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  1. Best of three series.. double hitter Thursday. One game if needed Friday..
  2. This series is far from over.. Huffman had 12 hits and Salado had 5 the difference is Salado had the hits when it counted.. today we will see what happends.. it’s goinf to be a great series.. 
  3. Coach Griffith

  4. Huffman vrs Salado

    Any predictions on the game?? 
  5. Huffman vrs Salado

    Game Thursday 7 Madisonville  Friday 5 at college station 
  6. Huffman vrs lufkin Hudson

    And lufkin Hudson can hit??? I have watched them play 3 times this year and I haven’t seen much on the offense side.. it should be a good series that’s all I’m going to say.. 
  7. Huffman vrs lufkin Hudson

    Any predictions on the game? 
  8. Game 1 wendsday 7 in lufkin Hudson  game 2 Friday 5 in Huffman  game 3 if needed Friday in Huffman 
  9. Lufkin Hudson vrs Liberty game 2

    Any updates on the score to the game? 
  10. Game 2 today.. liberty wins first game 14 to 4. 
  11. Huffman 4 LCM 2 game 1

    Game two today in Crosby at 4pm.  Game 3 If needed follows after. 
  12. Jasper Vs Tarkington Predictions

  13. LCM vs Huffman Game 1

    Not sure.. I haven’t followed them much just year.. I know they had 3 returning pitchers not sure who there number one is tho..