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  1. He is Risen - Happy Easter Everyone

    Happy Easter to you as well, Hagar.
  2. Attention Republitard Snowflakes - Please Try And Defend This

    I like the way President Trump calls out former presidents, politicians and news outlets.  President Trump is not a life long politician, therefore he doesn't play by a politicians rules.  I hope there are more presidents like him in the future!!!
  3. Any thoughts about how the show ends? Who ends up on the Iron throne?
  4. When does this type of money stop?
  5. If you want this guy to shut up, stop responding to his posts. Everytime you respond you feed him and his ways.
  6. catching wild pigs

    The good news is, every once in a while, a pig will fight back. 
  7. Meet The United States Military!


    Not only was the man walking done the street with a machete, moving it back and forth in a very weird manner, but why did he start walking towards the officer? The officer’s only command was to drop the knife/machete. As soon as he ignored the commands and started to approach the officer, he was a threat. There’s no way the officer could have waited any longer to protect him self. What else was he supposed to do, run around the police car and play chase with the guy?

    Did I read correctly that there was a planned protest?  What were people going to protest?  
  10. Has anyone heard anything about this league? Anyone buying season tickets?
  11. Birtherism? What exactly does that prove? Are you saying these things prove that President Trump is racist? If so, you need to figure out what racist means. President Trump doubts, like others do, that President Obama is an American. That is not racist. President Trump thinks that 5 people who admitted to a crime are guilty. How is that racist?
  12. I’m not familiar with any of these anx it will take me some time to research them. I just read about the Central Park 5. What does that prove?
  13. You may be correct with your statement, but I haven’t seen our President do anything to hurt America or the Christian values that America was founded on. I haven’t seen any proof that he is racist like the DEMONcrats/liberals claim. What I have seen is the DEMONcrat party attack anything that is related to President  Trump. I have seen the DEMONcrat party value illegal immigrants more than fellow AMERICANS. That is enough for me!!!
  14. Wow!!!  I think that pretty much sums up everything you need to know about the DEMONcrats and their lying, cheating, AMERICA hating ways!!!
  15. This Woman Is A Democrat, Right?