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  1. Davaun Perkins of Leggett was 2nd in state long jump. Class 1A
  2. I know what you mean
  3. 3 plus the good bench and some very good freshmen.  Should be decent.  Parade was rained out
  4. Livingston Dunbar Alumni Association is putting it on.
  5. There will be a parade for the Leggett Pirates on Saturday April 14th at 10:00 am in Livingson Starting behind First State Bank
  6. Leggett plays Rock Springs Friday 23rd TBA
  7. Leggett  will still be good and fast with three good freshmen coming up.  With Coach Stewart anything can happen.  I am ready
  8. No shame you got to make shots and the had 21 3 pointers just simply out classed how ever we played lots of games with big schools better than that but look we beat 5 top ten teams and knocked Latexo out early so I am certainly proud of them.  They will be back.  Thanks guys.
  9. So far in the playoffs web have beaten 3 of the top 10 sure hope we do well against No 1 Lipan I didn't get to go , so heart broken.  Go Pirates.  They left at 8:30 this morn
  10. Well you can almost say the same about us the smallest grade team to beat us was a 3a school.  We beat 2 5A 1 6A and several 4A and 3A.  We are such a small school 1A that if they Had B we would be in it.  I am for one so proud of the kids just don't know what to do.  We will put up a fight we have big hearts         a
  11. Leggett to play Lipan at 8:30 Thursday morning in San Antonio Go Pirates    
  12. Way to go Silsbee can't believe some one scores 103 and gets beat.
  13. Yep final 4 I sure was worried first half.  wooooo And Shame about EC fine team