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  1. Santa Fe 4 Port Neches-Groves 1/Gm 1 FINAL

    1-0 SF after 2
  2. Santa Fe 4 Port Neches-Groves 1/Gm 1 FINAL

    I think last week was on 92.5 but I’ll post some updates 
  3. Santa Fe 4 Port Neches-Groves 1/Gm 1 FINAL

    Tonight’s game has actually been moved up to 630. 
  4. Nederland vs PNG?

    Game time!
  5. Thank you WOS for breaking it down to area guys.  Nice win for the Stangs also!!!
  7. Roschons Final Stat line

    It has been a pleasure to watch such a fine young man at QB the last couple of years. He is about as smart and humble as they come. You have to appreciate a young man that age taking care of business without ever saying “look at me”. 
  8. Bad news!

    Prayers for that family.  
  9. PN-G's Preston Riggs

    From what I have been told Riggs is an even better soccer player and will probably get offers for soccer. 
  10. Non sense. Too funny. Just stating the obvious. 
  11. You hit the nail on the head Reagan. Two years in a row PAM ran through our pregame warm up talking garbage. Last year at the 50 and this year in the end zone. This year a coach was actually following the team and did not discourage this activity.  Xbox was on the field pouting all game and then a coach throws himself onto the turf pouting. Grown ups lead by example and we wonder why discipline and penalties cost PAM the game. 
  12. I have to say that Pam defensive front was the fastest group I’ve seen in a long time. Yes they kept our O off balance most of the night but adjustments were made. (Coaching). The QB and RB were the fastest we’ve seen in a long time. Adjustments were made (Coaching). PAM only scores 6 points after the half. Again Coaching and HEART from the players.  Y’all can all say what you want about our D but they drew the line in the sand after the half.  Is it our fault the ball was spiked on 4th and goal.  Again I’ll say Coaching.  Good luck in the future PAM.