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  1. Big Sandy's Coach Hooker

    A huge congratulations to my friend and fellow coach, Coach Jacob Hooker. Coach Hooker has been named the 2018 2A South All Star coach. Jake is truly deserving of this opportunity and I'm sure the Colmesniel, Big sandy, and Texas Slam faithful, along with many others are so very proud of him. Congrats Coach Hooker, and we look forward to seeing you represent Our area in June. 
  2. Jasper 2018

    I, like most coaches stay silent and look daily for any comments of my team, and pray that they come from a positive place and are not negative because they are still kids after all that play a game. I was one of them. I was a son of one of those Jasper Baseball Head Coaches to never win state, and I was a player of one of those Jasper Baseball Head Coaches that never won state, as was I a player of one of those Jasper Baseball head Coaches that actually Won state. It is that fact, that I feel compelled to speak up. This is not an easy profession that we chose to be in, and Jasper Baseball Certainly is not an easy place to work, especially if decisions have to be made that make other people unhappy. But gentleman, I beg you, please consider the young men that play this game, their moms and dads, and girlfriends that come on here to read. This is a hard game, as hard as any, and certainly does not need to be made any harder for any young man by coach bashing or questioning. Jasper High School Baseball has a long tradition of success, and hopefully will continue that tradition, but I refuse to sit back and allow it to be cheapened by anyone who would ever question a coaches ability. Coach Westbrook, Kirkland, Smith, Mixon, Rogers, Ratcliff, Peace, Buckmaster, and Price would all say that this tradition and success is always about the kids, never the coach. I'm proud of my time as a bulldog baseball player, but please don't cheapen my memories and memories of others because of coaching decisions.  Sincerely Chris Ratcliff - JHS 2004 Head Baseball Coach Hemphill
  3. The Hemphill Hornet Baseball Stadium will be available for upcoming playoff games. Great Field and Facility. 320 down the lines, 360 in center. Please contact Coach Chris Ratcliff if interested. Call or Text 479-856-5685 or email
  4. Hemphill 5 Woodville 4/FINAL

    Hemphill 5 Woodville 4 WP Jr Jake Aulds
  5. Pinecone Classic/Post updates here!

    Newton 15 Lafeyette 0 Shelbyville 16 Zavalla 3 Hemphill 6 Shelbyville 0 Joaquin 8 Baton Rouge 1 West Sabine 4 Warren 2