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  1. NFL tells players to STAND

    No I don’t get the picture. The black panthers are a hate group. They are a racist group. Why are nfl players raising a closed fist, which means black power? Why is this racist symbol allowed?
  2. NFL tells players to STAND

    Ok, I have a question. Some people kneel and some hold up a closed fist. The closed fist is a symbol for the black panthers, which is a racist hate group. Why is it ok for people to display this type of racism? Why is this symbol accepted and other symbols of racist groups, are not accepted? This question is not directed at bear, it is for everyone.
  3. Mommies and daddies want them to have everything a big leaguer would regardless if they have earned it or not. Rings used to be something that the “best” were rewarded with. Now, pay enough money to be on said select team and win a game or a tournament and get a ring. Trophies for everyone and purple, to finish is to win, ribbons are worthless. To finish is not the same as winning. Finishing means you didn’t quit. Be proud, but never confuse that with winning!!!
  4. Trump-Putin meeting

    Ok, I read it and read it again. The quote doesn’t tell me how russia/putin helped sway the Presidential election or how it affected it. If you have this answer please share. It does tell me that you are upset that a foreign power meddled in the election. It also tells me that you are unhappy with how President Trump acted in the meeting with putin. I am also alarmed that foreign powers can hack our intelligence.  The way it sounds is that this happens all the time.   Now, I will admit that I’m not as worried as you are about the meeting between President Trump and putin. Why, because I don’t know what went on. No one really knows what went on.  There are multiple reports of illegal immigrants voting for clinton in the election. If this is true does it bother you as much as russia/putin being involved? 
  5. Trump-Putin meeting

    I’m going to try one more time. What did russia/putin do that helped Donald Trump become President Trump? Did russia/putin vote in America’s Presidential election? This is a honest question, not trying to stir the pot.
  6. Maxine’s Followers Doing What Dems Do

    Is holding up a closed fist and shouting “black power” racist?
  7. Trump-Putin meeting

    Can someone please explain to me what “meddling” means? What exactly did russia/putin do to help Donald Trump become President Trump?
  8. As I have learned, you will never get an answer to this question. I have asked a couple of the liberals/democrats, I’m not sure there is a difference, on this site questions and they have never answered me. Not questions just to be a horses butt. I’m talking questions that I really would like to have answers to. I’m trying to understand the liberal/democrat way of thinking but I never get responses.
  9. Trump

    Ok, let’s say this is true. What’s the difference with russia interfering with our election and the unknown amount of illegals that, somehow, voted for hillary?  The russians didn’t vote, so how exact did they get President Trump into office?
  10. The sign looks fine to me. If I lived close, I would eat there.
  11. Strzok and Republicans Throwdown

    Crook! Is there a such thing as RICO being used against the fbi?
  12. Go Billary, Go Billary!

    No way the democrat party backs her again.
  13. You Here Illegally?! No Citizenship!

    I hope this happens