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  1. An inspiring story about the Exline men.
  2. He ran for 600 yds his sophomore year (at TCU) after being a 5 star recruit. Not saying he can’t go where he wants but I wouldn’t exactly call that living up to expectations.
  3. I can’t be the only person that thinks this guys a bust right?
  4. Just watched the Bellville game and wow is there speed all over the place. O-line looks solid and y’all certainly have 4 guys that consistently make plays on O. I do think this is a tougher matchup than the Carthage game now to be honest. Especially once you take the names off the jerseys looking objectively. The QB will no doubt be difficult to contain on pass plays and wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a spy utilized when looking at those situations. That said I do think CS is stronger than Bville on both sides of the ball. If y’all could reel in the stupid stuff (bad snaps/penalties) that game would’ve been a blow out. Gonna be a close game for sure though. This one looks like it’ll be decided on the line (as usual). Maybe a 28-21 or 31-28 type game if I had to guess. I’m an idiot though so who knows. Safe travels for all involved and go Cougs!!
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