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  1. You may have a point but I kind of think sweaty athletes may spread it faster than normal contact between students in hallways and such. Not to mention there may be new provisions to limit such contact
  2. If it happened I hope it didn’t end up being costly and everyone had fun. Stay safe everyone. Sometimes safety is inconvenient but it’s worth it. Gods will it will all be over soon
  3. Woodville Newton WOS EC Jasper PAM PNG Silsbee WB Diboll BU (honorable mention lol)
  4. I don’t really consider them high school basketball teams neither. Overseas I believe they call these pro or semi pro teams. Nonetheless they are high school aged kids and they play great basketball. I’m not upset about that long as traditional high school teams aren’t being forced to attempt to compete with them
  5. Yea that’s good length and he has a quick release also.
  6. Haven’t watched MV much. But judging by the MV vs IMG video you posted Moody’s shooting is really special
  7. I don’t wear purple. I wear black and gold. Second.. are you saying Carthage 2018 would have 9 or 10 scores to Newton 2018’s 1 score?
  8. The Newton team in 2018 was awesome although they underperformed a little during the SC in my opinion. But they still went undefeated and won the SC. How can you blame the Newton folks for wishful thinking? Some believe it might have been a good game and I dont think that’s too far fetched. I personally think Newton may have lost by 3 or 4 scores which is not close but respectable. You think they would have been “beaten till there was blood in their purple socks”. I don’t know what you mean by that but it seems like a LOT OF HATE to me lol
  9. I don’t pay much attention to D2 college ball because in most cases D2 players are there because they’re not good enough to play D1. In high school a small school athlete is there because that where his family thought best to live. Has nothing to do with their ability. At really good small school like Newton there are usually a couple athletes that would be really good at a bigger school also. Now there are normally more of those at big schools but that’s a no brainer. If a school has twice the students they’ll probably have twice the athletes. The small school has half as many athletes so they have to have more guys playing multiple positions and more underclassmen filling some of the positions. Doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a lower quality of athletes but definitely a lower quantity. Bigger schools should normally beat smaller schools for that reason. Newton is normally dominant against schools their size when the playing field is even. Their SC shouldn’t have any less meaning than WOS who normally dominates against schools their size. If we’re going to knock either team because of their classification then Westbrook will probably be the closest thing to a powerhouse in SETX
  10. That 14 year they lost to Newton while beating a decent 5A team and going verry deep in the playoffs. That in itself shows you Newton’s classification doesn’t have as much to do with their success as a hater would attempt to make it seem
  11. By the logic you were using earlier Newton or WOS wouldn’t have as much success on the 6A level so all their accomplishments don’t count. They’re “WNBA Champions” lol
  12. It’s my opinion that Newton is the better program. I don’t have a problem with you believing WOS having the better program. I do have a problem with you underminding the success of Newton’s program because of their classification. If we go by that then West Brook is the biggest powerhouse and I don’t think most would agree with that
  13. The fact that they can loose to a bunch of 4A teams (during their worst season the past 5 years) 2 of them being very close losses then still go undefeated in district and exit the playoffs in the 3rd round says a lot about their program. 4A schools are supposed to beat 3A schools. But most times that isn’t the case when it comes to Newton.
  14. Mayweather faced everyone. He can’t controll the timing of the fights or catch every fighter in their prime because he can’t face em all at once. He stayed in his prime throughout his career the same way Newton has. They’re verry good in whatever classification they’re in each year. Some years they are able to beat some of the best teams at the next level up. On their worst years they’re still able to beat average teams at the next level up. But “everybody knows” a haters gonna hate lol
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