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  1. Phenomenal Eight Grader

    If you think his size is impressive, imagine the grocery bill!!!
  2. Thursday Game (tonight's) changed to 6:30pm.  All other games same.
  3. PNG vs. Santa Fe All games at Crosby High School Thursday, 5/10/18 at 8pm Friday, 5/11/18 at 8pm Saturday, 5/12/18 at 1pm (If Needed)
  4. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    A statue would be better than a corny looking wolf costume.  Just a thought!
  5. Beaumont United Logo Revealed

    Need a mascot statue, on the sideline, with Three Wolves on some Timber Logs to go with the theme.
  6. Super "Shug" will show them all how to play with Indian Nation Concentration & Domination!!!
  7. There will always be whining parents.  A good coach takes this in stride & plays the kids that he feels can best run his system.  The coach must evaluate & put those players in which can execute the system that he puts in place.  Victory will come with a good system.  Best of luck to the new coach! 
  8. Them Wolves & Indians look good together.  Nothing but support from me!!!
  9. I was thinking the same thing.  Hope you team builds a strong defense behind all that size & speed.  I will come watch ya'll play.  That is when PNG does not have a game!!!
  10. The Football program is what needs to be discussed here.  I am hopeful that Beaumont United Football dominates, as they should, with the athletes at their disposal.  Best of luck to the coaches on building a great program. You have a PNG fan pulling for you.
  11. Beaumont United fight song

    How about Hungry Like The Wolf. A little Duran Duran never hurt anybody. 
  12. Boutee

    Coach Boutte can build a legacy of great basketball at Beaumont United, if he chooses to leave Westbrook.  He is a superior coach, and a fine man.  It will benefit one, or the other Beaumont High Schools either way he decides.
  13. The Announcer can say: Our Music is Power, We Will Never Yield, Look Out Everybody, There are Wolves on the Field!!! The United Pack Attack band from Beaumont Land!!!
  14. The United Pack Attack Band from Beaumont Land!!!
  15. The dance Team can be the Struttin' She-wolves, The Flag Group could be the Wolf Banner Wavers & The Mascot could be named "Growl" Guess That Works?