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  1. Game day. Go STANGS!!!! Safe travel for all and hoping no injuries.
  2. Glad for no injuries. Happy for a game a this point. One game at a time mustangs, on to Liberty.
  3. Mustangs go to Liberty, 34-6. Let the predictions begin.
  4. Here's hoping this game does not get cancelled. Lol
  5. Good wins Stangs!!! Safe travel home for all.
  6. I hope the extra (bye) week off helps the Stangs get ready for the Tigers.
  7. Since WOS's game was cancelled. Might as well start the very early predictions.
  8. I was half right about a late kickoff. Two games called this season due to weather. Could they not have played on Sat? Does either team have plans? Very sad for the players, fans, and coaches. Two good teams and both wanted to play.
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