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  1. The Announcer can say: Our Music is Power, We Will Never Yield, Look Out Everybody, There are Wolves on the Field!!! The United Pack Attack band from Beaumont Land!!!
  2. The United Pack Attack Band from Beaumont Land!!!
  3. The dance Team can be the Struttin' She-wolves, The Flag Group could be the Wolf Banner Wavers & The Mascot could be named "Growl" Guess That Works?
  4. Agree Completely.  It seem very weird to have Timberwolves from this area! Oh Well!
  5. Here is a good example of a Knight mascot  image in Blue/Gray & Black.
  6. Not my school, but at Least Blue/Gray/Black  with Beaumont United Knights roles off the tongue. I guess the drill team could be the Dancing Damsels  & The Flag Group could be the Royal Banner Flag Corps. Lots of Options.  Sir Victory the Knight! (Mascot Name)
  7. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    Per BF the MCM game is at Port Neches Groves Indian Stadium this year.
  8. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    I just do not trust technology.  I am always repairing it at work.  I HOPE it all works out & it is not complicated.
  9. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    We take no chance that a game will be sold out for fear we will not get tickets. Whatever it takes. We take our season tickets seriously because it is our tradition, how we were raised & the special spirit of PNG Football.  In good years & bad, I do not miss games!!!  I planned my Honeymoon around PNG Football & my wife agrees!
  10. PNG Season Ticket Holders!

    I have a feeling with technology, that getting all of the first 10 games will be the problem.  When there were limited tickets for out of town games, we dropped off our order the first day of pre-sale for season tickets.  If the out of town tickets were not available at pre-order, then the week of the game we would stand in line for those tickets.  All day if necessary.  You can see why some of us are concerned.
  11. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    I am a ...He...if you please, not a she.  GOD BLESS YOU & your team this upcoming season!!! (Note: In All Caps)
  12. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    Apologies for causing any dispute over High School Football.  I love the sport & PNG too much. By the way, if I had kids, they would love the game just as much, or at least raised that way!!!
  13. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    53 years of attending PNG Football (Missed a total of 4 Games since I was born?)  By the way, I do not have any kids! Check your facts before smarting off, (or dumbing off,) as the case may be!!! I will travel, as do all true Indian Fans!!!
  14. Tentative Non-District Schedules

    BF can coach where he wants.  I have no problem with his decisions. I support him fully. IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH!!!
  15. I just received a message from PNGISD that the tickets for the 2018 PNG Football Season will be sold on-line! It states"...Ticket Holders will receive letters in the mail soon with more info."  Ah, modern technology a.k.a many more numerous technical things that can go wrong with season tickets. DON'T MESS WITH PNG SEASON TICKET HOLDERS!!! Especialy those of us who have had their tickets for over 50 years!!!