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  1. I agree, only 1st & 2nd Place teams should go to playoffs. It makes the coaches & players give much more intensity to the quality of their performance & focus of each opportunity to play. A few high quality teams, in tough districts, would not make the cut some years, but that all goes back to striving for that chance to be a playoff team. Also, removes a lot of low win teams from getting a participant trophy in the playoffs. Oh well, just my opinion. After all, opinions are like armpits, everybody has a couple, and most of them stink.
  2. Fly High Eagles!!! Concentrate & Dominate!!!
  3. Go for it Crosby!!! Wishing you all the best in this one!!!
  4. Indian Caravan: Friday-FB Marshall (Missouri City)
  5. I hear you! I wish only 2 teams went out of every district. That would keep us out this year, but it would be excessively more fair match-ups for the playoff run. A lot quicker as well. We follow the rules, we make the playoffs. I will take what I can get. The more Indian Football games I get to watch, the better! Win, or Lose!!!🏈
  6. This will be the PNG Indians football teams 10th Playoff Appearance in the 11 Seasons that Coach Faircloth has been at the helm. 11 seasons: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019. I am very proud of my Indians & Coach Faircloth. I will be proud of them, win or lose to the FB Marshall Buffs this Friday. LOVE ME SOME INDIANS FOOTBALL!!! Get out in the cold & bring on the fans!!! an support has been the tradition that PNG football thrives on...Keep It Coming!!!
  7. Being a devoted fan for your team is the key. All teams need fans in the stands whether the team is a playoff team, or if they only get 1 win on the season. Also, band parents, I am glad that you support your kids playing at halftime, however, these are football games, not band concerts. The football players need all of the fans support, stay to the end every game. PNG faithful get your tickets this week, be there early for the game & show that Indian pride. Totally commit your support to the team, or stay home, we need fans who are there to root on the boys doing their best. Period!!!
  8. If they had called all of the real holding penalties, on both teams, we would still be in the 2nd quarter of the game. The officials have been quite interesting this year.
  9. This will be tough. We need to execute our offense perfectly. Eat some clock, keep the score down, that is the only way we are going to have a chance at a win.
  10. First of all, I am png9mon, not mom. But I understand your ignorance at not being able to read well. It is no more ignorant than the parents & school officials that allow children, correction, immature children, to spray powder on people. Parents are raising tech savvy, real world uncaring kids. They will run this country someday. On going generations of the self centered, only what they want adults, raising the uncaring. God help us all! We need to go back to the good ole days when we destroyed property during the week of the game, instead of infesting people's lungs with cancer causing powder granules, at the game. But what do I know? I just work in the medical field. I am not pissed, sadly, I am full of pity for this pansy powder party supporting crowd. Here is a new battle cry: Come on team we will win, cause we spray powder, it's no lie. We do what we want, we don't care, now everyone else can die! ****Catchy little cheer, huh!****
  11. All are welcome to get their Indian Spirit on for the big game!!! Hold your head high & be proud my Bulldog friend!!! I-N-D-I-A-N-S, Scalp 'Em Indians, Scalp 'Em!!!
  12. All kidding aside. May everyone be safe & both teams injury free tonight. May it be a blessed Mid County Mudness, I mean Madness.🏈
  13. By that name that you are calling me, of course meaning that I have age, experience, common sense & truth on my side. BOOM!!! Thanks, ok junior.
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