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  1. What we thought and way more. I enjoyed both teams leaving it all out on the field. Good win PNG. Beat Texas City!!! Proud to be a Crosby Cougar!!!
  2. Hey, we just consider ourselves privileged to get to play against PNG tonight. I wish we had a shot to play in NRG too. Maybe one day if we keep trying. 
  3. GO CROSBY AND New Caney!!!!!

    Go Crosby and New Caney!!!
  4. That sure is going to be exciting for you guys!!! Have fun. 
  5. GO CROSBY AND New Caney!!!!!

    Not that anyone cares but this is a Go Crosby and New Caney thread. :-)))
  6. Official PNG Crosby thread

    I think it will be a difficult win for either team. BC of how many points may be scored the margin of victory may be larger for either team but it will be a tough win either way. 
  7. Official PNG Crosby thread

    From what I’ve seen and heard RJ is the REAL, real deal. Never heard of a QB not being able to throw the ball bc of hand cramps but I guess it can happen. I in no way believe RJ would make that up. He’s too much of a competitor. Hope we can just slow him down a bit. 
  8. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Those comments came from your fan base. Don’t get made at me. I think PNG is very good and will be a difficult win for Crosby. 
  9. Official PNG Crosby thread

    So PNG needs to do more hand cramping drills and play all those defensive studs that have been sitting in their bench?
  10. Official PNG Crosby thread

    No way that’s what happened. NC played well. Crosby did not. 
  11. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Not much to say. Don’t judge a fan base by message board silence. I think you just have two fan bases with high football IQs that have respect for each other’s Program and know that this game will be won simply by the team that plays closest to their potential.  All the chatter we can’t muster makes no difference.  Go Crosby!!!
  12. Official PNG Crosby thread

    Heck no. This game is what HS football is all about. Let’s enjoy this all week!!!
  13. Who won the Nederland/ PNG game?
  14. Sounds like a great idea to me.