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  1. Lumberton 2-2 Stafford Silsbee 3-3 Huffman EC 0-0 La Grange EC 3-1 Stafford Huffman 2-0 La Grange Silsbee 4-0 Sealy
  2. Heard from a friend of mine that EC beat Lumberton 5-0 this morning
  3. Beaumont United beat Liberty 7-2 on Saturday EC beat BC 4-1 on Saturday BC beat HF 3-0, LCM beat HF 1-0
  4. EC lost to Nederland on Thursday 1-0, and to West Brook 2-0 yesterday. West Brook beat Nederland 4-0 on Thursday. PNG beat Vidor 4-1 on Thursday, and beat Lufkin Hudson 5-0 also on Thursday
  5. EC was down by 10 with 5:30 to go and came back to win. Was a great game!
  6. He was all-state last year in 3A and our all-world RB. Not surprising he’s having a big game!
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