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  1. This really the score? Or the opposite? BV was hyped up by folks on this site.
  2. Deweyville loses again?! To League City Christian?!
  3. This Houston Kipp Sunnyside, has some good players, I thought during warm up, our school messed up on the schedule and named the wrong school. Kipp looked like a San Augustine from a few years ago, big and athletic. HD looked sharp with finally having their 2 year signal caller back, he has been out with injury all year. The HD O-line dominated this game, averaging about 250lbs across the line. Jeremiah Loften ran for approximately 150 yards and 2 TD’s, Dawson Victorian ran for approximately 125 yards and 2 TD’s. Cayden Anders was all over the field on defense and ran the ball well. Connor Dra
  4. HD is finally getting some injured players back this week, that have been out all season, including the starting QB. HD 42 Sunnyside 12
  5. Thinking Evadale vs HD and Burkeville vs HD are gonna be tougher, both teams are good. I do agree HD vs DV will be electric!
  6. Congrats Coach Bird on your 1st HD victory as the head guy! The future looks bright, HD’s injured players will be coming back soon. Good job HD Nation!
  7. The Bobcats will be ok. I see our healthy Quarterback returning and us doing well in District. HD Nation 26 WH Oilcans 6
  8. Nice try pal, funny how you and other haters hover toward all Hull-Daisetta posts lmao! Appreciate you coming out pal! 😂😜
  9. I see what John is saying, it's definitely had me frustrated, to know HD has the athletes, but not getting to see them utilized sometimes sucks. I will say, it's early in the season, HD has had a very unlucky off-season, many injuries and misfortune, I do believe in Coach Bird, he will get this ship turned around and sailing. Yes, I also feel like Jeremiah will be a big asset to the rushing attack, he will have to get in shape and learn the plays. When District starts, hopefully by the WH game, Coach has Jeremiah at starting fullback. The key is getting Dawson and Jeremiah on the field at the
  10. Think I got to agree with ole John, Anders is a stud defensive player, probably 1st team all-district, but the combination of Dawson at TB and Jeremiah at FB, will be what makes or breaks HD this year, if they want to beat D-Ville this year and win District. Jeremiah Loften can take it 80 yards and is physical. Anders at WR and Drake at TE, will give Sellers big arm targets.
  11. Silsbee would have been a closer classification match up, than the HD vs Hardin.
  12. Totally disagree, what an asinine comment, HD has 14 playoff appearances since 2000, the majority of those years HD won their District Championship. I’d say that is definitely not a downward spiral lol, admittedly not great, but not below average… HD has never been that great, probably since their last State Championship, maybe good at times, so downward spiral, no…
  13. I wouldn’t say heavy lol, but with all the HD injuries, and Hardin as two classifications bigger, yes Hardin was favored. Game canceled due to both schools with lots of covid cases.
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