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  1. Hardin took a tough loss to Anahauc last week.  Can the Hornets pull out one district win this year?
  2. Anahuac @ Hardin

    Hardin will be coming off a big loss and looking for a district win.  Anahuac suffered a tough loss also.  Should be a good game as both teams try to get a win Friday night.
  3. Hitchcock 60 Hardin 0/FINAL

    You also have to know that the JV qb and several others off JV played the second half.  If I'm correct it was only 24-0 at the half.
  4. Hardin @ Hitchcock

    Havent herd a lot about Hitchcock this year.  Hardin has been keeping the games in check till the 4th quarter, but have herd some players might be out for this game due to injuries. What's everybody's thoughts? 
  5. who will we be playing and home or away?
  6. Warren @ Hardin

    Hardin for the win in this game.
  7. Can Hardin turn this season around?

    I know Hardin has only won a hand full of times in HD but, I am going with them in this one.  HD dose have a promising QB but I think they have the lack of receivers to go with him.  Should be a run game both way in my opinion.