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  1. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    Png is a force to be reckoned with. 
  2. Nederland 49 Dayton 20/FINAL

    That Quarteback should be starting!  
  3. The Mustangs will win, but this ones going to be a dog fight. I say a one score game no more than 10.  Look forward to seeing this one. 
  4. Does Size Matter?

    I would have to say over all that size does matter. There are speacial circumstances of course, but when you have more to choose from the results usually turn out better. 
  5. Dayton@Nederland

    The bootleg has been the only play in the passing game with that has worked. What has opened up to he offense is that he can throw from the pocket and can throw down field. Defenses have to respect that when he’s in the game. 
  6. Dayton@Nederland

    I think this will be a good game for the bulldogs to open up the playbook even more than they did last week. Just to work on some things in real game situations for when they need them in a close game. I heard The starting an came out AGAIN and the back up went in and sling the ball around AGAIN last week. You would think he gets the start right? Wouldn’t make sense for him not to. 
  7. HOLY HELL THAT SPIN MOVE!!!!!   Congrats PNG
  8. Mannnnnn I been telling y'all Nederland is going to have to start passing the ball more and with confidence to win these tougher games they are going to play. Last night they showed strength in a lot of areas, including that they can be composed and come from behind late in the game! That was a great team win. The offense looked like much more of a threat last night than it has all year. Coach finally was forced to open up the playbook a little more and it made the Dogs look like a new offense. That sophomore running back was a force last night. Congrats BullDogs. Mid county madness is going to be another great one. 
  9. Nederland@The Hill

    You sound like a very ignorant person. Hope you stay in the casino or on the golf course. Don't bring your horrible influence as a person back this way. Stay clear of the schools, it's people like you that make a bad name for people in your area. 
  10. Nederland@The Hill

    Nederland won't win if they don't change the play calling up a lil bit. Just Lil bit.... I don't understand how they run the same plays over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and no one ever loads up the box on them. The QB can't throw, especially since he doesn't have that big receiver from last year to save his butt just throwing the ball up and praying,  make him beat you with his arm BH. 
  11. City War

    Now this is just my opinion....... everybody has one. Y'all couldn't beat WB on your best day and catching WB on their worst
  12. City War

    Yes, yes, and yes. 
  13. City War

    I don't see United doing anything in this game other than trying to stop the bleeding as soon as the clock starts. WB has to much discipline and their coaches are much better than Uniteds. 
  14. Nederland@The Hill

    Time will tell, but Nederland is going to have to put up some points to win, and they aren't going to do it by run run and running some more. If BH contains the roll out pass to the flats then Nederland is going to be in a pickle.