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  1. PNG vs Texas City

    Wish I could go that early.
  2. PNG vs Texas City

    Do we know who is playing in the earlier game and when it starts cuz it's supposed to be a triple header
  3. PNG vs Texas City

    This stinks. Noone will leave & people will be upset because the middle seats, down low will be all mixed up with PNG & NEDERLAND fans not going anywhere for both games.
  4. Nederland bulldogs vs manvel mavericks

    This PNG fan will be there pulling for those Bulldogs.  I wonder if our teams will be on the same side...aka Home/Visitor?
  5. Doug Ethridge

    Very fond memories of Coach Ethridge.  My senior year was his last year as our head coach, so I went through all the glory years as a young man & child, never missing a game.  Phenomenal coach, Great PNG Teams!!!
  6. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Thank you for your statement, or possibly Crosby will be a  a difficult win for PNG! OK?
  7. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Weird how horrible PNG is at 9-1. It seems we can't function, can't play defense, can't score. WOW!!! How did we make the playoffs?  Hey Crosby, just keep believing- PNG is a horrible, fraud, embarrassment of a team. YOU WILL SEE THE TRUTH, & THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!  
  8. New Caney vs vidor predictions...

    I'm guessing New Caney, or Vidor, won the PNG vs. Nederland game, since that is the thread we are in right now! Thoughts?
  9. Porter 7-3 vs Nederland 7-2

    Tear 'em up Nederland!!!  Show those Porter Area Boys how we play football in the Golden Triangle!!! Concentrate & Dominate!
  10. GO CROSBY AND New Caney!!!!!

    If PNG is a fraud team & beat Memorial, is co-district champions with Memorial & has an identical record as Memorial, please inform me as to what type of team Memorial is at this time?
  11. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Crosby is the team we are playing & regardless of the trash talk turning this page yet again into a MCM page, hey lets talk about Crosby vs. Port Neches-Groves, (NOT Nederland vs. PNG, because we will not meet again this year)  See ya'll next year, see Crosby on Friday.  
  12. Official PNG Crosby thread

    It is only a bad matchup if PNG can't score against Crosby.  If our offense is clicking & their offense is clicking, may be one of the great offensive games of all time.  Depending on which teams defense steps up for this important game, it will be a dandy to watch.  I have Faith in PNG Indians coaches!   We will do everything it takes to win this game!
  13. Defense must be ready for high speed, physical game. 100% effort from every PNG defensive player on the field. 1, or 2 good defensive plays and/or Crosby offensive  breakdowns & we can get a lead.
  14. Prediction playoffs score

    My picks 1. PNG 52  Crosby 49  (Shoot out, why not?) 2. Nederland 28  Porter 14 3.  LCM 17  Kilgore 42 4.  West Orange Stark 49  Brookshire 7 5.  Orangefield 21  Belleville 24 6.  Vidor 21  New Caney 42 7.  Port Arthur Memorial 31  Kingwood park 28 (Memorial Defense steps up) 8.  Hardin Jefferson 14  Madisonville 28   Picking scores is nearly impossible!!! But as I said before & will say once again, it's like throwing feathers up in the air, they land where they land!!! Any given team, on any given night!!!  Hope everyone stays injury free!!! Here's hoping the local Beaumont/Port Arthur/Mid-County teams play their best for 4 quarters!!!