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  1. It’s not about making someone feel good it’s about not knowing what your talking about. This was not about a post it was about “posts”. Not saying you can’t write what you want to. But know you level of knowledge and don’t write about stuff you shouldn’t.
  2. First of all BH fan don't know who you are but I wish you would quit talking like you know what's going on! Your comments from this year and heck even the past couple years since I've been on here have been at times ( most times) ridiculous. Almost like you have never played the game. If you don't have a horse in the race quit talking like you know what's going on other than what you see on Friday night. I can handle other team fans talking crap about our coaches and players but not a so called fan. So be a fan or keep quite. These kids have been put into a difficult situation this year and good or bad they have fought there tails off. As far as the game goes FBM is a very beatable team and we will just play the game and see what happens. But from me and the players and some coaches please keep the negative comments of "your team" to yourself.
  3. I don’t see this being a blow out. I have watch PAM film. Don’t think they are the team KP was. Offense very predicable and defense is solid but does have holes. IF our offense can come out and put some drives together it will help our D not be on the field for 65 snaps a game. I could see it being like last year toss up. Just my two cents.
  4. I do see your point. But how they match up to us over the weeks leading into this game I believe we can keep it close. I have been wrong before just cant se a blow out. So it is High School FB, if you can keep it close anything can happen. That's how NED beat us.
  5. Huntsville didn’t come off as a dominant team. They have weapons but far from unbeatable. There QB is not accurate at all. They have a good RB. And a big OL but that aside not real impressed on the offensive side. The film I have does not show the defense so I will not comment on them. At this point in the playoffs nobody is going to be a push over. So the Eagles will have to play a good game. But that goes for any team that plays!!
  6. I glad the game is played!! Or we would never win!! Eagles by a touch
  7. Yep and NED is a bad team. So your comment is based off one game. Good job.
  8. 4 is a senior Bishop 18 is a sophomore Pierre
  9. Gigout’s Dad is not a coach. I’m just a dad that like watching his son play. Thank you for saying what you said Jayhawk. But I can’t take credit for his successes. He works hard and plays had and I hopefully thought him how to be coachable and the rest came from the great coaching he has got though the great coaching staff of BHISD.
  10. Yes and could say the same about dropped passes on our side also. Yall should have put your BD's on the other side they didn't drop any ball that was thrown right to them.....
  11. The Defense as a whole don't get enough credit! To hold Crosby to 34 Pts. with 6 turnovers and both starting corners out was good defense effort. The score could have been way worse.
  12. I think that NED is a solid team. We will see if they can come out and make some stops early. If they can do that it will be close but if they cant it will be a walk away. BH defense has payed well this year even against Crosby. So if we can continue that and the O can keep it moving like we have since Crosby then I say BH by minimum of 14.
  13. I can see this game going either way. This district is loaded all the way down to Vidor and Lee. You let up any and they will jump on you. As far as the pervious comments about THE HILL being no good is a HOMER remark. Just come on over with that thinking and you will have a long trip back following the butt kickin'. But I know that is just rose colored glasses talking and PNG football team will not have that mind set. I think it will be close. Either way we will see what happens should be a good one.
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