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  1. No Way To Go But Up!!! PNG & Nederland need to work to improve each game until that wonderful day on Friday, November 8, 2019. Love Me Some PNG Football!!!💓
  2. Last week a Cougar chewed on an Indian butt! PNG tames a Bronco, to help get out of this rut!
  3. Hamshire-Fannett always has good concessions.
  4. If we play anything like we did against Crosby, PNG barely wins. If we play our normal game. PNG Dominates! I cannot wait to see which PNG team, and coaches for that matter, shows up for this home game vs. Dayton. Praying that it is the PNG team I know we have!
  5. Trust me, everything negative for PNG was our fault in this game. Poor coaching, and adjustments. Throwing into multiple coverage. Failing to run at Crosby defense, and continually getting run down going wide. However I will admit Crosby's ineptitude on offense made our defense look respectable. WE LOST THIS GAME! Sadly, as I said before, a slightly less poor effort was enough to beat us. STILL LOVE MY INDIANS!!! WE WILL GET BETTER! We could not be much worse that this effort.
  6. PNG is playing like a bad 7th grade team tonight and getting beat by team playing like a bad 8th grade team. PNG HAS PLAYED TO LOSE TONIGHT!
  7. Why did you have to mention the concessions? Now I am hungry!
  8. Prayers for all of the families, players & coaches.
  9. Agreed. Let the kid play. It seems logical enough.
  10. Hope the rain clears by game time. I am just looking forward to 2 solid high school football programs going after a win at The Reservation. Safe travels to all of the Crosby Fans & Team. Ready for some Friday Night Football tomorrow. WHO ARE WE!!! PNG!!!
  11. Shug + Burnt Orange + Longhorn + Football = DOMINATION!!!
  12. 3 points scored by PNG, 14 points taken away from PNG by poor officiating by that point. As well as all the momentum, & yet PNG scores late & wins. I agree, Crosby will be a challenge, and if the Indians are not hindered with the same level of officiating that occured during that Vidor game, PNG will give Crosby just as many problems as they give us. Should be a great game.
  13. No Doubt! A well coached team in Vidor. No Doubt a talented, but struggling to learn what the coach needs team in Crosby. Remember PNG held that "you so called not so talented team" in Vidor to 10 points. how did ya'll do?
  14. Or maybe at least mental, emotional & possibly, across the board, meta-physical speed😄lol
  15. As long as it is legal, let him play. Best against best is always a better game. Looking forward to, what appears to be a soggy Friday night battle at the Reservation.
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