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  1. I had stopped drinking; I am thinking of starting back.
  2. You are correct, EC does deserve a lot more credit. They were very well prepared; on special teams, and on both sides of the ball. We did not match their intensity. The QB was poised and did not play like a freshman at all. Your coaches' game plan was surpassed only by the class and hospitality shown by your fans. You have a right to be "EC PROUD".
  3. I am not going to write a book; just getting over the illness from eating so much crow. This game is really a playoff game, and again excellence will payoff. Look for Logan Born, Tia Pham, and Landon Corbitt to be standouts in this game. These guys will do what they are asked to do with no excuses. I saw you during the team perfect play segment, finishing thirty yards down the field and running the ball with authority. Homework Assignment for Foster: Read the book "Shut Up and Listen by Tilman Fertitta by Friday night.(There is an audio version) Step up and be a leader Anahuac by 1, in a street fight.
  4. Anahuac has two very talented wide receivers. (Mayby the most pure talent at WR I have seen so far this season.) Both of them 6'2". very athletic and good speed. I am waiting for them to have a breakout game against a good team. It is important that you practice at game speed and intensity; otherwise you will develop bad habits. Don't be a player who is engaged only when the ball is coming to you. That is selfish and the opponent can pick-up on it. Focus on your assignment each play; as you give outstanding effort. Can your coach depend you to carry out the plan? Ask your coach to give you three things to improve on this week and do it. You must have a good stance and SPRINT off the line each time run or pass. Make plays, not excuses.
  5. Don't stumble over something behind you; move forward. Your dream does not have an expiration date. Try one more time!!!
  6. Poor effort by the Panthers; and I am paying for it.
  7. It was a very poor effort on the part of the Panthers; and we paid for it.
  8. I think you are right; and I paid for it. Disappointing effort on the part of the Panthers
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