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  1. Jamboree scrimmage

    We backed out due to lack of information.
  2. Drills

    Tryouts went good, hoping for a good turnout on the next date. Kids looked ready to go. 
  3. Drills

    ?? whats wrong
  4. Drills

    Thanks, i didn't think of doing the tug of war for tryouts. we do it in practice a lot, the kids love it and its good to see who has a lot of fight in them.
  5. Drills

    What drills are everyone running for tryouts? trying to get the best sample from these boys i can in the short time we have.
  6. 2018 STJFL

    you were on the board before. jump back on there and make stjfl great again. lol
  7. 2018 STJFL

    It's that time of year again. Let the games begin. Lol
  8. Stjfl super bowl picks.

    We've been watching this bmt team all year. I know they have been watching us too. It's going to be a battle for both teams. No blowout for sure.  We had a team in all divisions 2 years ago in the Superbowl. 
  9. Stjfl super bowl picks.

    Both teams undefeated. Going to be a good one. I got my money on Nederland against any team in the league right now. 
  10. Stjfl super bowl picks.

    Ned flag white over bmt blue. Going to be the game of the day.  Ned black over PA. Peewee.  This one will be close.   
  11. Stjfl super bowl picks.

    Sunday is game day, who y'all got?
  12. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

    I hope you use pencil so you can erase it and write Nederland white back in there. 
  13. Round 3 PeeWee Playoffs

     All Nederland super bowl. I can't wait. 
  14. PeeWee All Star Game

    They don't want to hurt the kids feelings. Someone's kid must not have been picked for the team so he shut it down. 
  15. STJFL Flag All-Stars

    Maybe they should be...