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  1. Because a large part of the skill positions on offense as well as a few key defensive positions on varsity are going to be filled with players that have not played varsity ball yet (except for one or two series during the last game of the regular season on the tail end of a blowout). Looking at those players success at the sub-varsity level is the only way I know to form an opinion of how they will do on varsity.
  2. I have ties to kids on Big Ned and PNG underclass teams, so I have watched games for both teams since youth sports days. The c/o 2023 (current soph's) were Frosh in 2019. Most kids on both teams played on the Freshman team. I do not believe more than a couple were playing up at the time they played each other, so it was a fair representation of that particular class. In 2019 the PNG A-squad won the game 44-8 and led pole to pole in a mud bowl at Ned. I give the edge between the two schools to PNG for classes 2023 and 2024, and the Dogs c/o 2022 is definitely the stronger of the two schools.
  3. Has the Defensive Coordinator changed, or will he change, before next season?
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