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  1. North Forest vs Silsbee

    And it's fun to watch.  I love it.  Doesn't always work but it's always worth a try.  
  2. Just noticed your avatar.  I guess we both love Christian Laettner.  I love Bobby Hurley as well, which is completely beyond the pale.  Yes, and Grant Hill too.  A strange and tortured mind. But don't go by me, I also think that Wilt Chamberlain and not Michael Jordan was the greatest NBA player.  And Pete Maravich might have been the greatest if he had been mentally stable and stayed healthy.  As it turned out he'll just have to settle for being the greatest collegiate player ever (by far) and for being the NBA player who had the greatest impact on the game.  How do I figure that?  The rookie contract of course - nothing like that had ever happened before.  Basketball was never the same after Maravich. And speaking of Bobby Hurley, how many agree with me that he would have settled down and had an outstanding career if not for the accident? And this has nothing to do with EC does it?  So back on topic, good win Bucs!  
  3. Tigers made an courageous run at the end after it seemed all was lost to cut a 17 pt deficit to 4.  But they came up short.  A couple of bounces a different way and we would have had overtime or even an upset.   Congratulations on a great season Lady Tigers!
  4. North Forest vs Silsbee

    The first game was 103-92. The second game was 82-66. Not bad at all.  They are ranked 21.  They should give us a good game.  The guys down at the end of our bench have probably seen their last playing time this year. The game last year was a masterpiece.  The final score was 124-84.  If they had wanted to slow it down North Forest wouldn't have scored 40 pts.  The game was over at the end of the first qtr. 35-12.  But we didn't coast as the final would indicate.   Coach Woods made an unguarded comment after the game to the press that was just priceless.  He said. "Wow.  Those guys really are good."  I think that pretty much summed up last year.  I wanted to have it put on my State Tournament T Shirt that my son-in-law was making for us but I didn't find out about it in time. Anyway, North Forest is, I'm sure, up for a little payback.  Sending the Tigers home early would do nicely.  But it ain't gonna happen.
  5. No.  They are not hot tonight, just so so
  6. Silsbee vs Huntington

    That's how it shapes up at this point Tonight's game against an unranked Huntington - similar to Orangefield.  Then..... No. 21  North Forest No. 20   Scarborough No. 17   Waco Connally No. 2    Yates That's how it pans out.  I would say that the Tigers have somewhat less than a 50% chance of making it to San Antonio.  Yates maybe has a slightly better chance because they face less challenging opposition before they face the Tigers, but still less than 50%. The 4A team with the best shot at San Antonio is Brazosport.  They'll likely face No. 22 Somerset in the regional semi and then either No. 14 Boerne or No. 15 West Oso in the regional final.  None of those teams should be able to beat them if they are on and their big man Hunter Quick can stay out of foul trouble.  Now if we had a guy like that this whole playoff thing would be a mere formality.   A rematch with Brazosport would be spectacular, but it's unlikely. As far as looking ahead goes,  Silsbee would be nuts to do that and I just don't think they will.  They are a prohibitive favorite tonight but that's the last cupcake they face.  And it's the last time the guys at the end of the bench will likely get to play this year.  It's top 25 teams from there on out.  
  7. Silsbee vs Huntington

    If this was the Price Is Right I'd take Silsbee 109-57 or....... Silsbee 1, Huntington 0.  
  8. It’s a dinky gym with limited close paved parking.  The seating is uncomfortable foldup bleachers.  No windows for viewing from the concession area. Strictly low rent.  Lots of better places.  I should know because watched hundreds of volleyball and basketball games there for the last 17 years.  The money went into the auditorium which is very nice.
  9. Silsbee vs LCM

    I hope both teams bring their best games and I hope LCM can play well enough to keep it reasonable.  It won't hurt Silsbee one bit to be challenged and have to play the whole game.  And it would really build LCM's confidence.  If they can give a good showing at the Tiger's home gym then they will prove that they have a reasonable chance to make it to the third round.  Yates will be waiting for them in that third round.  
  10. Interesting.  Silsbee uses Skyward software for grades.  It has a an activities feature.  Skyward will track eligibility based on grades, attendance and discipline issues.  It is roster based and secure.  So....  this should never happen?  I bet Cove's system can monitor eligibility too.  Or at least there are add-ins that could do it.  And I bet that neither district has implemented these features.   Too complicated, too time consuming, too something.  Or maybe the wheel hasn't squeaked before.  It sure squeaked this time.  
  11. The Tigers have to play.  They have to stay sharp.  After all Yates is lurking somewhere out there. HF hasn't been a basketball power but it hasn't been quite like this in the past.  Is there some back story to this?  Injuries?  
  12. The first game was a blowout 102-57 and the second game was a comfortable win 103-78.  Don't know which was played where but neither was close.  So the optimistic me says it's obvious that WOS is simply better than they were last year.  The pessimistic me is worried, as usual.  
  13. My first wild overemotional, irrational thoughts were pretty much along these lines....  Yates is going to eviscerate us....  if we even get to Region..... it's not going to be pretty....  we don't have a prayer......  who are we kidding.......  But I need to just STOP IT!  Calm down, take a deep breath.  What have I told myself about managing expectations?   Come on dude, have a little faith. Plus it's not fair to the kids from Orange who deserve a lot of credit too.  What are they, chopped liver or something?  They played a whale of a game against the No. 2 ranked team.   Okay, I'm better now..... (but the bad me remembers that we blew WOS out last year at their gym 102 - 57 and still thinks WE'RE DOOMED!!!  )
  14. Sounds like the Tigers are hanging on for dear life.  The girls didn't have this much trouble, 71-17.