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  1. neutral site if you can, right? Although, only the big schools can really do this.
  2. Idk if rolled is the right word but they won all of their games.
  3. I dont personally care either way, but there seems to be more parody across other sports whereas due to depth reasons, there seems to be more of an advantage to bigger schools in football specifically.
  4. Yea the coaches are never present at fall ball either
  5. i do think teachers are underpaid, but I also got into this because I love teaching and coaching and have thought about switching careers a time or two, but I could never justify switching based solely on salary i, think your points on the other issues is what is really driving teachers away from the industry. We've never been paid well, but teachers are only starting to have a mass exodus recently.
  6. That would be good for y’all. Would make your path a little easier for sure
  7. After the in house hires, do you think they’ll maybe try to get someone without Dayton ties altogether?
  8. He was head baseball at one of the Klein schools before moving over to Kingwood have heard nothing but great things about him.
  9. That’s probably the same as their baseball program too
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