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  1. I hear the Crockett kids haven’t been too receptive to their new coach. Might have had a few key players quit. It should be between Coldspring and Diboll if Westwood doesn’t sneak up on anyone.
  2. Looks like the guys at Hardin know Haynes’s offense pretty well. Good win for Hardin. This loss makes Kirbyville’s playoff hopes a little slim.
  3. The QB was there last year I believe. I think they had a WR move in. Maybe 1 or 2 others also. Anyway I actually think Jasper will win this game
  4. EC has looked like the best team in the district so far but I think Anahuac matches up pretty good. I’ll take Anahuac
  5. 7-0 Final Congrats to the defense on a great shutout! Really stepped up big time today. Offense didn’t do nearly as well as I’d like. Partially because Kirbyville’s defense is legit but partially because of stupid penalties also. Offense still has to get a lot better. It’s be nice to develop a legit FG kicker also. To many times coming up empty handed near the red zone for my liking. Go eagles!🦅
  6. Vidor has one kid who maxed out at 640 I believe at the regional meet. That kid happens to be a pretty good DT. Not every team has that either but it’s even less common to have 2 kids squatting at least 650 on the same team. Especially one of those being a RB lol. This is at the 4A D2 level btw.
  7. OF also has a few guys that squat 650 plus including their big RB. I doubt if there are a lot of 4A teams who can say that
  8. OF is just different. Doesn’t mean they’re better but they’re just different and they’re good at what they do.
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