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  1. Tough decisions were made tonight, HD’s 2 top players were in foul trouble, Rayon and Broussard, Rayon for most of the game, how long do you wait to put them back in. There is no right move in real time. I was thinking they would go in to start the 4th period, to keep us close on the score board, and not get down to far in the hole, as Port Aransas was on a run. Rayon was out since mid 2nd period. We waited until 2 minutes gone in 4th, it was 2 too many... We were leading the whole game, until early in 4th period. But nobody plans for foul trouble. One of the top athletic performances and coac
  2. Port Aransas wins 45-37. Great season Bobcats, proud of y’all.
  3. 19-13 HD up at half! HD Nation ain’t scared of #7 in State!
  4. I’d say you are the Karen, digging for all that, lmao. That just may be the definition of Karen hating LOL. Whose to say Flatonia and Mumford’s coaches didn’t pushed to play because they felt their team was hot and peaking? Seems like many teams around the State actually played without long breaks, just like Flatonia and Mumford. As far as the 17 point thing, Mumford hitting 5 three pointers in a roll 15-0 run, right after halftime, when HD’s up by 1, is way more of a statistical event that doesn’t usually happen, kinda like Mumford going 11-14 from 3 point land in 2nd half. It’s all about how
  5. Was was the other fortune events? Besides hard work and grit.
  6. HD I think just got off to a very slow start, COVID was a big challenge, like it was to most. And I think some teams got in their head early on and in District, and matched up well with this young team. HD has just got better every week recently. It helps to have an All-State type player in 6’4 guard Braedyn Rayon, and some of those young athletic football players on the court. The next 2-3 seasons at HD will be fun to watch in all sports.
  7. I seen they were ranked, Flatonia was ranked #11, HD shocked them! That is why they play the games. #7 or #11 not much difference. Go Bobcats!
  8. HD vs Port Aransas at Needville HS, 7pm Tuesday. Who you got?! Does HD upset a 3rd 20 plus win team, in the 4th round?!
  9. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this HD team play, it’s a treat, lots of grit, especially as the season has gone on. 6’4 Senior Braedyn Rayon is one of the top players in SETX, kid dropped 32 points on Mumford in the 3rd round. Rayon is averaging over 25 points a game on the season, from his guard positions. Rayon was an All-Region selection as a Junior. Definitely has earned being considered for All-State. D-2 college player for sure, fun to watch.
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