.
  8. Yeah he went out in the first half so hopefully the young man will get back soon. He was definitely an impact player before going out but Madisonville still outplayed Diboll with better conditioning and execution.
  9. I think they will learn and get better. Diboll has the pieces to be a good team, but just couldn’t put it together today. Conditioning for Diboll was terrible and playing at 2:00 didn’t help although Madisonville held up pretty good. Kinda tough going from the number 1 defense last year to giving up 49 in the first game but hey that’s part of rebuilding.
  10. I will know more after tomorrow but the team obviously has a lot to replace. They should still be tough against the run with Baby Gums plugging up the middle but they might lose some contain on the edges. The passing game is very much in question which will be a necessity to get over the 2nd round hump. Diboll always has a run game and this year will be no different because #20 looked great in the CC scrimmage.
  11. What a way to kick off the season with a Diboll and Corrigan scrimmage. Several on both teams are either related or friends so I’m not surprised there was a little a emotional altercation at the end. Personally my dad is from Corrigan and my mom is from Diboll so I love both.
  12. Diboll won the tournament going undefeated beating Lovelady in the Championship game.
  13. Nice win for the Trojans! Now go and bring the Championship to East Texas! Great season Jacks!!!
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