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  1. Maybe Neece can assist up in the box when they get to those games. If you get my drift. !!!
  2. On a positive outlook maybe Newton has got the bad games out of their system. Buttt !! They seem to linger and keep showing up. They started the season strong but haven't been consistent since the Gilmer loss. It's time to win or go home.
  3. Will be cool for you guys/ Dogs & Eagles over in Newton Fri. Nice cool front moving in Thursday.
  4. Will be pulling for CC.. its gonna be a tough battle with some of y'alls top guys not playing. Wish CC the best.
  5. Newton looked like a different team 2nd half. Not as good as they are capable of but got the job done. I say Hemphill doesn't lose another district game . Newton Shiro Hemphill Corrigan
  6. The game today was out of synch with the norm of regular Fri night games. Having an unexpected game on Sat I expected to see just what we saw today. Newton got the job done against a team that could probably win against any of their district rivals. They had size speed and athletes all over the field. To me this was a conditioning game for Newton. Newton will step up when time comes. Expect to see Newton again @ AT&T.
  7. Anahuac... Reason ? Neece. He got plays .
  8. There is a concern brewing about the offense tonight for sure.
  9. Newton QB under center all night. No shotgun no spread when Gilmer stacking the box. Scat right scat left and up the middle. It seems after Neece left they have dug out the ole playbook from the past. When's the last time you witnessed Newton not getting a half yard for a 1st down. Congrats to a good Gilmer team.
  10. Gilmer is better this year. Will be another test for Newton. I think Newton pulls it off in a battle. Just hope both teams get out without any injuries .
  11. About those fumbles. Newton laying the helmet to Wos. Causing those fumbles. Dont want no excuses here.
  12. Side line to Side line and many other Sports affiliates will be at this game. Gonna be a Good One.👍
  13. I've noticed many saying Newton has players that are just as good as Barlow , Foster. I don't think that to be true. You could search the nation and not find another of these guys. These young men proved themselves on and off the field in society. Newton has good players stepping up to fill the vacancy of players like Barlow but until they prove themselves on and off the field you cannot say they even compare to Barlow. Can these young players be like a Barlow or Foster ? Yes in their own way . Many of these young guys are making their Mark and earning their stripes but untile they prove themselves on and off the field and between the White Lines you can't compare them to Barlow or Foster. Being a fast runner , throwing and catching a football , having the most tackles all these things are included in the package but there is more to being a great player and athlete. Your activity in your classroom , neighborhood and society are just as important as being good on a football field. Barlow and Foster along with other players from Newton have done both . Saying Newton has players just as good as Barlow or some of the other players who have moved on is not accurate. These young men did it on and off the field and continue to contribute to both . 💯💜
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