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  1. Parker excepted full ride offer, for Pitching, hitting and playing first base! 
  2. Grapeland 41 Evadale 6/FINAL

    Bad night for our Rebels ! 
  3. How about them Rebels!!!! All that trash talking and sleeping on us!!! The trophy stays in the Dale!!!! 
  4. Evadale 20 Deweyville 12/FINAL

    That’s what I’m talking about Chester86!!! How about them Rebels!!!! Keep sleeping on us and talking trash!!!! The River Bowl trophy stays in the Dale once again!!!!
  5. Evadale 20 Deweyville 12/FINAL

    Evadale has won all the past River Bowls ! Just wanting to correct this !
  6. Oh yea Good Luck to both teams tonight!
  7. Should have known but had the same players !!! Come on Friday Night !!!!
  8. Max Preps shows all these “Big” schools y’all have played and scores lol !!! Deweyville vs Joaquin 2A  42-0 Loss Also Evadale played Joaquin in 7 on 7 and went into 2 overtime’s.... guess we just got lucky though lol ! Deweyville vs Colmesniel 2A 36-0 win Also the scores little ole Evadale has put on Colmesneil the past 2 years again just lucky lol (yawn)  Finally Deweyville vs. Kountze 3A 22-20 win. There’s that “Big” school  Evadale vs Warren 3A   30-14 Evadale wins  Actions speak louder than words!  Lets back it up on the field !!     
  9. Lol wow okay will see Friday night!! Y’all beat Kountze which obviously isn’t any good this year and y’all are just awesome !!! Gotta love trash talking in Football!!! 
  10. Evadale’s full back is hand full too, with him and their running back good luck to ya!!! 
  11. Big Sandy has got this ! Thorndale was overrated, I’m telling ya! If Thorndale pitcher Driver comes out and their already hitting him good, they don’t have nothing left but BP practice pitchers!! Keep pouring it on Wildcats!! 
  12. Not surprised with the outcome of first game! We knew Big Sandy could walk all over them. Thorndale is over rated! I will say it again had it not been the horrible luck our Rebels had with their #1 & #2 pitchers, we would still be playing this weekend! Keep pouring it on them Wildcats! Rebels are supporting y’all all the way!