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  1. Daddy Ball

    I think you are missing the point.  The coach in the video isn't talking about exposure or the caliber of players that come from select ball.  He's talking about the crappy culture that daddy ball breeds.  You know, the individual first, team second culture that comes with select ball.   Or the, if your not good enough to start at a certain position, change select teams so you can start culture.  
  2. Puppy Bowl XV is on animal planet. My son is loving it!!!
  3. With the exception of the Game of Thrones commercial, I can’t decide which is worse, the game or the commercials. 
  4. Well it’s a little ironic but I watched more espn today, after making the above comment, than I have in a long time. The 30 for 30 about Deion Sanders aired tonight. It’s amazing how good he was!!!
  5. There was a time when my TV never changed stations.  It would remain on espn all day long.  I would watch and re-watch sports center over and over, looking for any little detail that I may have missed from the previous show.  Now days, my TV may land on espn 30 minutes a week.  I watch the nfl network for football updates and the MLB network for baseball.  
  6. How can anyone vote for this trash? The demoncrats are just as big of a problem for America as any foreign threat!!!
  7. Is the United States lacking in compassion?

    I believe every cent should be abolished. Illegal immigrants should never get one penny of America’s tax paying citizens!!! If they want handouts become a citizen!!! Every extra penny that we stop giving illegals could go towards helping veterans and other Americans who need the help.
  8. Welcome to the Republican Party

    How about be a good parent and don't put your kids in this situation.  Stop your bleeding heart for people who knowingly and willingly break the law.  Stop having a bleeding heart for criminals who would endanger their children by breaking the law.  I don't feel bad for my family member who went to jail for a DUI.(I didn't want it to happen to her but she deserved it.)  I dang sure don't feel bad for an illegal immigrant who puts their children/family in danger by breaking the law.
  9. Welcome to the Republican Party

    Everyone that breaks the law and gets detained will be separated from their children/family.  I have a family member who recently went to jail for DUI.  She was separated from her child while she was in jail.  Should we have complained because she broke the law and went to jail?  Should we complain because she was separated from her family?     
  10. Food in Lake Charles

    Have you tried the Grotto?  It's an Italian place in the Nugget.  It's the one place that my wife and I go every time we are there.  I highly recommend the pizza.  
  11. Commie-Libs Found Another obama Judge!

    Is doesn't frighten immigrants, it only frightens ILLEGAL immigrants.  
  12. The rams were better today. Good season for the COWBOYS.