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  1. Some local district predictions

    Are you saying WOSgrad & Mr Buddy Garrity are sarcastic?  I beg to differ, they are probably 2 of the most committed & serious participants on this chat site. Although, as I apply logic to my arguments, it is possible I cannot identify sarcasm, in it's purest form. lol
  2. Some local district predictions

    Endless supply of championship talent?  PNG & Nederland both have talented players, on their individual teams each year.  Seldom is there star power at more than a few positions.  I guarantee you that the coaches make the team successful , beyond that talent level, by using what they have of football knowledge to form winning programs.  I have no low expectations.  I saw football programs last year, in district, including Dayton & Crosby, that had more talent on the field that we did.  Hey, but what do I know.  I've only missed 4 PNG football games, since the day I was born, 54 years ago.  I guess I have no idea what PNG football is capable of.  Or maybe you all have no idea of what PNG football is not capable of, from year to year. Reality is nothing to be ashamed of! Shame on you for blaming our coaches, whom I believe to be some of the best in the area.  Worry about the player talent & coaching at your respective schools.  Like your programs, ours will keep going as far in the playoffs as our talent, and/or coaching skill levels will take us.  I will continue to love that PNG Football.  I have loved it in years we had 1 win & in years we had 14 wins.  Win, or Lose, I am a PNG Indian.
  3. Some local district predictions

    I will take playoff football, over no playoff football.  I can only set the bar as high as the overall team talent level. If what you have offensively + defensively can compete to win district,  then do so.  It takes a great many talented athletes, as well as intelligent coaching to advance more, beyond that success level.  Give me the playoffs every time, advancing beyond that level is just ice cream on the pie.
  4. Some local district predictions

    A piece of the pie is better than being locked out of the bakery!  
  5. Scrimmage Schedule

    Thanks I will make sure they update this at PNG site!
  6. Scrimmage Schedule

    Port Neches Groves Indians  Football Scrimmage Schedule: AWAY 08/16 WO-S (SCRIMMAGE) WO-S HIGH SCHOOL 7:00 PM   AWAY 08/23 WEST BROOK (SCRIMMAGE) BISD STADIUM 7:00 PM
  7. Countdown is on.

    I am related to every player, on every team, through Noah & his family from the Ark.  So I always have a vested interest in all sports.  Love that football. lol
  8. Some local district predictions

    IF PNG Indians defense does not improve significantly this year, we will have trouble just making the playoffs , regardless of the offensive efficiency & skill players we have on the team.  I expect this to be a very hard fought, difficult district to play in this season.
  9. Some local district predictions

    My apologies "Boy Wonder" does sound better. Maybe our new QB can be the "Bost with the Most".
  10. PN-G's QB

    PNG Defense was built on speed, in it's glory years.  Without a huge defensive line, speed is what you must rely on.  I am praying we get out defense together early this year.  I will be there, at those games, no matter what!
  11. Some local district predictions

    Indians have not had a good defense since, well since offense became the priority at PNG.  Yet, this has not hurt PNG winning games.  By the way, our offense will be amazing this year.  Bost is not a power runner, but is F-A-S-T. Bost is also an incredibly accurate passer.  PNG will be in that district championship race once again. Sorry to disappoint those who feel the Indians will fall apart without "Wonderboy" as ya'll called Roschon.  Purple Pride from Side to Side!
  12. For grins and giggles

    Newton stays focused, and executes.  Speed always there.  I see ya'll making the playoffs before any losses. Of course, I am also blinded by the beautiful Purple uniforms! Fight on Eagles!!!
  13. If you don't know u will never know

    Wait a minute, what about Meta-Physical speed!
  14. If you don't know u will never know

    Dude relax, everyone is going to have an opinion on everyone, and every team.  Think about what you typed.  Basically...West Orange deserves everything that comes your way.  That would include the good, the bad & sometimes the ugly.  I agree support your team, comment on others, and keep the nastiness away.  Cheer up, it will be OK.
  15. Welcome back

    In spirit, you never left. Glad to have you back.  In PNG, In Indian Spirit, we never recruit!!! lol