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  1. Center's schedule is showing Freshmen and JV games starting at 4:30.
  2. Yates.  So much can happen between now and then.  It would be a great rematch.  So would Argyle - that was a cliff hanger.  Do I want to think about all that right now?   Anyway we have more immediate issues at hand.  The Tigers travel to Center to face the 5th ranked Roughriders on the 19th.  A long way to drive on a Tuesday evening for a December game but it should be interesting.  How many will venture forth?  
  3. I was at the Wax game last year in Dallas.  That was a fun game.  Both teams were really playing.  If Silsbee had a post they could play with anybody.  He wouldn't need to score, just defend and get rebounds.  The 4A division would already be decided.  But they don't.  So it will be very interesting.
  4. Realignment

    BISD needs to combine Ozen and Central and put the main main campus on Concord and call it .......  wait for it......... FRENCH HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!! And the mascot?  Why the BUFFALO OF COURSE!!!!!!!  The French Buffs are back!   "It's the best school I ever knew!" Wouldn't that be a hoot?  After all these years.  And which Beaumont school was the last one to win a football championship?  (even though it was a tie) Why the French Buffs of course!  It'll never happen but it would be fun wouldn't it?     
  5. Carthage 64 Silsbee 36/FINAL

    I don't know how good they are.  I only saw the Silsbee game and that was some sort of outlier that can't really be used for analysis.  The Silsbee defense was in some kind of fog from the very start.  Carthage scored only 7 points in the first half against Henderson.  
  6. A little disjointed- the newbies got significant playing time which is good 
  7. I'm a Tiger fan who was in Lufkin last night.  What are you guys complaining about?  Ha! In one sequence Carthage got possession and scored on the first play.  And on their very next possession the Bulldogs scored on their first play. On both occasions they took possession in their own territory.  How's that for a defensive breakdown?
  8. Round 3 Upset Special!

    I think that there are still 5 top 10 teams.  Carthage, La Vega, Kennedale, Stephenville and Liberty Hill. To me La Vega's 33-14 win over Canyon Lake is almost as impressive in it's own way as the holocaust in Lufkin last night.    
  9. I wonder what the rules are for how soon they can play?   Maybe they should take a few days before jumping back in the fray.  What happened last night had to have taken something out of them.  It had to cost something.  But kids are resilient and playing basketball will be the best therapy.
  10. Carthage 64 Silsbee 36/FINAL

    Not really.  The other 8 remaining top 10 teams were playing each other so that means 5 top ten teams are still in it.  And La Vega won handily, 33 -14 over Canyon Lake.  
  11. Carthage 64 Silsbee 36/FINAL

    I don't know what the takeaway is except that was the worst defensive performance I've ever seen in person...  in any sport.  Or maybe Carthage is the the magic dragon of offense, I don't know.  I'd like to ask a Carthaginian if they were able to score on ever 2nd or 3rd play against the worst defense they played this year, I mean the second worst defense, not Silsbee.  I doubt it.  Of course the coach called it off but absent that decision the only thing that could have governed their scoring was simple caloric intake.  You're going to use up your fuel eventually.  No, on second thought that wouldn't have stopped their scoring.  Because the Silsbee defense was running around and expending calories as well, doing whatever it was they were doing, while Carthage was playing football.  So yea, the Bulldogs might well have scored 128 points.  I'm betting that would have been a school record.  Is 64 points a school record for a half?  In a playoff game?  In the third round? But kids are nothing if not resilient.  The Tigers can simply forget it ever happened.  And that's what they should do because it was a freakish phenomenon that will never be repeated.  That first half was the worst defensive performance in the history of the school and something that bad will simply never happen again.  And since it was so ridiculously bizarre and since it will never happen again the best thing is to just forget about it.  There's nothing to learn from it and nothing to take away from it.  If you get hit by a meteor would you alter your lifestyle so that you don't get hit by another meteor?  Of course not.
  12. Silsbee v Carthage

    I was hoping for a blizzard or something.  But it will be perfect weather.  Well, so be it.  Once more into the breach dear friends, once more! For the benefit of our Carthaginian friends who may be interested, that last line is from a play called "Henry V" by an English playwright named Shakespeare.  Since Carthage was besieged and utterly destroyed during the Third Punic War 146 BC, it's unlikely they would know anything about an English play, or even England for that matter.  How the Romans made it to Texas I have know idea. Carthago delenda est.
  13. Carthage 64 Silsbee 36/FINAL

    Tonight may not be the biggest game ever for Silsbee, but it would be the biggest win ever.    
  14. Silsbee v Carthage

    Differences such as money and time and transportation for exclusive sports camps, children's and youth sports leagues and so on.  
  15. Silsbee v Carthage

    One thing may be different.  We seem to be able to reliably kick an extra point now.  Maybe it's a fluke, a one season deal, but it's gratifying.   Our kicking game in the past was, how shall I say it, somewhat less than optimum?  I'm reasonably sure that most of our past Tigerettes could have routinely kicked a 13 yard field goal but not, apparently, any our varsity football players. I don't know.  Besides being a little embarrassing, it seemed to betoken a lack of seriousness in the program.  Perhaps I'm being unfair but it often looked like an important part of the game was being overlooked.