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  1. WOS has lost two games in a row.  That's unusual.
  2. Amazing!  We love our Coach!
  3. Carter will get their 3’s.  Fabulous shooting.  But the Tigers are on another level right now.  Call it schoolyard if you like but I call it improvisational brilliance.  If they have that going at a given moment it’s a real thing of beauty.  If you’ll excuse the hokey metaphor, it’s like a tiger stalking in the jungle waiting to pounce. One thing for sure, the Tigers would have put Seminole away a lot sooner than Carter did.  Any objective observer who was there yesterday would agree with that.  That may not mean anything, but it’s true.  The 19 point win over Somerset was 19 because Coach Sig wanted it that way.
  4. Silsbee vs Somerset

    .....and I think he was the Region 1 Tournament MVP.  Really he's a tight end.  He's signed to play offensive line with a Div. 1 team.  He moves really well.  Not quick but has surprising speed, like a large tight end, duh.  We certainly don't have anybody who can move him out of the way.  He goes pretty much where he wants at the discretion of the refs of course.  We'll see what Carter can do with him.  The whole team is pretty beefy actually. Probably Carter has too much skill for them but I hope they win.  It would be more fun playing the Indians than playing Carter.  Carter is a known quantity.  They play in the mold of the better teams we're familiar with.  Playing Seminole would be uncharted territory.
  5. Thank you, thank you very much.  I'll be here all week.
  6. Phil Jackson is looking for a job.  We could rename it the Golden Triangle Offense.  Get it?  Golden Triangle!  Ha!
  7. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Sadly, none of the three remaining teams will be willing to play with the reckless abandon on both ends that Yates demonstrated Saturday.  Hence there won't be any more 120 point games for the Tigers.  More's the pity because it was so much fun.   But why would they cause it would be suicide. But if one of them did decide to run the unaffiliated attendees at the Alamo Dome would be in for a surprise treat.
  8. Silsbee vs Somerset

     Well, Seminole certainly isn't a skinny team.  They have a forward who looks like a nose tackle.  We can surely out jump him but I don't think any one of our guys can move him.   Two probably could.  He's 6'6 and weighs 285.   Seminole should give Carter a game.  They won by roughly the same margin against common opponents.  If Seminole it will prove they are a team to be reckoned with.  
  9. My 47th straight state tourney

    And last year's semifinal.  Two very dramatic games on consecutive days. 
  10. My 47th straight state tourney

    What are some of the memories that stand out the most?  Most exciting games, interesting people?  
  11. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Intangibles.  Looking at the emotional clips and the photos from the post game at Huntsville it would be hard to tell that these are the defending champions and this is their third straight trip to state.  It's brand new like, "I can't believe it!  We've finally done it!"     So much for being satisfied with one championship.  
  12. Silsbee vs Somerset

    I'd still try it.  If they don't try something radical the best they can hope for is a good showing, a 9 or 10 point loss like the Connolly game.
  13. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Interesting video.  Rivera is their man.  Talented and well schooled - that young man has played a lot of basketball.  The defense in the video looks like lesser district opponents.  It's a little softer than that he'll face in San Antonio so he'll have to rise to the occasion.  He'll get his points against the Tigers I'm sure, in the 24 range.  Silsbee will just have to match him.  Shaping up to be a very good game.
  14. Silsbee vs Somerset

    Well, it's a free country.  They can give it a go.  But if it was me?  I'd have called Coach King at Argyle Saturday night.  I'd be studying the Argyle/Silsbee game closer that Pasture studied microbes.  I'd choreograph this thing like the director of the Bolshoi Ballet choreographs Swan Lake trying to duplicate what happened last year in that semifinal - except for that last shot of course.  I'd move that about an inch and a half to the left.