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  1. Yes, if you give up less points than the other team you normally win 👍
  2. Only loss was to GV in 2018. And yea, you normally win when you score more points than the other team. LoL
  3. Newton returns the entire OLine and 2 good RBs. Don’t lose a whole lot on defense either. The LB, Foster, was really impressive at the track meet. Woodville will have to play at a really high level to beat Newton. EC may not be an easy win either. They lose a lot on offense but they do return the QB, Perrault. He’s a playmaker.
  4. HC isn’t the best in the world but he’s probably the best we’ve ever had at Woodville in my opinion. He also has a better DC and OC now. The ‘18 team was more talented but I think this team is more motivated.
  5. Ran into Grandview second round in 2018. Grandview ended up winning state that year although EC gave them a good game 4th round. Pretty sure we could have beat Grandview if we had a better offense. That won’t be an issue this year. Also the pre-district schedule will have us better prepared for tougher competition
  6. Well Newton’s on the schedule now. Hopefully this game actually takes place this year.
  7. I don’t see it going down hill no time soon. Maybe a little curve for a year but not down hill.
  8. Yes sir! Probably at least 2 or 3 deep runs within the next 5 years. Got a really good coaching staff and good athletes who are hungry and working hard from 7th grade up 💛🦅💛
  9. The alleged actions in the article are much worse then what you are letting on. I’m sure those allegations are probably over exaggerated to some extent (or at least I hope so) but I’m also sure there is some truth to the allegations. Ultimately lines were crossed at some point or maybe multiple points and he didn’t have a good enough relationship with the kids and community to get past it. Kirbyville was a playoff team on the regular before he got there. They haven’t made the playoffs in 3 years since he’s been there. On top of the participation is way down. Obviously something has went wrong.
  10. Obviously wasn’t “the guy” and its a good thing if he really pulled out for that reason. Shame that so many people think you can’t coach without abusing kids
  11. I kind of wonder the same thing. Anybody know if Kirbyville’s participation numbers have ever been this low? And if so, when?
  12. If this is true it explains why kids don’t want to play. Those days are done with. If kids aren’t self motivated to work hard or you can’t find other ways to motivate them to better themselves you should probably just let it go because that probably means you aren’t the right fit for that program
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