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  1. But maybe I am confused.  I have seen play in games in the past hopefully there isn’t a coin flip to determine it.
  2. I have watched both previous Nederland/Vidor games this year.  Nederland has won both games but they were tight in the fourth quarter.  But if Vidor were to pull off the upset on Tuesday they will finish with the same record and force a play in game.  When and where would the play in game be played?  Can’t wait for Tuesday!!!
  3. Vidor wins a tough game 50 to 45.  Looks like they are still in the playoff hunt.
  4. 61 to 48 Pirates win.
  5. OZen wins 50 to 48.   Pirates had the lead with under 2 minutes.  But Ozen was clutch down the stretch.
  6. Vidor was up 35 to 20 at the half and held on to win by about 10 points.
  7. Thanks guys, I have read a lot of posts on this site through the years.  Glad I could finally contribute. 
  8. I went to the game last night.  Vidor dominated most of the night.  At the end of the scrimmage each team got 3 series with first teams.  Vidor scored on a 4 play series, then the fb took the dive for 70 yards on first play of second series and they once again scored on one play via the counter run for 70 yards on the third series.  Galena Park struggled to move the ball but did get down to the 30 on back to back legit PI calls on one drive.  They fumbled a bad snap and Vidor recovered in the endzone and I think the other series was a 3 and out.  Vidor looked good but this was not a great team.  Not sure Galena Park would win a game in our district.