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  1. Anyone have results to Thursdays prelims??
  2. Anybody know what meet they went to last week and this week? Cant seem to find any results.
  3. I'm too busy paying for my kids and my communities future students to have nice things.Why?? Because they deserve it. Step up and pay for your own, we did. Nederland kids deserve better. Keep in all honesty...I am posting this to support those students, not hurt any feelings. Have a nice day as well.
  4. Kind of mentioned this on another post in another section. BUT man Nederlands facilities are a turd sandwich. NOT BUSTING on Nederland but I am being honest. By far the worst track and field I've ever seen hosting a high school event. THOSE KIDS DESERVE BETTER. It literally isn't even about looking good. Track meet last night..I was worried someone was going to break an ankle. Kids running in the dark on the curves because no lights reach that far. Bathrooms full of mud and standing water. Jumping pit boards not even close to level..just old rotten out wood. Looking at the field I can't say much more....field, track and everything out there just peaks and valleys. I watched an out of town couple from one of the Houston area schools walking into the facility and they actually stopped and looked and said "OMG, this is horrible." I felt horrible for the Nederland students. They deserve better. You can't paint a turd gold and tell me it's 24 carat. Who has it worse in the area?? Anybody?
  5. Seriously not trying to hurt any feelings here the Nederland facilities are HORRIBLE. The long jump pit boards are all out of wack. Literally not even close to being a flat surface. Just old rotten out boards sitting at uneven angles. I thought for sure someone was going to break an ankle. The track itself is full of peaks and valleys and dip-de-doo's. Couldn't even see the curves because there are no lights. Kids literally having to run in the dark until they reach the straight away. Worst facilities bar non I've ever seen for a high school track competition. I remember last year it was LIGHTLY raining and there were literally lakes forming on the track. A couple of teams actually just packed up and got on the buses and went home. Several athletes were stumbling and slipping. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm busting on Nederland...I am NOT but at the same time I am. Those kids DESERVE MUCH BETTER. IT IS A SHAME. INSTEAD OF THE DOG POUND THEY SHOULD CALL IT THE JUNKYARD. Sorry but just being honest.
  6. 12-5A D2 Predictions

    one word for ya. Roschon.
  7. Congrats to Maya and her family. Been watching this young lady shred the 100m and 200m since she was a youth. It's wonderful when a very deserving person that has worked hard for their goals get to see those goals become reality..She has been a fierce competitor and humble in her success. Good Job Maya.Troy University is lucky to have you. What other local talent is taking it to the next level?