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  1. Alcohol May Improve Memory

      . I've been here just reading and not commenting. 
  2. Alcohol May Improve Memory

    Don't need to study this subject, I'm living 100% proof!  
  3. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

  4. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

  5. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

    He is giving them what they want now, but if it benefits him he will throw them under they bus, the guy has no allegiance to anyone. 
  6. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

    Donald Trump has stated publicly that he considers Marble Collegiate to be his church. It is no ordinary one. Marble Collegiate is one of the oldest continuous Protestant congregations in North America. During Trump’s formative years it was led by the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale. Under his leadership, Marble Collegiate acquired a huge congregation numbering in the thousands. Most of those attending, in conventional Fifties’ fashion, went once a week - mostly to hear Peale’s sermon - but were not otherwise much involved in religious activities. Thus, Marble Collegiate was huge, but not a megachurch in the modern sense, which tends to provide lots of other kinds of programming in which many members participate. Peale’s message was a fairly simple one: Think positive thoughts (which can drive out negative ones), be optimistic, and concentrate on personal fulfillment. Peale elaborated on those ideas in many books, the most successful of which was called The Power of Positive Thinking. 
  7. We are not moving to the right, but common sense dictates that there has to an end to mass immigration. Of course coming from Breitbart who know how accurate this article is.
  8. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

    I don't think Mr. Trump is being honest with any of us, he is not a true conservative, but he says what they want to hear and maintain their support, as for the liberals he plays us like a yo-yo, always distracting us with crazy tweets or outlandish statements and we fall for it every time. He loves the attention and I bet he gets a big laugh every night or course after his nightly prayer. That he probably doesn't say because he doesn't know one.
  9. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

    The News media edits or slant the news to present it to us in a certain way to influence our opinions, it can be Fox or MSBC or CNN, they all have an agenda, and it is seldom stating plain facts.  REB and I go back a long way, and he knows I've never trusted any one or two new sources, maybe if you listen to are read several you may get at the truth.MAYBE!
  10. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

    REBgp, how many years since we first talked about you can't trust the media?
  11. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

    Trump is playing all of us, libs and conservatives and we eat it up like candy.  
  12. CNN Threatens Meme Maker

    LOL     http://indiarising.news/cnn-just-responded-to-trump-through-a-hilarious-yet-powerful-video/  
  13. Trump admits that he lied