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  1. I’ve never had mustard greens or oxtail, but I’m right there with you on the rest of your menu.
  2. I don't see the issue here.  This was a "Black history month" meal.  This meal is consistent with the "Black culture."  What should have been served, Italian food?  Maybe sausage and beer for the German/Czech culture?   Or better yet, Chinese food?  Sounds like the student that is so upset is just looking for something to gripe about.
  3. Man, you gotta love those "dreamers"
  4. My questions is, will Coach Jones remain as the AD/head football coach/head baseball coach next season or will he hire a new baseball coach for the 2019 season? 
  5. College Baseball 2018

    The SHSU vs Houston game was moved to a date in April due to weather.  The BEARKATS host Cincinnati in a 3 game series this weekend.
  6. College Baseball 2018

    The SHSU Bearkats took 2 out of 3 vs Kent St to win their 1st series of the season.   Game 1: lost 7-4  Game 2: won 5-1 Game 3: won 12-6 Scheduled to play Houston tonight at 6:30
  7. Gun Control

    I've done a little research and have come up with the following:   Deaths by GUNS in the U.S.A. Source-New York Times (2016) -33,000 people die in firearm related deaths each year. -62% (20,460) of these are suicides  -13,000 or 38% are homicides -2% (660) of total firearm deaths are from mass shootings.    Deaths by CARS in the U.S.A Source-Association For Safe International Road Ravel (2016) -37,000 die in crashes each year. An additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled each year   Deaths by DRUGS in the U.S.A Source-National Institute on Drug Abuse (2016) -64,070 deaths from drug overdose   Deaths from HEART DISEASE in the U.S.A Source-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -610,000 die of heart disease each year Key risk factors of heart disease: -high blood pressure -smoking -diabetes -overweight & obesity -poor diet -lack of physical   Guns kill people, there is no doubt about it, but we have bigger problems than guns.  Heart disease kills over 600,000 people each year.  What are we doing about the foods that people eat?  Why are there so many fast food places?  Why are Health and Physical Education being taken out of public schools?  
  8. This is sickening!!! Get rid of her.
  9. Florida Shootings

    I have an AR and I have never killed anyone or anything with it. I enjoy shooting. I own and shoot multiple weapons. My targets are mostly aluminum cans. There is nothing wrong with owning guns. It’s all about being responsible!!!
  10. I will share a bathroom with a person of any race, any day, over sharing one with a person who doesn't understand if they are male or female.
  11. Colts LB Killed by......

    I agree.  Serve whatever punishment he has here, then be deported.  
  12. Pelosi: Talkathon!

    I would sing like a Canary!!!
  13. Pelosi: Talkathon!

    Let me get this straight, she talked for 8 hours in defense of illegal aliens?  8 hours on people who are breaking the law by being in America illegally?  Why?  How did this 8 hour speech help America?  
  14. Betting Eagles

    This is the part of your statement that I have to disagree with you on.  The refs, regardless if it's their fault or the rules makers fault, make bad/confusing calls on an all too often basis. 
  15. Dow Crashing

    What is typically the cause of the Dow going up or down? What makes it move?