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  1. Jasper vs Bridge City

    Winner gets Robinson as the Rockets blanked Maddie 2-0 in a one gamer. 
  2. Jasper vs Bridge City

    I'm flipping a coin on this one; just hope we win our one gamer against Maddie-ville to meet the winner.
  3. Who has deeper pitching? Anyone know?
  4. I'll take Jasper in this one.  Looks good that they will meet up with Bridge City in the 3rd round, that should be a pretty good game (I understand they both have to get there first, but it looks pretty good that they will).
  5. I think there will be some differences; I went back and compared the Baseball & Basketball alignments for 2016 -2018 and there were some differences, but I didn't take the time to do a district by district comparison. 4A_Base.pdf 4ABB2018.pdf
  6. Preseason Poll

    January 23, 2018 poll   1.    Abilene Wylie (from 6 to 1) 2.    Robinson (from 1 to 2) 3.    Argyle (no change) 4.    Pleasant Grove (from 9 to 4) 5.    Godley (from 2 to 5) 6.    Sinton (from 4 to 6) 7.    Sweeny (no change) 8.    Bridge City (from 5 to 8) 9.    Madisonville (from 11 to 9) 10.  Boerne (from 8 to 10)   Weird stuff that in a matter of 10 days, they shook up their top ten from this: January 13, 2018 poll 1. Robinson 2. Godley 3. Argyle 4. Sinton 5. Bridge City 6. Abilene Wylie 7. Sweeny 8. Boerne 9. Pleasant Grove 10. Robstown However, the only thing I really care about is how they finish............gotta a long row to hoe from now to June. UNKNOWN AT THE TIME I ORIGINALLY POSTED IS THAT THESE ARE TWO DIFFERENT POLLS..........the first is THSB and the second is the THSBCA, subtle but distinct difference
  7. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    This post is in response to GUNGHO's post (I couldn't get the quote feature to work):   I know this is irrelevant but wasn't it Robinson last year that had a QB setting the world on fire with his passing.We all know how that turned out for them.Salado completed some passes on us because we weren't really defending the pass.After coach made the adjustment they were ineffective with the pass.I am concerned about our offense so we can't get in a shoot out with Wimberly, so if we advance it will be on the defense once again. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a little help   Alas, if we'd only had a defense last year I think it would have been a much better game.  Putting 14 on that 2016 defense was pretty good though.  We sorta got y'all back in the Spring on the diamond, maybe we'll both advance far enough in the Spring and meet up again.  Safe travels to you all for the upcoming game.  
  8. China Spring vs Robinson

    Great game Rockets!! Region III Champs!! Headed to State Tournament 2nd straight year!! Go Rockets!! 
  9. The Chinese Cats are tough, good work repping District 17 and good luck in Game 2. 
  10. Good job Rockets but no rest; there's still work to do.  Congrats to WOS on a very nice season.