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  1. Come’on guys. I know Carthage fans are tough to deal with, and we have kinda came over here with the mighty Carthage attitude but you gotta be kidding me. Argyle ain’t got nothing for Carthage. I understand wanting to find something to get under Carthage posters skin, but this? Carthage is a terrible matchup for Argyle. You can look at the PG / Silsbee / Argyle connection this season. I mean if Argyle would smash Carthage, what would they do to the rest of 4a? Anyway much respect for SETX fans and supporters. And we all have the highest amount of respect for WO-S and other great programs
  2. Never mind. See you guys next year. Enjoyed the discussions.
  3. I’m out guys. See y’all when we play WO-S.
  4. Both sides chippy now. Need to get this one over with.
  5. Carthage needs to get their starters out before these personnel fouls get out of hand. Seen a couple that weren’t called. That hit on the QB just now was cheap.
  6. They didn’t line up against each other every play, but when they did #75 wore him slap out.
  7. I didn’t realize this. If there are 2 freshman in the secondary that’s going to be trouble for Silsbee. IMO to have any chance at disrupting Carthage’s offense you have to get pressure on the QB. And get pressure without putting your secondary in a bad position. That’s easier said then done, but if you get pressure on the QB he might make a mistake or 2. If he has time to sit back and pick you apart it’s going to be a very long night for any teams in 4a.
  8. Just hoping for a good competitive game. Hope Silsbee comes out and hits Carthage in the mouth. Sooner or later somebody is going to really push Carthage for 4 quarters, and when it happens they need to be ready to respond.
  9. Doesn’t really have anything to do with this game, but #40 Jackson for PG played against Carthage. Wasn’t much of a factor, but he played both ways.
  10. Agree with everything you said here. If the game is close at the half, you can almost guarantee a Carthage win. Unbelievable the adjustments at the half, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Luckily Carthage is one of those teams that still puts a lot of emphasis on defense and have great players and coaches on that side of the ball. Coach Preston does an excellent job and is one of the most underrated coaches in the state. Lucky to have him.
  11. Handle CS and I think that will put all of 4a DII on notice. TBH I don’t think anybody that has followed WO-S closely over the last 6-7 years is not taking them seriously. Just unfortunate that the schedule worked out like it did. But the Mustangs have done what they were supposed to do with the schedule they were given. Outscoring your opponents 372-42 is pretty dang good no matter who you have played. It just hurts y’all’s SOS when the teams are a combined 34-38 and only Newton and Silsbee are in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Personally I don’t put too much stock in any of that. I know the
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