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  1. sad part about Lumberton and it’s always been this way here. Is it’s not about who is good at QB it’s about who your daddy is. I hate to say it but even when i grew up here it’s was like that. and as far as our safety goes. He’s definitely a defensive kinda guy. We threw him in a couple plays and he wasn’t having it😂😂
  2. They are hoping and hoping the Slot-T works for them. But as we have seen it’s not been so nice to us this year.
  3. Yeah. Lumberton had money stolen from them. But our community all worked together to help a very very successful state ranked band program. That’s what makes our community one of the best around is the selflessness everyone has.
  4. Have fun sitting at home and getting ready for baseball season. Y’all have a little bit of something to look forward to. Something y’all are actually good at
  5. I mean neither is ours 😂😂 you obviously don’t know anything that happened.
  6. I’ll be the first to say. Lumberton obviously hasn’t made a deep run. I just think it’s funny they have the nerve to talk trash when Lumberton has shut them out two years in a row. i guess they sat those games out too so we could win
  7. Did yall’s band do that for Lumberton too when they went to state and y’all didn’t? How sweet
  8. Too busy with their head up there own butt. And dreaming of baseball season
  9. Y’all don’t need a hero y’all need a miracle.
  10. Pfff Lumberton shut y’all out. Ain’t no way. Ain’t no how y’all going to beat them. Y’all barley beat Livingston.
  11. Lumberton looked awful. Bad bad bad. If they make the playoffs they will be a one and done.
  12. That’s 2 straight years the raiders have shut out the cards !!!
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