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  1. Dayton vs Humble

    21-5A game of the week. 
  2. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    That's worse than "if we hadn't dropped passes"? You can look back before you blast me. I've consistently said, no excuses. Just win!!!
  3. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    And the Cougar QB came out nervous the first half with lots of overthrows then settled down. Is what it is. Over throws, drops, get 'Er done!!!
  4. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    BH WILL make the playoffs and it won't be a squeak in. 
  5. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    Um. Friendswood beat Kingwood 31-16. Just sayin'. 
  6. Crosby 48 Barbers Hill 32/FINAL

    Kinda sloppy, crazy but what a GREAT game!!! BH will beat a lot of teams.  If Crosby can keep improving, it could be a good year.  Both teams played very hard!!!  Glad to get out of the Hill with a win. 
  7. Dayton 53 Splendora 27/FINAL

    Way to go Broncos
  8. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Great weather, top 2 district teams, rivalry game, district championship and playoff implications, beautiful stadium and video board, two proud and supportive communities, two excellent coaches.  Enjoy this one everyone!!! Go Crosby!!!
  9. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Good stuff!!! Here's to a fun night tmrw!!! TXHSFB is the best. 
  10. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Whew. The cool-aid had been served. 
  11. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Well, Crosby is not going to fold tent and go away. The better we all get the better we will all be!!!
  12. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Done! You heard it hear first, folks. The Mecca of football is now Mont Belvieu, TX.  (Btw, I agree that BH is progressing well. Just giving you a hard time.)
  13. 22-5A vs 21-5A

    I have no issue with this post. I've said since last spring the top 3 in 21-5A is set but the order is completely unknown. 
  14. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    "We have options."  Can we shift the label of Mecca to Mont Belvieu now?
  15. Barbers Hill Vs. Crosby

    Both BH running backs are out?