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  1. Argyle 14 Jasper 4/FINAL

    Top 5th; Argyle pitching change, Ricker in
  2. Argyle 14 Jasper 4/FINAL

    Top 4th; Argyle pitching change; Van Poppel in for Bolin    
  3. Argyle 14 Jasper 4/FINAL

    5-1 Argyle after 1
  4. MLB Draft

    Robinson Rocket Braxton Ashcraft 51st pick by Pittsburgh Pirates
  5. Jeansonne threw 13 pitches and was pulled. 3rd Salado batter hit HR.
  6. Jasper vs Salado

    I did not see the game against Salado; however, I was really surprised that their games against Lorena were so close. I did see our guys play Lorena in both district games and both were decisive wins. Play your game, hit the ball and don't make errors and I think you'll advance.
  7. Thanks very much and congratulations. Good luck to y’all, best hitting team I’ve seen in a while. 
  8. Huffman vrs Salado

    I gotta a chance of looking real smart on this one. Go Eagles!!