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  1. 1. Libert/Hardin-Jefferson 2. Orangefield/Silsbee 3. West Orange-Stark/Hamshire-Fannett 4. Buna/Woodville 5. East Chambers/Hardin 6. Corrigan-Camden/Hemphill 7. Kountze/Newton 8. West Sabine/Cushing 9. Goose Creek Memorial/Klein Forest 10. Baytown Sterling/Pasadena Memorial 11. Galena Park/Baytown Lee 12. Marshall/New Caney 13. Nederland/Huntsville 14. Port Arthur Memorial/Port Neches-Groves 15. La Marque/Huffman Hargrave 16. Little Cypress-Mauriceville/Hous
  2. What I seen was a very good team with Huntington. They made no mistakes and played tuff. There was a lot of missed opportunities in the passing game for them. If they start connecting with their receivers their only going to get better. They are no push over that’s for sure. You may beat them but you will know you were in a fight.win are lose it’s how who play the game. Hats off to them they deserve it.
  3. I got my money’s worth watching this game.a slug fest the whole game.
  4. 1. Vidor/Bay City 2. Huffman Hargave/Navasota 3. Jasper/Hardin-Jefferson 4. Liberty /Shepherd 5. Silsbee/Pleasant Grove 6. Splendora /Hamshire-Fannett 7. East Chambers/Lumberton 8. Anahuac/Bridge City 9. Buna/Orangefield 10. Little Cypress-Mauriceville/Woodville 11. Newton/West Orange-Stark 12. Grapeland/Kirbyville 13. Hitchcock/Kountze 14. Huntington/Hemphill 15. Tarkington/Coldspring Oakhurst 16.
  5. Elysian 47 Hemphill 22 at half. if it can go wrong it has for Hemphill in the first half.
  6. You may be able to go to hemphill ISD website for a stream. If your some what local it will be on 103.9. I’ll be at the game I update scoring.
  7. Newton by 21 Diana not that bad. Corrigan in my opinion has the toughest team in district 11 with pewitt they are disciplined. Corrigan will have to bring it to win this game. Dont laugh but I’m thinking Anderson-Shiro May bet Dangerfield there seasoned and play disciplined football just not exsplosive. Daingerfield is exsposive but sometimes not disciplined could cost them the game. I’m going with the underdog Anderson-Shiro on this one. My Hornets if they play a full 4 quarters not just 2 they should bet Elysian. They seem to be getting better each week. Good luck to
  8. Assuming Newton beats Anderson Shiro and Corrigan loses to Hemphill that leaves a 3 way tie for second and goes to points system after that for 2nd 3rd 4th. In that scenario Hemphill 2nd Corrigan 3rd Anderson 4th. Are am I way off and that’s not how it works. Also any thoughts on who will win this game. I’ve seen everyone play but Corrigan I know they always play tough.
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