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  1. Thanks for the information BigDog
  2. Kirk Botkin is worth looking at, not because of his record but looking at where he has coached over the years I think he should be real contender if he interviews well.  Coached under Spurrier at South Carolina, Defensive Coordinator at South Carolina State after that, University of Arkansas, and now at Dekaney.  I could be totally off but it is an intriguing pick in my opinion.
  3. Does anyone know anything about Kirk Botkin, Audie Jackson, or JD Jordan?
  4. I heard early this morning, before the students voted that the name, mascot, and colors were already submitted to the state. Beaumont United Timberwolves. (Royal blue/gray) .  If that's true, it's a missed opportunity and disheartening to make the students believe they had a voice when they clearly didn't.
  5. Week 6 Peewee Division Predictions

    Do you have all 4 of your timeouts  in the 2nd half on tape.  Asking for a friend
  6. Week 6 Peewee Division Predictions

    For the record WBBW was winning 38-29 when PNG was driving at the end of the game.  The score keeper left the table before halftime and didn't record the WBBW touchdown before the half(finally corrected), and then apparently left again late in the game and didn't record our last conversion.  The Ref said he had the official score despite the score keepers lack of committment, concession stand trip, or running bladder.  Thank God you guys didn't score then because it would have been madness when everyone found out it was not a game winning or game tying TD.  Great game and hard fought, until next time.  BTW regarding the touchdowns called back against Ned-W, (at least two) we did not score on that drive.  the first half was longer than most whole games I've watched IJS.  Good luck to all teams this week and hoping all our boys stay safe, fight hard, and have fun. 
  7. Week 6 Peewee Division Predictions

    Wow!  I saw some of those games and there's a lot truth stretching in here.  I guess it makes for a better story.  I guess if your gonna tell the story, you might as well be the hero.
  8. Week 6 Peewee Division Predictions

    I haven't seen Ned B yet this year, but we played Ned W.  Thinking this should be a good one.
  9. STJFL Week 2 Results

    BMT PW-Gold 26./  Png white 6 Ned B 26 /BMT PW -Blue 6.  Bmt PW-W 38 / Ned-White 32  
  10. That's right got them mixed up,not sure how though.  Lol.  Either way WB should've won but Stump...smh.
  11. I remember that decision Soulja, and WB should have won against FB (Hightower's Pro Qb Carr/ raiders).  Arrogance kills.  He was a good coach, but by no means was he Alex Durley.  
  12. Ozen Is Open?

    Finally!  Yeoj you hit the nail on the head.  Stop the madness, the only constant is that this AD has been in place for most of the ridiculous decisions concerning the Ozen and BISD sports as a whole.  When does he get called to the carpet? Enough with the hire the people we know crap!  Problem is, the state of affairs at Ozen due to the previous changes, it will difficult to attract anyone proven who would be willing to come in and deal with the current structure.
  13. Ozen Is Open?

    Just Catching up on this thread.  Coach Louis was the best coach in Ozen's History.  Each time there's an opening at Ozen his name is thrown around, but I think it's just wishful thinking.  He is definitely the guy who could do it, but he good a raw deal before and what would be required to get him, B.I.S.D. would never do.  I sure hope I'm wrong on this one.
  14. Ozen Is Open?

    Not to mention the same playoff run, knocked the #2 Ranked Brenham Cubs after beating Barber's Hill and before losing to LaMarque in the Monsoon.  IJS Despite the overall record, You could see progress in the kids, and the program as a whole, since then we have not seen much of either.  Great Athletes, but no one to coach them up and as an Ozen faithful it is difficult to watch.  I feel for these kids, as there seems to be a new coach every year that's no way to build a program.  I agree, BISD's coaches are underpaid and for that your best shot is at landing a good coach that has not been given a shot yet and hope that he by chance can do what others haven't.  If you land a good coach, you can't keep him because once others recognize his worth they will pay him and he will move on.  The problem is layered and there are many factors that, prevent the BISD teams from being as successful as they could be.  The bottom line is collectively there are some good teams here and there but no programs are being built here.
  15. Congratulations on a great season Panthers!  We're proud of you!