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  1. Buna 80 Warren 44/FINAL

    They are graduating from what I’ve heard looks like another long year for them next year.
  2. Ask the same question about Hardin. Don’t understand the alignment?
  3. Can Warren knock off Buna to put them in a “playin” game with Hardin for a playoff spot? They only lost by 6 last game!
  4. Hardin 45 Kirbyville 43/FINAL

    Good job Hornets!!! I heard it was a good game and that the refs were terrible too.
  5. No if he did I believe they would be undefeated right now with his energetic energy Vibes
  6. And there are other 5 are 1 freshman 2 sophomore’s 1 Junior and 1 senior that’s how the Second five go in. And from the games I’ve been to if it weren’t for the 2nd 5 the first 5 would been in trouble. They are just as good they hustle more than the first five but the first five are a little bit more basketball savvy. So for to say there is a big difference and that you are wrong. Hardin will be stronger for the years to come and basketball IMO. They have 4 seniors and 1 Jr on the starting 5. They sub out every two minutes Hardin will be just fine in the years to come and should make the playoffs this year.
  7. Thats where you need to know what you’re talking about before you speak. There is not a school there and from the score last night warren didn’t loose by 2. Quit being a hater and let the kids win.
  8. Looks like Warren should have scheduled some tougher teams to beat Hardin. I have been to a few home games to watch my nephew play and I will say Hardin has a hustling group of boys that don’t quit. From what I’ve seen and heard everyone is battling injuries in the area Ec,orangefield big boy and one of Hardin’s better defensive players is hurt with a leg injury. And they still found a way to win. I think the coach is trying build confidence in his kids to make the 4th hole with his scheduling and I see nothing wrong with that. Congrats Hardin on the win tonight!
  9. Buna 83 Kountze 42/FINAL

  10. Buna 83 Kountze 42/FINAL

    Kountze is down this year they will be lucky to make the playoffs!
  11. Franklin 43 Hardin 0/FINAL

    Can’t win when you have 4 interceptions. I watched this game Franklin was better than Hardin but not a 40+ better team. If Franklin makes it past next round I will be shocked EC or Woodville will run all over them.  I will say their 1 back is very big and if he goes down they have nothing. About like Hardin!
  12. East Chambers 82, Crockett 54/FINAL

    Way to keep it classy EC! Smh...
  13. Hardin will score but it will not be close. I hate that for any team in our county, I would like to see them all go deep but most of the time it’s just not the case. On the other hand my Liberty Panthers will win and that’s a plus!
  14. Buna 70 Hardin 14/FINAL

    Stark must be your daddy and y’all probably coach together!