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  1. Everybody saw what Carthage could do in high definition. They scored 70 unanswered points while setting the 4a (old 3a) scoring and yardage records in a state championship game. Not to mention Kip Lewis and Brandon King went totally nuts on D. It’s there for everybody to see. The result speaks for itself. What Carthage did to Gilmer should be illegal.
  2. Huntsville? Come’on man. Saw their best team in a while have to take Marshall to the last play of the game to get out of the 3rd round in 2018. Carthage beat Marshall much easier that same year. You guys are giving way too much credit to 5a DII. Crosby just beat the #5 team in that class. Is Crosby world beaters? Ennis who is the #1 team got beat in the 2nd round by an I ranked team. Carthage could win a state title in 5a DII this year. In 2020! There I said it. They don’t lose at Jerry World. If they made it, they would beat any team in that division.
  3. I’m going to go ahead and say it, Carthage will give Aledo all they want. I have seen Aledo many times over the years. They usually play the same day we do or the day after us. I watch all the games at Jerry World. Carthage would be a top 5 team in 5a DII. Name 5 teams better. Don’t think you can do it. But that’s as far as Carthage goes. 5a DI is a different story. Start getting up there with Denton Ryan, HP, Longview, Manvel, etc. But I don’t want to hear about Aledo blowing out Carthage. Plenty of years Carthage can play with and beat them. This is one if those years. 2017 was one of those
  4. The record for games started in Carthage is 59. That’s crazy. This young man played a lot of football games, lol. Almost 6 full regular seasons. https://etsn.fm/carthage-senior-lineman-mario-mccain-concludes-iron-man-career-in-state-championship-vs-kilgore/
  5. Exactly! This is why Carthage continues to be so dominant. Obviously it helps to have great players, but when Carthage is carrying 70 kids on the varsity in the playoffs (a lot of freshman and sophomores) this is a huge advantage in getting the next group ready. And you better believe that is what Surratt is doing. He is playing the long game. Of course he wants to win this year, but always planning for the next.
  6. He was 14-18 for 275 yards and 3 TD with no interceptions. Another very efficient game. Carthage passing game is really clicking. Had 2 one play TD drives where he dropped dimes on the receivers. One for 35 yards and one for 94 yards. For the season 131 of 180 for 2,249 yards. 26 TD and 2 Int. 73% completion is outstanding, especially in this Carthage offense. Not a lot of easy short passes to pad the completion % stats.
  7. Come’on guys. I know Carthage fans are tough to deal with, and we have kinda came over here with the mighty Carthage attitude but you gotta be kidding me. Argyle ain’t got nothing for Carthage. I understand wanting to find something to get under Carthage posters skin, but this? Carthage is a terrible matchup for Argyle. You can look at the PG / Silsbee / Argyle connection this season. I mean if Argyle would smash Carthage, what would they do to the rest of 4a? Anyway much respect for SETX fans and supporters. And we all have the highest amount of respect for WO-S and other great programs
  8. Never mind. See you guys next year. Enjoyed the discussions.
  9. I’m out guys. See y’all when we play WO-S.
  10. Both sides chippy now. Need to get this one over with.
  11. Carthage needs to get their starters out before these personnel fouls get out of hand. Seen a couple that weren’t called. That hit on the QB just now was cheap.
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