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  1. They use it for practice every day. I have yet to see them on the practice field all year.
  2. Hull-Daisetta vs Deweyville

    The 4 kids that were out were hurt. 2 concussion,1 broke wrist,and the Price kid had a leg injury had they been healthy I am sure they would have been on the field as HD is a small school and not very deep in any position. Not saying they would have won but it may have been a little better game.
  3. Did not know it was that lopsided....Hopefully it will be a good game  
  4. Mr Buddy they may beat H-D but they are not in the same district...Will be a tough district for them I wish them all the luck
  5. Hull-Daisetta Bobcats

    That is a great offer MossHill thanks!!!!!!Unfortunately not many will take the offer....There has been some good comments on this subject and all have been valid but we are all just fans doing what fans do..H-D is not what it once was no matter how much we wish otherwise and probably never will be again..There is not many great coaches beating  the door down anymore it is the sad truth.You have to give a coach time to build a program is true but when do you say his ideas are not working if you do not show results in any job you usually don't have one. No I am not a coach and would  not make a good one. To many people to please and to many that you can not please no matter what. I think we may make the playoffs this year in one of the bottom slots and hope that we go further as I do every year.I will be at the games cheering on my Bobcats either way.I know that Bobcat55 is a true fan and wants whats best for these kids same as every other fan wants for their team.I guess what I am trying to say is we all have our opinions (the one about Sabine Pass was just a little much but it was an opinion) and we as fans are not always gonna agree on whats best for a program and that is what makes the USA a great place !!!!!!!Texas High School Football is the greatest and if you have had the chance to experience it even if you lost every game you will still remember it with fondness...