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  1. Faith Family vs Yates

    What about the recruiting part.  I didn't say that did I?
  2. Well Lipan got beat today a little bitter sweet.  However Leggett will be back.   Neches also got beat by Oakwood.   A third place team and a runner up team goes to State in the class A 2 - 4 Regions.  That's unusual.  Great season Pirates!!!!
  3. Well we are out but great season only class A to beat us Neches 69 Leggett 50  
  4. Da Warden, Were you at the game in Georgetown.  Wish I could have met you, anyway I was worried there for a few minutes but they pulled it out.  Now Neches Friday at 8pm in Austin Burger Center.
  5. Leggett vs Rocksprings 7:00  Feb 266 Georgetown ISD East View High School 4490 East University Ave.  Georgetown, TX    
  6. East view High School is in Georgetown Go Pirates
  7. I believe View High is in Georgetown  Leggett Vs Rocksprings
  8. Thanks Guy we beat em last year and maybe again.  Usually we run and gun but our best guy had to sit out the 2nd quarter for fouls. Anyway the game will be played a long ways off from us.  Unreal how the districts are laid out.  Thanks anyway.  Maybe next year we only lose the big guy this year.
  9. FINAL Leggett 54 Nordheim 50 oh wow   Final Rocksprings 68 Dimebox 66 sorry Coach Frey
  10. 30 secs Leggett by 2  
  11. 4 minutes left tied 45 all
  12. End 3   Leggett 43 Nordheim 35   woo  
  13. end 2 Leggett 27 Nordheim 31
  14. End of 1 Leggett 11 Norheim 12
  15. Leggett to play Nordheim in Sealy TBD