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  1. I don't count this pole anyway because my son got 1st team All State First base thru THBCA and we were notified by our coach about this one, so I believe it's more official! Because there's a person who is listed on this one for  first team outfielder who never touched the outfield! Lol not very good sports writing !
  2. Recruiting Questions

    This is a good topic ! My son and I are new to this recruiting, he's a 2019 LHP sits 85-88 consistently and has gotten a lot of looks and summer coaches have called him to let him know a few D1 coaches want him to contact them and he has and they have watched him, but the kid gets frustrated when they tell him you looked good but we want to watch you a couple of more times and I think I understand what there wanting to see but to a kid he doesn't ....especially when he's pitched well and velocity was up! I do agree it's all about timing and being at the right place at the right time! But when my son sees others getting scholarship offers that he knows his velocity and control is better than he just doesn't understand and I try and tell him , that kid may have had a good day in front of the right person! Anyway thanks for the info this helps!
  3. THSCA Preseason Rankings

    Do we need to wear some waders and rubber boots out there to the swamp? Lol Sounds like y'all may need a new football field? 
  4. THSCA Preseason Rankings

    We have others if they will get utilized! One person doesn't make a team!
  5. THSCA Preseason Rankings

    It was win by HD by a narrow margin against Evadale mind you....Iola didn't lay down against Evadale either game was a nail biter to the end! Rebels gonna be strong again this year! Be ready!
  6. Parker Moye 1st team All State First Base Tyler Torres   2nd team All State Catcher  Congrats to these two great athletes!!!! 
  7. Let's Go Wildcats!!! From your district rivals! The Rebels!!! No reason why y'all can't get past Thorndale!!! We should have!!! 
  8. Let's go Wildcats!!! From your neighbors down the road Evadale Rebels are pulling for y'all! Y'all got this! We played CH in warmup and we had them the whole game until the end! GATA Wildcats!!!
  9. BC was clearly robbed by watching video!  How terrible for kids, parents and fans! 
  10. Rebels should be in the 5th round, it's frustrating! Our bats didn't come with us but our pitching was there! But that don't matter if you can't hit !!! Next year we will make another run for it, will still be strong!!! 
  11. Oh ok thanks figured so.... but wasn't for sure! Guess not all coaches are aware of this award Or just don't take the time to mess with it!
  12. Again was just asking requirements? That's all.... nothing more! Thanks
  13. I was just wondering how is a athlete nominated for this award? Does their coach have to nominate then they have a committee who decides by stats? Again just wondering...for future reference! Congratulations to the winners this year!!!