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  1. I noticed he didn’t play much last year. Wasn’t aware of him leaving the team or anything. I remember him being a good TE couple years back. Not sure we have a TE in the new offense but I’m sure he could at least enhance the receiving core a little. I think he’d look good lined up next to Nick Traylor at MLB also.
  2. Orangefield should be tough also. I think we win at least 3 of those though.
  3. Yea I’m kind of disappointed we lost him but from what I hear the new OC we have taking over already had some influence over the offense last year. Hopefully the offense only changes for the better if any at all.
  4. Linus Mannino’s not listed. Wonder what’s up with that 👀
  5. 1. Yea those 2 are always on this forum talking a whole lot of basketball......LOL 2. I was thinking you were probably defending Coach Thompson because he’s a good friend of yours too. If that’s the case there’s nothing wrong with that. 3. if there are plenty instances where your statement here stands true you may have a point. I’m probably not going through all his old posts to figure it out though. 4. The “small faction” has nothing to do with his post on this thread. 5. Not saying I believe his “racism allegations” are true but the majority of the school b
  6. He didn’t start that. Someone else did. And a couple other agitators jumped on the thread to keep it going
  7. Regardless of his accuracy on the details he made a good point. And he was originally being critical of WOS AD because he didn’t believe the success of the basketball team was a priority. I personally don’t have an opinion on that because I’m an outsider and have no idea what’s going on with that. Then someone brought up the race issue and how another poster on a totally different forum wanted a black AD. He said he understood that sentiment but his main priority would be to hire a quality coach. Then 2 more posters jumped on the thread (one of them who I never see on the basketball forum and
  8. I think he might have meant to say the ADs of those schools since the AD of WOS is kind of what was being discussed in the first place. You have the facts on who the ADs of those schools are?
  9. Good point. Question though: When was the last time WOS had a black AD?
  10. Jasper lost a lot. Stud RB and the 2 big monsters on the OLine are gone. I think they return 3 or 4 on each side. They’ll probably still be a good squad because they’re Jasper but I don’t think there’s much of a chance for a state appearance.
  11. Newton doesn’t have a Carthage in their division so I would say Newton
  12. Looks like Burkeville may be really good this year. That Mays kid has some speed
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