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  1. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    No, apparently a DC from Katy (or whoever the anti-Monte crowd wanted) would create Dodge and Duhon from whatever he is given.  Because talent does not matter and there are no talent cycles apparently.
  2. Silsbee Little Dribblers warmup tournament April 6-8

    Will you have a girls' division as well?
  3. Tournament April 7-8 in Nederland

    Boys and Girls warm-up tournament in Nederland April 7-8 hosted by MC Flight.  Younger ages will use Little Dribblers rules as warm-up or extra tournament.  3 game guarantee - $125 per team. Send private message or text for details.  (409) 720-7625.
  4. TYFA

    I love football as much as the next guy, but anyone signing up their 6 or 7 year old  for tackle football should have their head examined.
  5. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Nederland's head coaching stipends are a fairly low in comparison to other districts. They have been like that for a while.
  6. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Brian Spell as OC?  Father and son coordinators.  Pretty neat if it happens.
  7. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Great hire.  Monte will keep continuity in the program and not skip a beat while injecting a little new blood into all of the programs.   I just hope that everyone that was this passionate about (gasp) potentially having a basketball coach as AD will be just as vocal and supportive about pushing for a proper bond issue that will upgrade all facilities (schools and athletic) in the near future.
  8. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Thank God you're staying!
  9. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Changing classifications?  I don't think that is how that works.  Transferring high schools for athletic purposes is not like leaving a D1 university to go play at a D3 school.
  10. AAU Basketball Girls 6th grade team

    Are there any programs or teams forming for current 4th or 5th grade girls?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    And, I guess your comprehension skills were lacking in the first paragraph where I said the board and supt will not split the hires like you fear so much.  They are not going to allow that to happen.   The paragraphs after that were not necessarily directed at you.
  12. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    You do realize that they are not going to fill one without filling the other?  No way they announce that and get the board to vote unless they have coordinated with the person or people that they are going to hire.   Plus, it is not going to be the end of Western civilization if the AD and HC is split.  Some of these people predicting the demise of the program and the entire community if this happens is utterly mind numbing.  Monte has no one to blame for this but himself if he is not AD and HC come Monday.  He has had years to get his Masters Degree and if he had, we wouldn't even be having this discussion.  (And I happen to think that Monte will be a very good HC if he gets the job.) To say that Brian English would destroy the football program if he was to be named AD is ridiculous and borderline offensive.  Applying that logic, I would assume that all head football coaches that are also AD's are out to destroy all other programs.
  13. Looking for Little Dribbler Tournament

    Do you have registration information for this tournament?
  14. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    Does anyone have info on Simmons?  I thought someone said he was a Nederland graduate.  What year?  Playing history and coaching background?  Just curious.
  15. Monte Barrow named new HC/AD at Nederland!

    I'm saying that it isn't going to be the death of Nederland Bulldog football if the HC is not the AD.