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  1. We is referring to the UIL/TASO finding of tampering with last year's head ref, in the HD at DV game. The head ref threw all 25 flags on HD by himself, only 4 flags were thrown on DV, also the same head ref tossed HD's top player RB Broussard out of the game abruptly, in the early 1st quarter, for allegedly cursing him, later film showed he under hand tossed the ball to the ref, nothing else. Not to mention the hurricane had knocked out DV's lights and flooded the stadium, they refused to play the game at HD, during the game DV had light plants put up, none of the light plants worked on the HD
  2. The Bobcats have recently gotten healthy and won 2 games in a row, after being without several key starters all season. Deweyville has had a rough go at it recently, this game will definitely be a little chippy after last years controversy. HD’s Coach Birdwell will look to get both stud RB’s Victorian and Loften on the field together more often, to pressure defenses. With seasoned starter and dual threat QB Landyn Sellers finally back healthy, coupled with the o-line being healthy and dominating, HD could possibly make a run at the District title once again.
  3. Bound to happen, BV got excited after playing two terrible programs.
  4. Sounds like Kelly was excited they had won a few games this season lol, then finally got hit in the mouth! Kelly is back to normal now lol.
  5. Sounds like Kelly didn't expect to get beat lol. Maybe a little sore about the loss?
  6. This Dude lol, hates HD. I see the West Hardin logo got scraped for the SFA one lol. Heck I'd change it too. Ole pee wee coach.
  7. So this is "Kipp Sunnyside"? Not Houston Kipp or Kipp Christian? I think there are several Kipp schools in Houston. Supposedly Kipp Sunnyside, is not the worst one of the bunch, but none are real good. HD should roll, especially getting back lots of starters, the rankings will start to change in our District soon, especially during District. HD 32-6.
  8. HD getting back starting dual threat QB/LB Landyn Sellers, RB/CB Tyler Thibodaeux, Lineman Dylan Scott and Chris Warren next week. HD will be pretty good come District.
  9. Look who finally got his wish tonight! Dawson Victorian starting at QB, Jeremiah Loften starting at FB and Anders starting at WR… 😜
  10. The decision to ever start the current backup QB, says a ton about our coaches... It's like we are playing 10 vs 11 on the field, no brainer to put one of your top athletes at QB until Sellers returns, heck there is literally Anders, Dawson, Tyler Thib, Isaac Garcia or Drake that would be decent at temp QB. Is there issues with the remaining staff and Birdwell, fans are not seeing any interactions on the sidelines?...
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