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  1. PNG vs Tomball

    El Emperador Mexican Restaurant in Tomball is solid good Mexican food. Pecos Grilling Company has great steaks. They also have a Chili's restaurant. Gianna Italian Kitchen is good. Hope that helps.
  2. PNG vs Tomball

    Got my tickets & can't wait until Saturday for the road trip to Tomball.
  3. PNG vs Tomball

      Well said! I have been attending PNG games for 53 years & you are spot on.  PNG consistently finds a way to compete. We have bad & good years, but we form a cohesive group of well coached, solid athletes & I am proud to be an Indian!
  4. Nederland vs Silsbee

    Provided the field is sufficiently muddy & soaked, otherwise, Nederland doesn't pull away until the early 4th quarter
  5. SETXsports Pick'ems - Week 3

    1.   Port Arthur Memorial 2.   West Orange-Stark 3.   West Sabine 4.   Beaumont West Brook 5.   Vidor 6.   Dayton 7.   Barbers Hill 8.   Nederland 9.   Liberty 10. Cleveland 11.  Jasper 12.  Anahuac 13.  Orangefield 14.  Hamshire-Fannett 15.  Hardin-Jefferson 16.  Tarkington 17.   Buna 18.   Corrigan-Camden 19.   Port Neches-Groves 20.   Houston Furr 21.   Deweyville 22.   Warren 23.   Sabine Pass 24.   Evadale 25.   Hardin
  6. PNG vs Tomball

    Let's get our PNG Indians motivated to work to prepare for Tomball & use Shug as motivation to play 100% every play. Make Shug excited to watch those Indians give everything they have to win.  He will give everything he has when he is healed, and ready to go, down the road.  PNG FANS GET TO TOMBALL & SUPPORT YOUR INDIANS!!! Whether or not any other team, and or individual likes it, PNG HAS A SPECIAL SPIRIT, AND ALWAYS WILL!!!
  7. Please

    May God heal & bless!
  8. Offensive line was poor at best tonight. Must work on blocking regardless of quarterback situation.  The blocking will improve.  Pass defense was so-so. Praying for Shug.  I agree he should sit out if he is injured seriously & get ready for University of Texas. They will block better for him in college.   WILL BE 100% BEHIND MY INDIANS THE WHOLE SEASON NO MATTER WHAT!
  9. 7:30pm kick off, Just to clarify.
  10. You are aware that PNG won a few, oh well, more than a few games prior to having Shug as QB.  We can run the ball with our backs very effectively, this year. This is due to the fact that our OL can block. I'm sure Shug appreciates that little detail of his game.  Also remember, someone has to catch those passes Shug is throwing.  I am proud to have him as our QB.  I am just as proud of every player that plays for PNG. GO INDIANS, FIGHT INDIANS, WIN INDIANS!!! There you go, I have proven otherwise!!!
  11. Our coaches are aware of how good Huntsville can play football.  I believe PNG needs this challenge to make us stronger as we enter a difficult district football season.  Total respect for the Hornets from me as well.  This will be a very challenging game for both teams!  Come early & stay til' the end.  This is going to be a fun game to watch!
  12. Beaumont GRRRRRR vs Nederland Ruff Ruff, Great Match-up!
  13. Not to mention the occasional Bulldog marking his territory, which would make the field even wetter & more slick.
  14. Huntsville has a solid defense.  Make good adjustments.  Great game for PNG to have in the pre-season.
  15. SETXsports Pick'ems - Week 2

    1.  Nederland 2.   Newton 3.   Beaumont Kelly 4.   West Hardin 5.   West Brook 6.   Dayton 7.   Port Arthur Memorial 8.   Port Neches-Groves 9.   Manvel 10. New Caney 11. Barbers Hill 12. Orange Community Christian 13. Liberty 14. Jasper 15. Lumberton 16. Orangefield 17. Diboll 18. East Chambers 19. Hamshire-Fannett 20. Edna 21. Buna 22. New Waverly 23. Madisonville 24. Evadale 25. West Sabine