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  1. One Has To Admit - This Is A Good Point!!

    What illegal payoff schemes are you referring to?
  2. Allen EXPOSED

    I'm still trying to figure out what they are exposed for.  Exposed for being champions?  Exposed for being good enough that people want to move there?
  3. I understand because I catch myself gripping about Dak.  I catch myself arguing with friends that if the COWBOYS had an elite QB they would be Super Bowl contenders.  I catch myself saying, "if we still had Tony Romo we would win the Super Bowl." It took me until Monday morning, after we beat the eagles AGAIN, to come to a realization.  Dak is the QB of the COWBOYS and will be the QB of the COWBOYS in the future.  After reading a few articles and watching the game again, I learned something about Dak.  He's a very mentally tough competitor.  He doesn't quit!!!  He keeps fighting!!!  One stat that stands out is he committed his 3rd turnover of the game with 2:00 left in the 3rd quarter.  From that point he was 17-20 for 243 yards and 3 TD's.  I know what you are thinking, why not play like that from the start and the game is over earlier.  I can't answer that but I do know that he found a way to win the game.  I've decided to quit gripping and jump on the Dakwagon.  The COWBOYS have an elite RB, they now have an elite WR, the OL is very good, the defense may just be the best in the nfl and they have a QB who will not stop fighting. A QB that can make the throw, a QB who can move around to keep a play alive and a QB who can and will run.  That sounds like a super bowl contender to me.   Come on and join me on the Dakwagon.  Go COWBOYS!!!
  4. Ok, that's fair.  Tell me, what do you dislike about Dak?
  5. Well, the QB for the COWBOYS is Dak Prescott, not Duk. You may be right, but please come back and eat crap when this years team wins a playoff game!!!
  6. Hated Cowboys

    The only one that I hate is Terrell Owens.  I was at the game when he ran to the STAR.  Never forgave him for that.  Became an instant George Teague fan for knocking his butt off the STAR!!! #10 most hated player is Darren Woodson.  He's my all-time favorite COWBOY.  I named my son after him.  
  7. One Has To Admit - This Is A Good Point!!

    I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t. Nothing makes sense when you deal with liberals or demoncrats 
  8. Eagles @ Dallas

    The defense will get over looked in this game but they played dry well
  9. Eagles @ Dallas

    How ‘bout them COWBOYS!!!
  10. Typical Liberal Thinking!

    My question is how and when does this stop?  In the above scenario, how is banning Christmas items being inclusive?  Sounds to me that this school and the idiot that runs it are preventing people from celebrating Christmas.  
  11. That's awesome.  I sure hope to see that avatar there for a long time!!!
  12. I knew the COWBOYS defense was good last night but they completely dominated the saints offense.   Team stats Total yards: COWBOYS 308  saints 176   Individual stats Zeke had 76 yards rushing last night.  Kamara and Ingram combined for 63. Dak threw for 248 yards.  Brees 127. Amari Copper had 76 yards receiving.  Michael Thomas 40.     Zeke out rushing the two headed monster for new orleans isn't that surprising but Dak throwing for more yards than Brees is.  Just shows how good the COWBOYS defense played.  I sure hope they can keep this up!!!
  13. Haven't been deflated in 4 weeks!!!
  14. This was a good test, and a great win, for the COWBOYS. 
  15. Yep, missed the knockout shot