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  1. Parker Moye Jr Evadale 1 vs Buna 3-10-18
  2. Evadale 5 Buna 1
  3. Evadale 13  PA Memorial 2 
  4. Evadale Tourney

    Deweyville vs West Sabine 1:30 Woodville vs West Sabine 3:45 Woodville vs Kirbyville 6pm  For Saturday 
  5. Evadale Tourney

    Evadale defeats Merryville Louisiana 12-1
  6. Evadale Tourney

    Yes we miss him in our stands, he was very good at updating and the books!
  7. Evadale Tourney

    If any of you all have gamechanger app on your phone you can watch games for updates on there!
  8. Evadale Tourney

    Evadale defeats Woodville 9-3
  9. Evadale Tourney

    Evadale defeats WOS 10-0  Junior Pitcher Parker Moye with a No No 
  10. Kirbyville 5 Evadale 4/FINAL

    Whose the senior playing this year that didn’t play last year ?
  11. Kirbyville 5 Evadale 4/FINAL

    Yea #18 is Parker Moye his shoulder was bothering him , and I agree about the emotions, he was out of character last night, but is very competitive. 
  12. Kirbyville 5 Evadale 4/FINAL

    We only have one coming from basketball our main catcher ! 
  13. Baseball Scrimmage 2/5-2/9

    2-12-18 Scrimmage Evadale @ West Sabine 4:30 Varsity 
  14. Countdown 2018 Season

    22 Days and counting! The Rebels are so ready to get this show on the road!!!
  15. Iola vs Evadale

    Gonna be close! Far as Bremond there not the team they was and Evadale’s  Defense isn’t No slouch either. Good Luck to both teams!