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  1. Anyone hearing anything about applicants? Surely there have been several by now.
  2. People are forgetting, this group of upcoming Seniors next year are SERIOUSLY good. Definitely better than our typical classes coming through. I have a feeling whoever they bring in as coach will be successful. These kids are players and this group has a lot of heart.
  3. Not necessarily. These kids get killed. Sleep on floors or couches if they are lucky. Drop out. Become homeless..Get arrested. Etc etc etc. At these schools it's more about graduating these boys from HS. Not every program is as lucky as PNG or schools in our district. Believe me. It matters and the records reflect absolutely ZERO of the coaching talent David Satcher is. ZERO. PNG would be lucky to have him. State Champs Lucky!
  4. Records smecords. He is coaching at Rayburn. And coached at El Paso. Tell me what Clear Lakes Defense did when he was there? I get it. It's a measuring stick BUT, Satcher would win state next year with this group of kids. Sure we all want a coach who has coached 50 years and is u defeated and has win 50 state titles. Where the man is coaching does have to be considered and like it or not Nick Saban couldn't have a winning record at either school. Satcher is the man for the job.
  5. 89 indian?? You are a traitor!! How could you turn on Satch like that?? Just kidding. Lol
  6. I'm definitely not him but I know special coaches when I see them. And, I just might know a small amount about football. Sometimes. In all seriousness, you can't take into consideration his records at EP or Rayburn. Not even remotely close to what we have at PNG or pretty much any other school in the state. Heck, it's heroic to even take those positions. Coming out of Clear Lake HS as the defensive coordinator, beating Katy in their heyday, he could have went anywhere he wants and he did. He brought positive influence to some less fortunate kids. The folks who know, know. Satcher would be a phenomenal coach. Talk about a treasure hiding amongst the weeds. Better get him here if you can. I'm telling you.
  7. Don't be fooled. Like I stated earlier. El Paso didn't even have a weight room. Rayburn is not much different. These kids are more concerned about if they are gonna eat that night than football. He's fed many a kid in his time at those schools. Mark my word. Satcher would sweep the floor with ol big Ned. Defensive guru. Mike Leach smart. Im telling you. Don't sleep on him.
  8. He is a 1990 graduate. Played on the 89 quarterfinalist team.. Grew up in Groves. I'm sure he knows several of the SB members. He's chosen to take on some REALLY less fortunate programs including El Paso and Rayburn. Has a heart for underprivileged kids. But, don't let any of it fool ya. He's a phenomenal coach and super intelligent. He's been very successful while at programs that had any kind of talent. Heck, in El Paso they didn't even have a weight room. I'm sure he'd absolutely roll at PNG.
  9. Time to bring home David Satcher!! Coach Satcher begins his 6th year of coaching at Lake, and has 12 years of coaching overall. He has coached at both the high school (Woodville, Brazosport and Bay City) and college (Northwester State University and Texas State University) levels. Coach Satcher grew up import Neches, Texas. His favorite saying is �never mistake activity for achievement�. According to Coach Satcher, the most important thing to learn from playing football is �working together in a group, having the experience of bringing diverse skills together so they fit into a single unit working toward a common goal, one in which everyone dose his own job�. The highlight of his time at Lake has been Region lll Championship game victory over Katy. He and his wife have one child, Alina. Coach Satcher also teaches P.E.
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