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  1. We have a lot of kids who are excited about basketball each year but the school board is probably more enthused about baseball than basketball. I won’t say there’s always a lot of basketball talent because it depends on what you call “a lot of basketball talent”. But there’s normally enough. Woodville doesn’t do a good job of hiring coaches at all in my opinion. I think they just lucked up and accidentally hired a good football coach because the other one left. This is Coach Evans first year as a head basketball coach and I think they may have accidentally done it again lol. Coach Evans is pro
  2. If the big kid had dreads that would be the Senior, Jacorey. Football prospect
  3. I kind of figured that. I believe he has family in Lufkin.
  4. Your speaking of #4 right? And was the guard #1 on the floor?
  5. Yea loosing the turnover battle will do it to you. I don’t think our guards have seen that type of defensive pressure. The 5 man rotation was also a good strategy by the Silsbee coach. We don’t have much depth beyond our starters. Lot of younger guys who may develop into solid players later but not a lot of them are ready to play at that level just yet. That will be a good strategy for Silsbee against most teams in their district also.
  6. Don’t know if he’s even on the roster this year. Not sure what’s going on with that. We still got a decent freshmen and sophomore group though. I think we were missing a key player, probably rely too much on long range shots, and lost effort after getting down by a large margin.
  7. SMH. Lost to Liberty yesterday and now this. Wonder if there’s a key player missing or maybe just not as good as I initially thought. Glad Silsbee seems to be playing well though.
  8. You obviously haven’t looked at Kountze record this year lol
  9. It sucks but it’s a good decision if necessary. Hopefully CS can reschedule the district games they miss during this time frame.
  10. I think it’s just hard to get noticed in bball. There are less spots available far as D1 schools. Bball has 15 man rosters while football has 60 man rosters. There have been a few that have gotten to play in the Big 12 and many others have played in the Southland conference though. Not to mention all the guys who get a chance to play juco. Its takes more than talent to get those opportunities most times. It takes talent, hard work, relationships with the right people, connections to the right people, and a little bit of luck.
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