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  1. My Mom is an extreme liberal. This is as simple as liberalism gets. Followers do not want the specifics of what a candidate stands for, just want to know that the candidate is a Democrat. They just vote for the Democrat, regardless. Christian values, morals & common sense, all this gets thrown out the window. My Mom will not discuss, or defend her Democratic candidates. She states that"...I am a Democrat, I was in the union, the union said vote Democrat, so I do." If Satan was on the ballot with a "D" next to his name, committed liberals, regardless of their personal beliefs, will vo
  2. One of the greatest coaches and one of the finest men I ever knew. God bless his family, that includes all of his PNG Indian family, on his passing.
  3. Hope for a Nederland Victory! Tear 'em up, Bulldogs!
  4. Eagles have Feathers, Indians wear Eagle Feathers, we can get over it that someone on the video did not do his research prior to posting. He just figured Stephenville was going to win, so what difference was the PNG mascot name. NOTE: The PNG Faithful know we are Indians, with tremendous honor pride & tradition. We're All Good!!!👍
  5. By The Way!!! Since we are on this thread about playoff games THIS year!!! FBM 75 PNG 13 Somewhere in that range.
  6. Wow, much like the Nederland Fans annual celebration has gone since Doug Ethridge retired back in 1983. Total Mid County Madness Dominance during his reign as Head Coach.
  7. 1990s PNG Kicker ran out on the field for a field goal attempt as clock is running out on the first half. Holder kneels down, kicker arrives, when all of a sudden the kicker throws his arms up & starts yelling at the sideline because he forgot his field goal tee. He sprints back to sideline. The ball is snapped to holder & kicker turns upfield. Pass to the endzone, holder to kicker for touchdown. The Academy Award goes to...
  8. If that kid had any future in college sports, one forward of this video, will end any chances of his playing past high school level. Pure simple assault. Press charges & handle accordingly.
  9. Shea Adams, Freshman QB this year is great. This group of Freshman boys are big, strong & fast. Offense will be OK. Let's get a new Defensive Coordinator on Varsity, then at least some adjustments will be made when defense can't stop another team's offense & the defensive boys will be coached on defense properly. Not just position, but reaction.
  10. Chill Pill Time!!! LEEROY was just trying to get under you skin. It's Cool!!! However, I can admit that in years past it was TJ that PNG wanted to beat primarily. That was an era where we had at least good, if not great teams at PNG. The motto was back then: Beat Only TJ & it was a Good Year, Beat TJ & Nederland, it was Great Year. This years PNG Team is Blessed just to be in a position to make the playoffs. Wish every team, from our district, the best in the playoffs this year!
  11. Indian Victory, Indian Loss at Indian Stadium (Wow, that's a lot of Indians!!!)
  12. And a lot more forced turnovers by the PNG defense against the other team, in one game. Let's continue there.
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