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  1. West Orange Stark vs Orangefield

    WOS may be in trouble in this one. Look for the upset. Orangefield by 6.  
  2. West Orange-Stark 32 Liberty 0/FINAL

    Wow!! You WOS fans are welcome!! Everytime I predict a WOS loss we win!  WOS wont win Bi-district either!!.
  3. West Orange Stark vs Liberty

    I'm not a Liberty fan. I never have and probably never will be. I predicted Liberty by 6 because I believe that their ground game is going to slow the tempo to which WOS isn't used to. 
  4. West Orange Stark vs Liberty

    I said WOS "SHOULD" win, didn't say they would. I predicted Liberty will upset them by 6.
  5. West Orange Stark vs Liberty

    WOS should win this one. This isn't the same Liberty team as last year but basically the same concept but with better execution. I smell an upset in the making. Liberty by 6.
  6. *****Crockett @ Newton showdown*****

    Newton by a touchdown!
  7. Liberty Vs. Tarkington Predictions

    Liberty takes this one by three scores.  
  8. Dayton Broncos vs Barbers Hill Eagles

    BH wins this one maybe as much as three scores.
  9. 21-5A predictions

    Ok, You can switch them.
  10. 21-5A predictions

      Crosby, Barbers Hill, Kingwood Park, Dayton, Conroe Caney Creek, then the rest.
  11. The Dayton School Board approved Arleen Stroud as the new Head Volleyball coach for the Lady Broncos. She has years of experience and should be a valuable asset to the program.