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  1. Well we all know one thing. Y’all keep playing the way y’all do we are guaranteed 4th in district and a free playoff appearance.
  2. I mean, we arnt the ones with 5 personal foul penalties. keep talking. If we really wanted to we’d be smashing y’all by 60
  3. Let’s be honest. Numbers mean nothing. A strong small EC or Newton team could easily beat people in 4a or 5a. Loving the excuses though. Typical
  4. And what has bridge city done lately 😂😂😂
  5. Huffman was ready for revenge from last years tough loss. Gotta hand it to em
  6. Raiders looked absolutely horrible. if they continue with this offense that CLEARLY doesn’t work. They will be lucky to win 1 district game.
  7. I’ll be at this one. Rootin for the tigers! Silsbee- 42 springhill-20
  8. No hate man. I respect yall’s game. No doubt about it. Y’all are one or if not the best in the state of Texas.
  9. We could’ve done a little better this non-district..but i mean hey it is what it is. Now it’s time for some big games coming up. Our district this year will be a toss up.
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