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  1. 1. His partner was with him. 2.You would think the trained person would be trained to avoid these situations. Common sense would tell me if I’m creeping in someone’s back yard there’s a chance the occupants can be alarmed. 3. The policemen announcing himself is the best solution. He was not doing an investigation or serving a warrant. He was supposed to be doing a wellness check.
  2. I’d like to hear what he has to say about that and also an officers’s response when he see’s a gun. In my opinion it doesn’t make sense to say “Let me see your hands” when you see someone’s hand and it has a gun in it. A more appropriate response would probably be “drop your weapon” or to simply yell “gun! gun! gun!” like I’ve seen in other videos where police have shot suspects who actually had guns.
  3. The freeze frame looks weird. It goes from hearing the gunshot to seeing what looks like a gun on the ground then back to what the officer supposedly seen the moment before he shot her although this is not what he said he saw. There are no blinds or anything like that on the picture but the gun is very clear and visible although nothing else on the picture is very clear. Again it is protocol for officers to announce themselves except on seldom occasions. Wellness checks are not one of those occasions. If someone is raping her I don’t think the door is wide open. If the door is open at a crime seen and stays open from the time of the neighbor’s call till the officer arrives the suspects have probably already done what they’ve done and flees. No need for you and your partner to sneak around the back because if there is a criminal there he can now exit out the front door. He had a simple task and he made it harder than it had to be.
  4. I can’t make you understand my point. Just sleep on it and if that doesn’t work just forget about it
  5. I’m well aware of the family’s attorney. He did state she owned a gun but not that she pointed one at the officer. I’ve never implied the officer was some extreme racist who just wants to go around and kill black people. I don’t think there are many of those type of cops at all. I don’t think there are a lot of really good cops neither. I think most cops are just Average Joes with a badge. A simple wellness check was obviously way over this particular Average Joe’s head and it ended very horribly. This could happen to anybody of any race but it just seems things like this are more likely to happen to blacks than any other race. An officer is ALWAYS supposed to announce himself unless he has a “no knock” warrant or something of that sort. He wasn’t there to arrest a criminal. He was only there for a wellness check so he should have announced himself and been smarter and more cautious. Especially when you know your easily frightened and trigger happy. Smh
  6. I would say it’s a little better than speculation but ok we can go with that word. And as far as life and death Atiana’s dead and she’s not coming back. The officer was easily frightened like many other officers who don’t belong in law enforcement. I’m pretty sure she didn’t point a gun at him but I’m 100% sure it didn’t matter because he said himself he was spooked by her image through the blinds
  7. If those things happen often and the perpetrators some time get away with it while maybe serving a 10 year sentence at the most for it? I wouldn’t suggest those actions but I would somewhat understand
  8. I don’t know for a fact but I do know a gun had nothing to do with his actions. He never mentioned a gun as to why he shot her. He said he was frightened just by her image through the blinds.
  9. I’m aware of the nephews statement. Kids can be coerced into making statements like that easily. The shooter himself never mentioned a gun initially.
  10. No I thought you were mentioning a white guy I know of in Dallas (can’t remember his name) who died a victim of police brutality. But yea police did what they had to do with Micah. He was dangerous
  11. Ideally you would want it to completely stop as soon as possible but it doesnt always work that way
  12. Did you watch the clip? Those were federal officers inside the building? The feds arrived July 4 and left near the end of July. The rioting was actually dwindling down but not completely stopping fast enough for some before then. When the feds arrived things cranked back up.
  13. First off she didn’t point a gun. Second she has second amendment rights just like everyone else. If some one is creeping in your back yard that would probably give you a good reason to grab your gun. If he hasn’t announced himself how does she know he’s an officer? I’m glad he’s indicted and I hope he’s found guilty but you never know with this system
  14. You edited the thing after I’d already responded. Micah Johnson is another victim of police brutality. All police brutality isn’t a result of racism although racism is a factor in some cases.
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