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Beaumont Ozen 51 New Caney 36/FINAL

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Class 5A Bi-District Game from Ross Sterking High School in Baytown at 7

The winner of this game will face Manvel

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    • Houston Yates 110 West Orange-Stark 49/FINAL
      There is not team Silsbee lost to Yates could beat bro!!!! Look WHO they lost too. Silsbee went 3 rounds deep in the football playoffs. They were without half the team for 3 or 4 weeks. Yates always loses in the 1st round in football. They don' have that prorblem. 
    • Houston Yates 110 West Orange-Stark 49/FINAL
      Wos guards by what I am hearing also took a hit before the playoffs.  I have heard by some who should know that both PGs quit before the playoffs.
    • Houston Yates 110 West Orange-Stark 49/FINAL
      All this talk, it’s exactly that talk.  Both teams better worry about one game at a time...tonight for us it’s North Forest....we don’t even need to know who Yates is today!!
    • 12-5A D2 Predictions
      You are crazy annoying. You are always talking about your stats and facts for your one and done team. He saysbas always his points will be proven in season. Unless you predicted easy outs for Crosby, then as far as im concerned you just talking fluff. Now i honestly dont like png but infollow roschon. You got beat by a png team that dont even utilize the RB position. No craig williams wasnrunningnout the backfield. They only threw the ball and ran roschon. Literally only two things could have happened and that was qb keeper or a pass. Only one PNG wr is being recruited and it aint even the one who had the 4 tds. Wack arse.  Funny thing is didn't new caney do the same thing?  Go away Skip Bayless.  Your stupid is messing with my fishing trip. Flip it anyway you want to Crosby will probably have the most put together team in this district and it very likely will count for nothing. But the uniforms are pretty. I hope png, ned, and the rest knock y'all off early to spare me reading about your early exit again in the papers.
    • Houston Yates 110 West Orange-Stark 49/FINAL
      All the comparisons are cool but it all depends on what happens that day if yates meets  navasota  they will offer some resistance in the semi-finals and so will Waco connally I they and Silsbee happen to make it to Huntsville so anything can happen when so one team may be hot one day and cold the next if Silsbee and Yates meet its going to come down to who ever gets into foul trouble and limiting turnovers as much as possible even though it was last tear I heard Braylon bush say we finally beat Yates so they will not be scared or intimidated by Yates the tigers have to play one game at a time they know that but they will be ready for whatever the Yates lions will bring and nothing but respect for Yates this will be an awesome game if it happens.
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