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  1. I will be one PNG Indian coming to Lumberton Friday night. I am coming to see my nephew play for the Raiders. Will be wearing a bright red shirt & pulling for those Raiders to give their all!!! Lee will be fast! Raiders must chew up yards & the clock & keep the ball away from the Lee offense!
  2. Defense for PNG will need to play at their best Friday night against this Tomball offense. Defense will be key for both teams in this game.
  3. PNG Center has got to work out the problems with the snaps. There were actually 16 errant snaps tonight, either off to the side or right at the ground. The quarterback did an amazing job of just trying to control the snaps. You can't tell me in the school the size of PNG that we can't find someone who can snap the ball consistently to the quarterback. Just paint a target on the wall, at the right distance, and have the center snap the ball again and again and again so he's hitting that target every time. Every time you miss the target you run a lap, that way when you get tired you can still
  4. Soulja anyone can be an honorary Indian. just wear purple on the outside & bleed purple on the inside, if you are pulling for my PNG boys. Sorry to be away so long from site. I was 10 days in the hospital & the Covid almost got me. I am now back & God is good all the time. PNG QB must execute the quick out passing that he was overthrowing last week. I think this game will be a great benefit to both teams due to the speed & execution of the two offenses. Just praying for no injuries. I will be released to go to the game on Friday. Safe travel to all! PNG has a
  5. I vividly remember that extra point block & run back. Many PNG Fans started walking out after Central scored that touchdown. Never leave early!!! Great memories at this stadium.
  6. Jasper at PNG, I love playing football against teams that are going all out, all the time. Those Jasper boys play hard. Always a great game to watch.
  7. Yes, older brothers, and he has a big extended family. They are Nederland people all, except he has adapted to the Port Neches way of life where he resides. Smart, talented kids as well. One at Penn State/One at LSU & two still in PNG school system.
  8. In Lumberton his position as Head Baseball Coach is good for him. The most important thing is he will be giving his all for that program. In Lumberton you have a successful stint as coach as long you don't ever have to be "running" for the door.😄
  9. Coach Seymour is no stranger to adversity & outside pressure from any outside forces that are at work. He is a fine Christian man. He is a former Nederland Bulldogs Baseball Player & Current Port Neches-Groves Indians Supporter with a son playing football & baseball for the Indians. All this while having coached at Hamshire-Fannett & now moving to Lumberton. He has a great knowledge of the game of baseball. He is a highly educated professional teacher. Also he is a great conveyor of baseball skills. He has a level head & sensible, but "tough as iron" personality. Coac
  10. It is 100% official. Coach Seymour is approved. Filling out his Lumberton paperwork. Will be a great addition for this Lumberton Raider Baseball Program.⚾ If he is allowed to build his program, without an excessive amount of parent, fan & administrative interference... it will be a successful one.
  11. Definite that Coach Jeremy Seymour is moving from HF to Lumberton. Solid coach, good man. Best of luck. 👍
  12. Groves, TX to Fort Stockton, TX to see my friend's child play in his last High School Game! 595 miles (Needless to say, I stayed overnight before driving back from that one.)
  13. HF Head Coach: Jeremy Seymour (District Coach of The Year) kept his boys focused against Bridge City. I wish HF continued success against Bellville. It should be an exciting 3 Game Series. It will take place starting Thursday at Splendora. Friday game 2. Saturday, if needed.
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