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  1. Gotta cut out the techs tho and have some control! Maybe Thurman can help out with that too! He seems to have all the answers and sees everything
  2. HF should should be winning games or playing better Bob will get them rolling soon trust the process ! 
  3. HF hires Matt Pace as new HC.

    maybe bobby T can stop working and SEE  if he can do it himself since he knows so much lol 12 coaches in 16 years ? How did the last Lamar coach fair at HF and he was a real coach at Lamar and said he could not deal with Bobs antics and continued nonsense and stabs in the back
  4. Nederland 21 Silsbee 14/FINAL

    Who is next
  5. HF hires Matt Pace as new HC.

    Lol... school board president fires the basketball coach every year if they don't win.  He will be the 5 head coach in as many years... fired girls coach as well because they didn't win too. Girls will be on their 4 head coach in as many years. Kids wanted girls coach and wanted Jacks if you ask them. Board president on an agenda. Not a surprise either.. board president told Pace he would be head coach even before the basketball season was over. Heard this was his hire not even the new AD's. 

    For those of you don't think Jehling was building for the future. He was looking forward to the next two seasons with the young group coming up and he put together a great non district schedule. Week 1 - Kelly Week 2 - Kountze Week 3 - EC Week 4 - Hunnington Week 5 - Tarkington Week 6 - Shepard I know Jehling, coached with him in the past. He is a great guy who would help anybody out. If you spoke to him he would tell you he was very torn on what to do, but in the end his wife's family and his family were in North Texas and he needed to do what was right by his son and wife.  I wish him the best in his new gig. 

    Maybe you should learn how to read there buddy... I stated he was building toward the future.. Not built something... learn your past, present, and future tense..  You also failed to realize that he left for for his son and was not jumping ship, but agan you can't read... I'm sure if it wasn't for his son's condition, he would be staying and this board would be non existent.  He did have one of the best running backs in the area, he ran for close to 2,000 yards in 9 games. But if you know football, it takes more than just one to win at the 4A and higher levels.. in fact I bet if you talked to the coaches he played they would all say his teams were prepared and his kids played hard.  If you did talk to players at HF, they are upset but understand because he was teaching them to be men and have good priorities in life not just winning. The ones that are not upset are probably the ones that didn't like to work and be pushed to get better, or their parents complained about playing time. I agree Paine would be a good a choice if they stay in house. I'm sure Jehling would say the same since he brought him with him. Know your facts about the whole situation before throwing stones.  Funny, how hardly nothing was posted about HF football during the season or up to now. But all of a sudden everyone is an expert on the coach and his team. 

    It always amazes me how people will post stuff that is false and not have accurate Information. 1. Jehling had full board support, administration support and community support. In fact his contract was going to be extended another year. Which would have given him another 2 years. 2. Naturally there were probably a few community members that didn't like him, but what head coach makes everybody happy.  3. Paine has been there 2 years and came with Jehling from Lumberton. In fact wasn't Paine the DC under Haynes when they went 1-19... If you we went to the source, you would know that Jehling's 5 year old special needs son has a lot of medical issues. In fact his wife and son have been in the Dallas area for past 2 months for treatment. He had just learned in the past couple weeks that his sons treatment was going to last a year to a year in a half. He made the decision not to be apart from his family for that long.  If you actually talked to the guy he would tell you it was a very tough decision. He just rebuilt a home in Hamshire that flooded during the hurricane. Get your facts straight before calling a guy a bad hire. Coach Jehling was building something in Hamshire for the future..
  9. Hey one chance  “do they chase off coaches at Lamar parking lot”  
  10. One chance when you talk about people hiding behind a computer maybe you should talk to the mans face and not be coward talking about him.  I hear your an ass but I don’t need to say that on here lol 
  11. Rice Bowl 2017 EC @ HF

    looks like a can of whip @@@ is on the menu
  12. Rice Bowl 2017 EC @ HF

    HF 45 ECC 27