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  1. A good job kats. Y’all played til the last down. Regroup and go to work for next year
  2. Refs already trying to control the game whole second quarter
  3. Haven’t seen Kirbyville play but by just reading it sounds like they imploded last night against a not so good woodville team and are ready for it to be over. Buna is still fighting for a playoff spot and will most likely be a little too much for them.
  4. Buna cleaned up the turnovers and penalties last week against Woodville. And are getting healthier rather than more banged up this late in the season. Shouldn’t even be close
  5. Well two of the three touchdowns Buna scored were passing. Along with two other drops in the end zone. Buna has some different things going on this year. And might change their face even more if their older speedsters can get healthy
  6. Graffagnino with the keeper again 14-6 cougars
  7. Sophomore qb with the keeper 25 yards! Buna 6-0
  8. Your exactly right. And even in your best health anything can happen on any given Friday. But buna didn’t beat Hemphill and get on here beating on their chest sending everybody on the team D1 and start making promises of steamrolling everybody on the the way out lol. I wish every kid in the sport the best. Just giving this overly excited parent the friendly adult conversation he was looking for. Well adult-like until he got racist with it. And yea that stuff goes both ways! So hopefully Buna gets a chance to blow them out tonight and doesn’t tap the brakes. MAGA!
  9. Make America great again! And good luck tomorrow brother!
  10. What I do know is this is the same group of kids Buna has beat the breaks off of since 2011. And it’s gonna take more than a coach and six months to change that. Maybe if there was actually one D-1 player on that team it could be different. But I’m pretty sure everybody agrees that there isn’t lol.Hell Buna’s sophomore qb is better than your #5 lol. And he out threw yours last week against a legit team with three out of four skill starters out with injuries. What y’all better hope is none of these kids have gotten released this week 😉. And your right. There’s gonna definitely be some snap crackle and pop but it’s gonna be when your LBs step in front of that 6’3 220 pound truck wearing #20. Better tighten them chin straps. Anyhoo enjoy the win against Kirbyville and let’s try to keep positive but logical
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